What Makes Meyer Lemons So Special, Anyway?

Meyer lemons are still in season, so it's high time to buy them while you can—and find out why they're considered so much better than regular lemons in the first place. Some produce is obviously special...

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Recipe for preserved lemons?

by fladd 16 years ago

Just had an outstanding meal at a little Italian place in Burlington, VT (see post on N.England board) and had a wonderful "olive medley" with three or four varieties of olives with pickled garlic ...

Gin, Tonic & Preserved Lemons

by Shoeman 16 years ago

I've been cooking quite a bit of Morrocan food lately. Most of the recipes call for "perserved lemon rind". I never knew what to do with the rest of the lemon meat? Alas, a gin and tonic.

Preserved Lemons

by josephsm 17 years ago

I just came back from my favorite food store (Kalustyans on 29th and Lexington -- you New Yorkers know what I mean). Anyway, they were using valuable refrigerator space to store their unopened jar...

Ingredient Search - Preserved Lemons

by Robert Bell 17 years ago

Help! Would be grateful for anyone who could tell me where in the Los Angeles area I could locate "preserved lemons," a bottled product frequently used in Moroccan recipes. I have dialed every In...

Preserved lemons

by Leah S. 17 years ago

I would like to make chicken tagine this weekend with couscous. Where can I find preserved lemons? Thanks!

Sweet Lemons

by foodiex2 17 years ago

Has anyone tried this fairly new Thai place in Weymouth on route 53?? I have been hearing great things around my office but no official word from the hounds. The pickings are slim for good Thai a...

Meyer Lemons?

by Chris 17 years ago

Could anyone suggest a location to get Meyer lemons? Somewhere you know currently has them available? I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your time.

Where to find organic lemons?

by Mel H. 17 years ago

Does anyone know a good place to find organic lemons. I'm looking for both regular and meyer lemons, and they definitely need to be organic. I need about 30, so I hate to pay inflated prices at t...

preserved lemons

by chefjohnny 17 years ago

I would like to salt preserve meyer lemons in the moroccan manner. The problem is that my meyers have a thick rind and bumpy skin. Can they still be preserved in this fashion effectively?

Sweet lemons

by MichaelB 17 years ago

So I was at the local interesting-produce market this weekend and picked up a sweet lemon (sitting, naturally, next to the sour oranges). What a strange taste! -- truly sweet, not just less sour li...

where to find preserved lemons?

by susanb 17 years ago

For a tagine I wanted to make this Friday, I just discovered the recipe calls for preserved lemons and that these take at least three weeks to make. Does anyone know where I might buy them in the C...

Meyer lemons at TJs

by Ruth Lafler 17 years ago

The TJs in San Francisco had Meyer lemons in the produce section -- plastic cartons of four. I don't know how widely they've been distributed, but it's worth checking out if you're looking for them.

preserved lemons--can they be expedited?

by susanb 17 years ago

I was hoping to make the lamb tagine recipe from the New Basics cookbook this Friday. It calls for preserved lemons, which, in the book's recipe, take three weeks to make. What should I do? Just us...

Meyer lemons at Church Produce

by janet A. Zimmerman 17 years ago

I was at my neighborhood produce shop, Church Produce (on Church St at 30th) to pick up some lemons and limes. They've had great prices on citrus for the past couple of weeks, so I've been taking a...

Meyer lemons again

by Pat Goldberg 17 years ago

Dick just brought back a lot of Meyer lemons from our daughter's tree in San Francisco. I have looked through the Chowhound postings on the subject, particularly the responses to Jen Kalb's questi...

Meyer lemons in East Lansing!

by Timowitz 17 years ago

The East Lansing Food Coop (Northwind Drive, across from Farmer Jack north of Grand River) is carrying Meyer lemons. I was amazed when I first saw them last Friday. I asked the produce poobah about...

Meyer lemons have arrived!

by zora 17 years ago

Attention transplanted Californians and other lemon afficionados-- I just found Meyer lemons at the Georgetown Fresh Fields. They may be at other Fresh Fields stores as well, but not all stores alw...

Where to find Meyer Lemons

by Erica 17 years ago

Hi Just started a preliminary search for Meyer Lemons, to no avail. I thought they were in season now through like January / February. Has anyone seen them in a market in the East Bay or in SF? ...

Meyer Lemons

by BLT 17 years ago

Where can I purchase Meyer Lemons in the Cambrisdge or Boston area?

where can i buy preserved lemons?

by Amy Weitzman 17 years ago

does anyone know where to buy preserved lemons? i suspect watertown might have a place that sells them, but i don't have a lot of time to run around today trying to find them. THANK YOU! AMY

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