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chai cream liqueur drink suggestions

by Bluebird 13 years ago

Looking for some drink suggestions for Chai cream liqueur. Anyone have any recommendations?

Greek Cherry Liqueur [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by rhh363 13 years ago

My wife and I ate at a Cafe in downtown Athens, Greece last year where they served a cherry liquer after dinner. I believe the brand name was Alonith, but I may be wrong. Would anyone know of thi...

Xtabentun Liqueur? Mayan Cuisine?

by ChristineR 13 years ago

I just returned from the Riveria Maya and am on a search for Xtabentum, an anise-honey liqueur that was fantastic. I had it in a frozen drink made with rum or tequila (?), lime, and sugar. It was...

VOV egg liqueur

by Aaaaargh 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy bottles of the italian egg liqueur VOV? I had some in san francisco and am desperately trying to find it here!

lychee liqueur

by greglor 13 years ago

I recently saw a cool looking recipe for a lychee martini in one of the Nobu cookbooks, and I'd like to know a source for lychee liqueur in the Baltimore area. Anyone have any ideas?

Joseph Cartron Fruit Liqueurs

bob s
by bob s 13 years ago

My wife and I were in France several years ago and picked up some fruit liqueurs (creme de mure and creme de peche de vigne to be specific) made by Joseph Cartron. I have thus far been unable to...

Italian (Russian?) egg liqueur? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

by alias wade 13 years ago

Some years ago, when I was a student spending a semester in Italy, I fell in love with an Italian liqueur made (I believe) primarily from egg yolks-- it was a very distinctive deep, creamy yellow-o...

Maraschino liqueur?

Sgt Snackers
by Sgt Snackers 13 years ago

Quite a few classic cocktails call for Maraschino liqueur, but I've been unable to find it - unless I am not looking for the right thing. Any local sources and/or brands I should be looking out for...

Cooking Away this Starbucks Coffee Liqueur - Ideas?

by DClope 13 years ago

My boyfriend bought a big bottle of that liqueur they sell (sold?) in Starbucks, and it's really not so tasty by itself or even in cocktails. Any ideas (or recipes, which are fairly necessary for a...

substituting for Grand Marnier?

by IrinaD 13 years ago

I am attempting a recipe for the first time that calls for 1 tsp of Grand Marnier. I would rather not buy a bottle for a single teaspoon, is there anything I can use to substitute for this? TIA!

Chartreuse Liqueur as ingredient

by allegro805 13 years ago

Yesterday's LA Times food section had a recipe for a Chartreuse souffle. I've never tried Chartreuse, but admit I was made curious reading the piece. Anyone else have opinions on Chartreuse as f...

Italian liqueur: Mandarinetto

Peter Cuce
by Peter Cuce 13 years ago

Anyone know where I can get Mandarinetto, an Italian liqueur, in New York City or environs? Any brand is fine. Saronno is a common one. I don't know if this is even imported into the US. Thanks.

cynar--artichoke liqueur

by butterfly 13 years ago

I noticed this at the liquor store the last time I went... If I buy a bottle, what can I do with it?--other than sip it straight, that is. I had a version of negroni with it once, but I thought the...

coffee liqueur?

by wowimadog 14 years ago

i'm looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous kahlúa brand coffee liqueurs (i've tried their especial, too). i've heard illy has an espresso liqueur that sounds interesting. anyone tried it? are...

Mango Liqueur [moved from L.A. board]

by Roe 14 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find ''Suntory Mahola Mango Liqueur''in the United States? A friend acquired a bottle in Japan and that a little too far to travel for a bottle! This Liqueur is a prod...

Keglevich Liqueurs?

by Scrapironchef 14 years ago

Anybody seen this brand on store shelves? Peach/Melon/Green Apple? I'm down to my last bottle and looking for a resupply.

Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur in NYC? [Moved from Spirits board]

by bobbyrab 14 years ago

Anyone in NY have any ideas where I can buy a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur in order to make a proper Aviation cocktail? Sherry-Lehman does not carry it, nor do other midtown liquor stores I...

Lychee Liqueur

by Dizzy Ginger 14 years ago

Has anyone tried Lichido? I've been hearing a lot about it lately and I'd like to try it. But the bottle costs $25, and I want to get some feedback first.

Maraschino Liqueur?

by Dan now in JH 14 years ago

Cocktail junkies know this is old classic liqueur all the rage nowadays, but I haven't been able to track down any maraschino in NYC. Anyone have better luck? Looking for Luxardo brand, if it's ava...

Herbsaint liqueur

by HowardL 14 years ago

does anyone know a place in New York where I can buy a bottle of Herbsaint liqueur? I prefer lit to Pernod in a Sazerac, but my bottle (which I got lin N.O.) is empty

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