Stuck on a layover? Chowhounds can direct you to a quick place to eat and ways to get a local experience all over the world.

10 Food-Filled Airports That Will Make You Happy You Have a Layover

Flying is perhaps the most stressful part of any vacation. Pesky delays, cancellations, and inclement weather always manage to pile on, and don't even get us started on dining options. Luckily, some...

Best Cubano in Miami Airport?

by Smoothfin 2 years ago

I'm going to have some time to kill in the Miami airport. Where can I get the best cubano sandwich in the airport?

Paris layover

by sillyglue 3 years ago

Would a 630p dinner reservation at 58 tour Eiffel, assuming we would leave at 8p for the airport (likely Uber) be enough time to catch our 1115p connecting flight to South Africa? We won’t have any...

8-hour layover in Miami

by Blumie 3 years ago

I arrive into MIA at 12:55pm on a Monday (April 30), and fly out at 7:40pm. I'd like to use that time to go to a gym and grab a meal before heading back to the airport. Right now my plan is to go...

12 hours in Miami

by Brittbabelsu 4 years ago

We have a 12 hour layover in Miami. We'd like to find a totally off the beaten path, no tourist would ever find it, no frills cuban restaurant. We'll have a 5 year old in tow, but one that lives h...

5 hour layover at the Mumbai airport

by debbie421 4 years ago

Hello family! I have a 5 hour layover at the Mumbai airport from 6:30-11:30pm on Wednesday, 5/31. I'd like to leave the airport and try somewhere great for dinner, but I've never been to India be...

Sunday Brunch in Vancouver

by travelbug88 4 years ago

Hi Guys! My husband and I have a layover and we can be in the city for about 3-4 hours. Where can we go for a great brunch? Possibly with a view or in an area where we can walk around after? We lov...

Need help with 1 day / 2 meals in Mexico City

by BBB 4 years ago

I have a long layover in Mexico City, about 12 hours. Looking to squeeze in the best of the best: a lunch/late breakfast and an early dinner. Debating Restaurante Nicos, Pujol, and Quintonil. I'...

Kosher at Heathrow?

by Miri1 8 years ago

A friend of mine will have a 7 hour layover at Heathrow on his way to Israel next week. He's wondering if there is kosher food available at the airpor or anywhere close by. Thanks!

Overight Layover in Madrid

by punkin712 4 years ago

My husband and I have an overnight layover in Madrid (6pm - 7am) on our way from the Canary Islands to Rome. We had a similar layover last year, but didn't adequately research dinner options near ...

4 hour layover, Newbies hoping for non touristy quick dinner reco

by MsPurple 4 years ago

Advice please :) Sat evening 520-930 layover, planning on grabbing a zipcar from McCarran for a few hours to have a peek at Vegas and grab a quick bite. Family of 4 with well travelled, eat anythi...

Manhattan or Hermosa Beach recommendations needed

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 4 years ago

My friends and I are capping off a long weekend after a cruise by spending a layover in Manhattan or Hermosa Beach before we head out to LAX. I am estimating that we will have about 4 hours to walk...

Restaurants near JFK (5 hr layover)

by jmartin0716 5 years ago

Hi, Me and my boyfriend are flying from Cancun to SFO and for some reason our flight has a layover in JFK for 5 hours from 3pm-8pm on a Sunday night. He and I have never been to NY and although...

19hr layover in January

by Ottfoodie 5 years ago

Hey guys, I have a transfer in Shanghai on my way to Colombo and would love some restaurant suggestions during my short visit in Shanghai. I arrive on Sunday night at 7:10 and looking to take th...

Helsinki long layover

by Monica 5 years ago

Going to Spain and I am purposely taking Finnair to have a stop over in Helsinki. I have an option of either 8 hr layover or over-night layover taking a flight to Barcelona early next morning(5:30...

Buenas Aires near airport parilla

by tony_brisbane 5 years ago

My daughter has a 6 hour stopover in BA and i offered to buy her a steak meal at Las Lilas but thought the timing might be too tight to get from the airport into the city have a meal and return in ...

Tex-Mex/Mexican near DFW Airport

by exPat727 5 years ago

I have an overnight layover next month at DFW airport, arriving around 9pm on a Friday night. Is there any place 10-15 mins taxi ride from the airport worth trying? Tex-Mex/Mexican food in Hong K...

Detroit style pizza at airport?

by 1uc7 5 years ago

Flying into DTW in november for a couple hours layover -- want to get some detroit-style pizza, but there doesnt seem to be a place in the airport. Is this possible??! Am i missing something?

Charlotte NC layover. Need lunch suggestions.

by ny.frenchfry 5 years ago

I've got a three hour layover in Charlotte coming up on Sunday. Can you please suggest somewhere charming and delicious that's fairly close to the airport? Mostly a vegetarian, some seafood. Not in...

LAX - 5 hour layover

by aquascuba 5 years ago

What would be a good place to go for a 5 hour layover in LAX. Will have husband and 2 kids. Love all kinds of food and don't mind hole in walls. However, husband gets antsy about leaving the a...

Chowhound ways to kill 4 hours at Logan?

by KitchenVoodoo 5 years ago

I have a 4 hour layover next Saturday evening - landing at 5:30pm, don't know exactly how soon I can drop my checked baggage at the Aer Lingus counter for my 10 pm flight (does anyone know?) - but ...