Make This Easy Limoncello for a Taste of Italy Wherever You Are

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Cassis Liqueur

by Junie D 14 years ago

Perhaps some liqueur hounds can help my cassis. I made it for the first time and it doesn't have that intense but bright currant flavor I longed for, more of an almost cooked currant taste. I not...

Coloring chocolate liqueur?

by mspea 14 years ago

I decided to make chocolate liqueur to give as holiday gifts this year. It's tasty, but the liquid is a somewhat anemic light brown. Any ideas for what I might do to give it a more "chocolate" look?

Seeking database of liqueurs/liquor

by Howard-2 14 years ago

I'm trying to find some site that lists all the known liqueurs. Does anyone know of such a site? Once upon a time there was a print source that listed all known alcoholic (i.e., bottled) bevera...

Navan liqueur, just in time for Thanksgiving

by coll 14 years ago

I had heard that Grand Marnier was making a new liqueur similiar to their original, but vanilla instead of orange. Called Navan. Just tried it last night, and it's better than expected. At first i...

liqueur making

by Alison 14 years ago

not sure appropriate place to post this but can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere i can pick up supplies to make my own liqueur? appropriate bottles and tops are needed. thanks much!

Berentzen Apple Liqueur

by Pearl 15 years ago

Anyone know if this is kosher? If so, who's hechsher?

MSP frozen tart cherries/maraschino liqueur

by ajs 15 years ago

Das Ubergeek suggested that I try this board, and I figure, why not, I got nothing else to do while the machine renders. Looking for frozen tart cherries (not dark/sweet) in MSP. They used to be ve...

MSP frozen tart cherries/maraschino liqueur

by ajs 15 years ago

Looking for tart frozen cherries in the MSP area. They used to be common in the groceries, but these days all I find are dumb old dark sweet cherries. I recently saw tart frozen cherries in Arkansa...

maraschino liqueur located

by pronek 15 years ago

Not quite in Pennsylvania, so apologies to the regional nature of the board, but since I posted the inquiry here a while back I thought interested parties might like to know that State Line Liquors...

ginger parfait/liqueur

by curiousbaker 15 years ago

So I'm having a big dinner Friday night and I had planned the following dessert: a frozen ginger parfait (in the traditional sense of egg yolks whipped with sugar syrup, spiked with a good dose of ...

liqueur for genoise syrup

by CT 15 years ago

I just got the Cake Bible, and I'm very excited. I think I'll start with the genoise classique with a fruit cloud cream frosting. I'm posting because I need help deciding which liqueur to use for...

maraschino liqueur in Phila area

by pronek 15 years ago

Anybody have any suggestions on where I could buy a bottle of maraschino liqueur (Stock or Luxardo) in the Philadelphia area? Center City or northern Delaware preferred. I guess it would be either ...

Droste Bittersweet Chocolate Liqueur

by sunni 16 years ago

Does anyone remember Droste Bittersweet Chocolate Liqueur?? It was the BEST chocolate liqueur, but it has been unavailble in the U.S. since the mid-80's. Does anyone know what happened to it, and ...

Droste Bittersweet Chocolate Liqueur

by sunni 16 years ago

This was the very best chocolate liqueur ever made, but it has been unavailable in the US for many years. I can hardly find a mention of it on the internet. I sent an e-mail to the Droste company...

Favorite coffee liqueur recipe? Instant or regular coffee?

by AndieCat 16 years ago

I want to make coffee liqueur, and the recipe I have calls for instant coffee -- it seems strange to me, since I love good coffee and never drink instant, to use instant for the liqueur. If indeed ...

Amarula Liqueur

by Dave Z. 17 years ago

I'm looking for a place to buy this wonderful, fruity, creme liqueur near Boston. I can find it online, but apparently it's illegal to ship liquor to Massachusetts. Any ideas? Link: http://shop.st...

Hpnotiq liqueur?

by catherine 17 years ago

Has anyone tried Hpnotiq? It's that liqueur with the light blue color, and made from vodka, cognac and fruit juices. Apparently it's all the rage among hipsters and hip-hop types, but maybe tha...

Liqueur De Violette

by DGP 17 years ago

Just returned from the Canal du Midi in France. absolutely awesome!!!!!! I was served Liqueur de Violette and it was delicious. Want to know if anyone can advise where to purchase in the USA. Th...

Maraschino Liqueur?

by Kblum 17 years ago

After trying Zuzu's wonderful Unhappy cocktail (gin, marashino, lemon juice and parfait d'amour), I am trying to track down Maraschino liqueur in the Boston/Cambridge area. (I think the recommended...

Maraschino liqueur

by annab 17 years ago

So, one of my favorite cocktail recipe books "Classic Cocktails" raves about how great Maraschino Liqueur is and if you can get a hold of some it makes a great addition to a liquor cabinet. A few w...

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