What Is the Difference Between a Margarita and a Skinny Margarita?

The answer to the question What is the difference between a margarita and a skinny margarita? may seem obvious, but how exactly do the ingredients differ, and is the skinny version actually that much...

Coffee liqueurs Other than Kahlua

by twodales2 1 month ago

So, I've been on a White Russian kick lately to get us through the quarantine. Someone gave us Starbucks coffee liqueur a while back and we've nearly run out. It seems that they no longer make it....

Where to buy uncommon spirits in the GTA

by highlyunlikely 26 days ago

I have never been much of a cocktail drinker, apart from the occasional Manhattan, but I have started becoming more interested in cocktails during this pandemic. Unfortunately the LCBO doesn't see...

How long do unopened bottles of hard liquor/liquers stay drinkable for? And opened?

by Shayna Madel 12 years ago

I don't drink much hard liquor at all, for no particular reason. But, years ago, I did establish a little bar in my wall unit. I have bottles of scotch, rye and a few other things, unopened, for ...

Gift for a fan of hardcore bitters

by jochaima 6 months ago

I'm looking for ideas for someone who really likes bitters: fernet branca, and unicum. I was wondering about sfugmato, if that is worth getting? He has fernet, fernet menta, nonino, Ramazzotti, ape...

Limoncello - so many variations on how to make it

by Arlo48 2 years ago

I see that many recipes say that after the lengthy maceration of peel and alcohol, simple syrup is added and then additional alcohol is added for a further maceration, before draining. Other recipe...

Pine tree bitters/extract/liqueur?

by YAYME 2 years ago

Hey, wise scholars of this board. I used everclear and branch of a fir tree and made pine tree extract. It tastes like pine and I'm thinking of making it into bitters, or liqueur. If I go that rout...

Need recipes for "Cordially Yours" liqueur maker (Donivier)

by TMPM75 11 years ago

It's been a while since I used my Cordially Yours liqueur maker, and I've managed to lose the recipe booklet. If anyone out there has one, could you post a few recipes from it? I particularly lik...

Anyone else use alcohol as cough syrup?

by givemecarbs 11 years ago

So it's three am and I can't stop coughing. My lousy cold that was just a pest earlier has progressed to seismic fits of coughing. No cough syrup in the house so in desperation I pour a small glass...

Anywhere to get XtabentĂșn in the US?

by jd in baltimore 13 years ago

I went to CancĂșn several years ago and bought a bottle of XtabentĂșn, the anise liquor that, from what I have read, also has honey in it. My one bottle broke a few years ago on a cross-country move...

Controy - Mexican Orange Liqueur

by jberryl 13 years ago

Cointreau is a French Orange Liqueur that costs $30 - 35 a bottle here in the States. Controy is a Mexican Orange Liqueur that costs about $11 in Mexico. Both are perfect for Margs because they hav...

Freezing liqueur-filled chocolate bottles

by somervilleoldtimer 1 year ago

We have a surfeit of those tiny liqueur-filled chocolate bottles, wrapped in foil. Rather than gobbling them all down, I want to wrap them well and freeze them for next year. Will they survive su...

Saturday Morning Portland Farmers Market @ Portland State University

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

One of my favorite things when I travel is to visit the farmers market and food halls to learn about the kinds of local foods in season. The year-round Portland Farmers Market was a mecca in this r...

schnapps vs liqueur?

by SusieQ 15 years ago

I have a chocolate bundt cake recipe which calls for raspberry schnapps both in the cake and the glaze. I can't find the schnapps but can get raspberry liqueur. Do you think I can substitute?

Laws about selling home made liqueur?

by nomnomnoms 12 years ago

I've been really into making home-infused fruit liqueurs (Japanese plum wine and other fruit stuff), and was wondering if it would be illegal to make cocktails out of it and serving at a restaura...

Where to buy Amaro and Vermouth in Portland, ME

by meggan 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a store with a good selection of amaros and vermouths in the Portland, ME area?

Anyone starting any summer time liqueurs and cordials?

by JMF 14 years ago

Over the past few weeks I have been going wild starting liqueurs for the holiday season. So far I have: Banana Ginger Honeysuckle Flowers Jalapenos Lychee Lemoncello Limencello Orangecell...

How to make your own liqueur?

by teiraa 3 years ago

I want to experiment with making liqueurs but I'm not sure exactly on the process.

Limoncello recipe

by Roarasaur 9 years ago

As per request from another board, I am writing down my recipe for Everclear. This is my first real try at limoncello so hopefully all goes well. Anyways, being in Alberta, I was lucky enough to ge...

Homemade fruit liqueur help - Mold on (only *some* jars) homemade cherry liqueur/"brandy"

by Muriah 3 years ago

Half look fine, half are moldy. I used the recipe I've always used (3rd year in a row). Alcohol (in this case rum), pitted cherries layered with sugar along with some water. Went to check my jars...