What Makes Meyer Lemons So Special, Anyway?

Meyer lemons are still in season, so it's high time to buy them while you can—and find out why they're considered so much better than regular lemons in the first place. Some produce is obviously special...

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Using preserved lemons

by Enso 6 years ago

I made a batch of preserved lemons (lemons and salt) a while ago and need to be using them at a faster rate. What ways do you use them? Especially looking for sauce/topping recipes.

One dozen bald lemons, what to do?

by AreBe 11 years ago

Dearest spouse zested one dozen lemons and we are making lemoncello a la Fred Thompson http://www.newsobserver.com/cgi-bin/nao/lifestyles/food_fitness/recipes/show_recipe.cgi?id=3926&template=templ...

Meyer Lemons in Toronto

by torontovore 14 years ago

I keep reading about Meyer Lemons, a delicious cross between lemons and oranges. I'm jealous of bloggers in California who talk about walking down the street and just picking them off overhanging b...

Lemon thief

by emglow101 7 years ago

I have a small Meyer lemon tree in my back yard. This is it's first year producing. Friday I went out to the back and picked a couple off the tree for my chicken. I went out yesterday afternoon to ...

Spaghetti al Limone - Supper Restaurant [Recipe request moved from Manhattan board]

by justmeesh 12 years ago

For years, I've been searching for the perfect recipe to duplicate the Spaghetti al Limone from Supper Restaurant at home. But I've yet to achieve the right balance between lemon & olive oil & but...

Salt-preserved lemons and food safety?

by bythebay 9 years ago

I tried to preserve some lemons a few weeks back, cutting them into fourths, putting salt in them, putting salt at the bottom and top of the jar I placed the lemons in and covering with lemon juice...

Preserved Lemons - Safe or Start Over?

by pantsmclee 6 years ago

Hi! I put up some preserved lemons (my first try!) in early May. After keeping the jars on the counter for a week and turning them everyday, I moved the jars to the fridge, and I admit it, pr...

Dissolving white pith from citrus, and separating individual vesicles

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

It took me several hours of searching to find this, even though I started with the correct terms. Turns out the answer is so obvious I should have just thought a little more. The white connective p...

lemon oil and lemon extract

by spuds 17 years ago

what's the difference between lemon oil and lemon extract? i am interested in making lemon cake.

Roasted Parsnips With Citrus

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

Stumped for a non-standard Thanksgiving side-dish? This comes together in about 30 easy minutes and can make anyone a fan of parsnips. Sadly unavailable bitter Seville oranges would be perfect, so ...

Make-ahead lemon drop shots

by kikster 5 years ago

I need to make a batch of lemon drop shots for a party but won't have time to make them the day of. Anyone have a trusted recipe using fresh lemons that will hold well if made the previous day?


by snoboardbabe77 11 years ago

In expanding my cooking skills, I decided to start "baking" and doing desserts. I dislike measuring at all, but figured this would be good for me. So, I started doing desserts and my husband would ...

Need a suggestion to make a condiment with preserved lemons

by TheEnigmaFacade 5 years ago

maybe it's the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but i have a weird request: i was craving salt last night and ended up with fistfuls of pretzels, but i was also making new batches of preserved lem...

Low-Sugar Limoncello?

by 99Jason 5 years ago

I'm really loving Limoncello and have a pet theory that it's one of the healthier spirits you can enjoy (polyphenols from the lemons). Just wondering if there's a commercially available brand that...

Limoncino or Limoncello?

by twodales 15 years ago

Having just returned from yet another (Ho Hum) trip to Italy, I have a question...Are Limoncino and Limoncello the same products? I've had Limoncello before but recently had Limoncino. The Limo...

And where do you get these Meyer Lemon trees? AAAGH

by VAfoodie 12 years ago

The more I read, the less I know. Price seems to range from $11 (Logee's) to $80. Dwarf? Semi-dwarf? Does it matter. Help. I live in Virginia and will be growing the tree in a pot that I put ...

ISO preserved lemons on UWS

by BEmama 6 years ago

I thought I saw some @ Whole Foods on Columbus but no luck. Really appreciate any and all suggestions (except making them). TIA!

Why Limes>Lemons in Mexico and SE Asia?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

As I was slurping my spicy Tom Yum seafood soup , spritzed with lime juice, my mind popped this question. I understand that it's highly possible that I am asking one of those "why is there Air?" qu...

Thumbprint cookies, lemon marmalade or curd?

by Crockett67 6 years ago

My SO apparently loves thumbprint cookies. Over Thanksgiving he raved over my sister's cookies. Being the woman who likes to please, I mentioned I could make a few dozen for him and his family frie...