Little Rock

A Bite-Size Stop in Little Rock, Arkansas

Planning a stop in Little Rock, Arkansas? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. Arkansas’ capital city greets its visitors with an equal serving of southern hospitality and quirky...

Thanksgiving in Little Rock?

by cajungwailo 2 years ago

Suggestions of restaurants serving traditional thanksgiving dinner OR places that sell complete traditional dinner to go. Thank you.

Recs between Memphis and Little Rock?

by cajungwailo 2 years ago

Looking for recs for dive type restaurants or diners that have been there forever. Parallel to I-40, either north or south side. Thanks!

Dizzys!! Great reincarnation

by Huffdaddyfresh 2 years ago

New owner and some of the best service, drinks, food, blackberry vinaigrette salad is 2 thumbs up!!

Gonna have 3 days in Little Rock

by cajungwailo 3 years ago

Looking for very specific recs, please. Old timey. Soul food. Cafeterias. Meat and 3. Longer they've been in business, the better. Places tourists would never go. Late nite. Non-traditional re...

Little Rock, Arkansas

by smwaksman 4 years ago

Where should I eat in Little Rock - any cuisine, any price?

Little Rock recommendations

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

Headed to Little Rock for a day trip. Need a great spot for lunch downtown or close to and possibly a spot for an early dinner. will have a car, no budget. have been to: •Ashley's •Cache •Cap...

One Eleven at the Capital

Catfish between Little Rock and Hot Springs down to 3 choices

by ohso 7 years ago

I'm going to be in the Little Rock and Hot Springs AR area and I've got my options narrowed down to 3 places Lassis Inn in Little Rock Eat My Catfish in Benton Mr. Whiskers in Hot Springs I...

Little Rock, Arkansas - Four Days of Good Food and Coffee!

by RichInMV 7 years ago

I've just returned from my first trip to Little Rock (with a local friend, so was well-guided), and I have to say that I was impressed with the dining options that we found! I'm from the San Franci...

Late Night Little Rock, AK

by Rachael5000 7 years ago

Hey all Hounds!!! So I will be in Little Rock August 2nd for a fitness competition. I have been training and dieting hard for a VERY long time and after this show I get to eat WHATEVER I want. The...

One night in Little Rock

by salesgirl19 8 years ago

Looking for recommendations for two lunches and one dinner. I am not interested in chain restaurants. I have eaten at Ashley's, Brave New and twenty one. I am open to food trucks and love findin...

anywhere to eat half-way between little rock and st. louis, along US 67?

by mommyrock 8 years ago

we're doing a road trip that will include lunch in little rock, a little touring, and then heading to st. louis with dinner to be eaten somewhere halfway between. that looks to be somewhere around...

Food Tour in Little Rock, Arkansas

by celstrial 9 years ago

Yes, who would of thought one could do a food tour here, but I did it, lived it, to talk about it! Came here to visit some friends as part of a road trip and here are my thoughts: Acadia Rest...

Little Rock for one night and possibly one breakfast

by scarlet_eater 9 years ago

Hey everyone, I've read through the older Little Rock threads and have gotten some good ideas, but I'm hoping someone can help me make a final decision. My husband and I are visiting Little Rock f...

Catfish in LIttle Rock and surrounding area.

by ohso 10 years ago

I'll be in Little Rock next month and I'm planning to check out 2 catfish restaurants. I'll definitely be checking out Murry's Cafe in DeValls Bluff and for my second choice I've knocked it dow...

Solo Dining in Little Rock?

by MinhLikesFood 13 years ago

I'm in Little Rock till Thursday of this week from NYC and need some recs for dinner. I'm all by my lonesome, so I prefer places that have a bar that offer the full menu. Just not the biggest fan o...

Three days in Little Rock.......

by motorcityhound 11 years ago

Hi fellow chowhounders! Could use a little help. I'm gonna be in Little Rock for a three day weekend. Whenever I travel, I try to hit up as many must-eat places as possible. My question is t...

Sunday brunch/lunch in Little Rock?

by ChristieP 10 years ago

My parents and I are looking for a place to have brunch/lunch this Sunday (April 10) in Little Rock. I've seen the recommendations for The House in Hillcrest, and it looks really good. Anywhere els...

sides and peach cobbler in Little Rock

by soccermom13 10 years ago

We'll be in Little Rock around Easter time and I would love to have some excellent Southern sides--by sides, I mean collard greens, mac and cheese, braised cabbage, yams, etc. (I can take or leave...

one night in Little Rock

by jms123 10 years ago

Yes...I am living the dream... Next Monday night...not a great food night but I need something local...don't care as long as it is local...not a chain of any kind...BBQ, Catfish, Diner, Honky To...