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Scrapple vs. Liver Pudding?

by alsname 15 years ago

Is there any difference between the two? My girlfriend is from North Carolina and is missing Liver Pudding. We have...

Brawny commented 1 month ago

what do YOU serve for dinner with beef/calve's liver (and onions)?

by mistysfinds 2 years ago

My family surprised me by enjoying liver and onions, and since it's healthy and cheap, I'd like to make it once in a ...


randydj commented 2 months ago

Desperately seeking meat in Allentown

by tigerracing 4 years ago

I just moved here from Seattle and am at a loss to find some place to buy all the varieties I am so used to. I am loo...


lucciano commented 3 months ago

Pork liver and why we never see it at grocery stores / restaurants

by cimui 9 years ago

I see beef, veal, and chicken liver for sale all the time. Why not pork? (Is it that the taste is less appealing? Is ...


pschmidt commented 5 months ago

Where to buy rabbit liver in Houston area.

by Cflower5 10 months ago

I'm trying to find some local rabbit liver or someplace I can order it. Does anyone have any ideas. I want to make a ...


DLovsky commented 10 months ago

Liver dumpling lost recipe

by anniam 1 year ago

My grandmother made a soup from beef and chicken bones. Pretty basic I think, it had parsley and parsley root, carrot...


Foxeyblue commented 11 months ago

Good, simple ways to have beef liver?

by darkserenity 7 years ago

Tried searching the recipes for beef liver, but found nothing. So I found out not too long ago that I'm slightly ane...


chrxtina commented 1 year ago

Liver on a BBQ

by Beedij 1 year ago

Have you tried to BBQ liver? I use either calves or lamb's liver. Slice it thin and marinade it in just red wine for ...

junescook commented 1 year ago

Reliable liver recipes

by Yaqo Homo 1 year ago

I like the taste of liver and am of the opinion that it is highly nutritious. So I'd like to start cooking it at hom...


fourunder commented 1 year ago

Liver and Onions

by Whamsey 4 years ago

I have looked on here for posts regarding this but they are quite dated, so I thought I'd start another thread. In y...


meralgia commented 1 year ago

Liver Nips are not for cats but perhaps a link to our past?

by Paul in S.C. 11 years ago

I don't know how many of you have eaten liver nips as I have only seen them served in the Dutch Fork Counties of Sout...

BobB commented 1 year ago

Where to buy organ meats?

by Minus2 6 years ago

I am looking to purchase organs (liver, heart, etc.) preferably from grass-fed, pasture raised animals. Does anyone k...


James Cristinian commented 2 years ago

Chicken Livers in San Diego

by MrKrispy 2 years ago

I am wanting to make an attempt at chicken liver mousse and need some chicken livers. I don't have storage capacity...


Ela0427 commented 2 years ago

Does all pate contain liver?

by Shann 7 years ago

The title says it all? I simply do not like organ meat. I had a very expensive french meal in Montreal once that wa...


LadyLily50 commented 2 years ago

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