Make the Most of Fall Produce with These 11 Recipes

Don’t spend time mourning the loss of peaches and tomatoes! There’s a new cast of characters ready to take their place, from apples to beets to mushrooms. We’ve got 11 creative and satisfying recipes...

Leeks -- any other use for the green parts?

by Catherine 15 years ago

I love leeks -- so tasty! I just feel so badly that half the time I cook them, I end up throwing over half of the bunch size away. So what to do with the green parts? I use them in stocks in pla...

Leek Recipes?

by mmpott 2 years ago

For some reason, I have never cooked with leeks. I've had them in restaurant dishes and while dining at other people's homes, but have never made them myself. Does anyone have any favourite lee...

Wild leeks are up!

by Nyleve 4 years ago

Just checked my secret spot yesterday and the wild leeks/ramps are up an inch or so. I'll give them a few days to get taller before digging them but in some areas they may be ready. If you dig,...

Feel foolish asking, but difference between scallions, green onions and leeks??

by CurlieGlamourGirlie 6 years ago

I feel very foolish that I don't know the answer, but are they interchangeable? I think green onions and scallions are the same, but leeks are milder?

Substitution for Leeks?

by bwillia 12 years ago

I am making a Thai-style ground beef recipe tonight that calls for 1 cup of sliced leeks. I've never cooked leeks before and was wondering if there is a comparable substitution for them. What do l...

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