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Saturday Morning Portland Farmers Market @ Portland State University

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

One of my favorite things when I travel is to visit the farmers market and food halls to learn about the kinds of loc...


hubfood commented 1 month ago

schnapps vs liqueur?

by SusieQ 14 years ago

I have a chocolate bundt cake recipe which calls for raspberry schnapps both in the cake and the glaze. I can't find...


_luv2eat commented 5 months ago

Laws about selling home made liqueur?

by nomnomnoms 10 years ago

I've been really into making home-infused fruit liqueurs (Japanese plum wine and other fruit stuff), and was wonder...


BigG commented 6 months ago

How long do unopened bottles of hard liquor/liquers stay drinkable for? And opened?

by Shayna Madel 11 years ago

I don't drink much hard liquor at all, for no particular reason. But, years ago, I did establish a little bar in my ...


MikeG commented 7 months ago

Limoncello - so many variations on how to make it

by Arlo48 7 months ago

I see that many recipes say that after the lengthy maceration of peel and alcohol, simple syrup is added and then add...


JMF commented 7 months ago

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Where to buy Amaro and Vermouth in Portland, ME

by meggan 9 months ago

Does anyone know of a store with a good selection of amaros and vermouths in the Portland, ME area?

Pine tree bitters/extract/liqueur?

by YAYME 9 months ago

Hey, wise scholars of this board. I used everclear and branch of a fir tree and made pine tree extract. It tastes lik...


JMF commented 9 months ago

Anyone starting any summer time liqueurs and cordials?

by JMF 12 years ago

Over the past few weeks I have been going wild starting liqueurs for the holiday season. So far I have: Banana Gi...


MOREKASHA commented 11 months ago

Need recipes for "Cordially Yours" liqueur maker (Donivier)

by TMPM75 10 years ago

It's been a while since I used my Cordially Yours liqueur maker, and I've managed to lose the recipe booklet. If any...


Querencia commented 11 months ago

How to make your own liqueur?

by teiraa 1 year ago

I want to experiment with making liqueurs but I'm not sure exactly on the process.


JMF commented 1 year ago

Limoncello recipe

by Roarasaur 7 years ago

As per request from another board, I am writing down my recipe for Everclear. This is my first real try at limoncello...


JMF commented 1 year ago

Homemade fruit liqueur help - Mold on (only *some* jars) homemade cherry liqueur/"brandy"

by Muriah 1 year ago

Half look fine, half are moldy. I used the recipe I've always used (3rd year in a row). Alcohol (in this case rum),...


JMF commented 1 year ago

Homemade Liqueur Help

by SadieSenia 8 years ago

I'm making my first batch of "cherry bounce" - a cherry-infused brandy - using an old recipe from William Woys Weaver...


BigG commented 1 year ago

Anywhere to get Xtabentún in the US?

by jd in baltimore 12 years ago

I went to Cancún several years ago and bought a bottle of Xtabentún, the anise liquor that, from what I have read, al...


alexrodman commented 1 year ago

Dried Cherries Soaked in Grand Marnier

by poplife38 1 year ago

I soaked some left over sweetened dried cherries in Grand Marnier and don't know what to do with them! How can I use ...


jjaylad commented 1 year ago

Licor 43 in MTL?

by psychodan 1 year ago

There are bars that carry this liquor... They need to get it imported by a private agency affiliated (kinda) with the...


Mr F commented 1 year ago

Bogg's Cranberry Liquor?

by Infomaniac 11 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy Bogg's Cranberry Liquor in the Greater Boston area. I can't seem to find any north of t...


buccaneeraruba commented 1 year ago

Uses for Crème de Chàtaigne

by clayrr 1 year ago

On a driving tour of central France we spent a couple of nice days in Limoges. In a wine shop I asked the man for som...


stevewi commented 1 year ago

St-Germain liqueur ghost

by blue room 1 year ago

I have a half bottle of St-Germain, about 1 year old. I can see a wisp of something (looks like a vinegar mother) f...


sedimental commented 1 year ago

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