St Louis, Kansas City, Lincoln, and Topeka

by dcbbq 3 years ago

We'll be touring the plains this fall, and looking for good wood-cooked barbecue in each of these cities, and other suggestions. Feel free to point me to barbecue threads to the various cities. (...

Tacorito- Gone but not forgotten...Omaha/Lincoln, NE and CO

by mmgd1960 9 years ago

When I was growing up in Omaha I was a bus-girl about 35 years ago at La Fonda's aka Holly Inn. The restaurant was founded by the late George Pappas of CO. I fell in love with the "Tacorito", a big...

Where could I eat Japanese food in Lincoln?

by Philipzzz 5 years ago

I always eat Japanese food in my home country. I just wanna know where I can eat Japanese food in Lincoln.

Where could I buy great coffee beans in Lincoln

by KitsonFung 5 years ago

I have been tired of Starbucks' beans. And I would like to try sth new. Could any one give me some advice?

Kansui Ramen in San Jose [Goat Pastrami, Pumpernickel Noodles, Willow Glen]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Kansui Ramen opened at the beginning of the year. Positioned as a hip pop-up inside Haymarket, as the name implies, the housemade noodles are firm from alkali (kansui). At lunch time, the full...

Lincoln, NE

by tdombrow 7 years ago

Hubby is headed to Lincoln for 8 weeks. Any food suggestions? Pho. Sushi. Delis?

Excellent pho in Lincoln, NE

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 9 years ago

On Tuesday my daughter and I had what was probably the best pho I've ever eaten at Pho Factory, in the Vietnamese strip shopping center on 27th St., which just opened this week. I've had a lot of p...

I have a lot of questions about Lincoln, NE

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 9 years ago

Greetings, Great Plains board! My family and I are about to move to Lincoln, and I've been scouring your posts for the last month or so. It sounds like there's good restaurant food to be had out th...

Restaurant Supply Open to Public - Lincoln or Omaha?

by e_bone 8 years ago

Is there one? I don't see what i'm looking for on-line at Hockenberg's, but they may have it.. but even if they do I'm not sure they sell to walk-in public? Anyone know of something?

Favorite local eats in Lincoln, NE?

by 262nineX 8 years ago

In Lincoln, NE, Valentino's Pizza & Runza of course, & Lazlo's always has good food, beer & top-notch service. But recently tried La Quarier Bakery and loved the tomato soup & turkey club on home...

Lincoln- Wine/ Liquor "superstore"?

by e_bone 9 years ago

I'm recently transplanted to Lincoln. We buy wine and liquor "in bulk" to reduce spending as much as possible and because gin / vodka / wine are commodities. Occasionally I love to get that Bin 105...

Where can I buy Stretch-Tite plastic wrap in Lincoln or Omaha?

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 9 years ago

I moved to Lincoln three months ago and can't find Stretch-Tite! I really don't want to pay shipping on something like this, but I'm getting desperate. Thought I'd try asking here before biting the...

Lincoln Questions

by ajb05854 9 years ago

Does Thai Garden near UNL still have the cheap lunch specials? I'm picky with thai food and not a huge fan, but the pad si ew was always good there. I'll be in town in a month or so, so I'm curio...

Lincoln NE - Need dining recommendations

by jmk38 10 years ago

I will be in Lincoln, NE for a long weekend and need dining recommendations. I will have a car, so location in town is not an issue. I would appreciate recommendations for breakfast places, casu...

Calling all Lincoln, NE, hounds

Kitchen Imp
by Kitchen Imp 10 years ago

I'm about to move to Lincoln, NE, and I'm sad (and a little worried) to see how little action there is about that town here. Are there any people from Lincoln on Chowhound? If so, can we all pr...

Lincoln, NE takeout

by samovar32 10 years ago

We are Boston hounds traveling cross country with kids/dog and will be stopping for a night in Lincoln. Looking for Chowish suggestions for good, interesting takeout that we can eat in the hotel or...

Favorites in Lincoln, NE

by foodloverlori 10 years ago

As a lifelong resident of Lincoln NE I realize that I am in a rut and I haven't been to a new place in a while...I love Parthenon, Mistys, Vincenzos, Fireworks but would love to hear what others ha...

Cabbage Burgers/Kraut Burgers in the Omaha or Lincoln NE vicinity

by ohso 10 years ago

Besides the chain, Runza, Are there any other restaurants, bakeries or other establishments that serve a Cabbage Burger or Kraut Burger?