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Love Latin American cuisine? Discuss where to find authentic bakeries and restaurants, plus share your favorite recipes and cooking tips.

7 Chimichurri Recipes to Make Everything You Eat More Exciting

Chimichurri is an incredibly versatile herb-based sauce that is fantastic on top of grilled meats or used as a marinade—and the sauce itself is vegan, so it's also great for jazzing up roasted or grilled...

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Good Mexican/Latin American eats in Yonkers

by bklynfoodie 14 years ago

Yonkers, especially south Yonkers, looks like a Mexican/Latin American chowhound's dream. There's plenty of places, and they're cheap. The question is, how many of them are good? I like Tacos ...

Good Latin American cuisine for Wanderlust friend

by gaucho25 14 years ago

- One of my friends is coming into town. She's been all over-Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, the DR, and Bolivia. I havent seen her in ages and would like to surprise her with some gre...

Best all around Latin American for Wanderlust Friend?

by gaucho25 14 years ago

Hi- One of my friends is coming into town. She's been all over-Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, the DR, and Bolivia. I havent seen her in ages and would like to surprise her with some g...

Mexican/Latin American supermarket

by hungryann 14 years ago

Hi all, I am trying to find a product which I used to buy in the mexican market when I lived in the US. It's from Nestle and it's Cafe con Leche (instant caffe latte mix that is amazing). I trie...

Latin American food in Houston

by Alena 14 years ago

I will be in town next weekend for a conference and would really like to find some good CUBAN, PUERTO RICAN, or CARIBBEAN food.

Latin American cafeteria (long)

by eimac 14 years ago

I recently had to go to Miami to see a relative who was in Baptist Hospital. We needed a lunch close by and went to the Latin American Cafeteria on Sunset. During the many years I lived in Miami, i...

Mexican/Latin American grocery stores in W Suburbs

by Basil 14 years ago

Any good ideas. Have Colombian relatives in town looking to cook up a storm. Close to Naperville would be great

latin american, romantic -- help!

by n adams 14 years ago

my date tomorrow would like central/latin-american, small plates a bonus. any suggestions? anywhere in the city.... thanks!

Good Latin American food on Route 1 in VA?

by WG 15 years ago

I've noticed dozens of Mexican/Salvadorean restaurants on Route 1 south of Old Town. Can anyone make a recommendation? I'm interested unusual items like menudo or well prepared bistec. Thanks.

New Double O's & Latin American place in Rhinebeck

by Wanda 15 years ago

Has anyone been to either of these? Comments?

mexican/latin american groceria Boston or North, specifically banana leaves

by sara zoe 15 years ago

I'm around Portsmouth NH, but am willing to venture down around Boston, west as far as Manchester, or up to Portland for banana leaves - hoping I'll be able to buy masa harina para tamales at the s...

Latin American - Close to Old Town School

by Orgullo de Mexico 15 years ago

Seeking a suggestion for a nice Latin American Restaurant close to Old Town School of Folk Music (4544 N. Lincoln) for this Saturday. Six adults (four seniors) will be dining, and we have tickets...

Poco's latin American Grille

by Howard 15 years ago

can anyone give me the scoop on Poco's latin American Grille, looking for a intimate space for a small group. the restaurant is in Midtown where I will be staying. thanks

Queso fresco/cotija/latin american markets?

by Ruth 15 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations on good latin american food markets in DC/NOVA area? Trying to find a source for queso fresco or cotija cheeses. Thanks!

Looking for Latin American dinner

by pechnmew 15 years ago

I'm looking for Latin American food. Starting location will be near the West Loop or less then a 15 minute cab ride from it (no car is available and public transportation is not an option because o...

cuban/latin american restaurant around ormond beach

by Ralph Marcucio 15 years ago

Hi Floridians, I will be visiting late next week (Ormond beach, but will have a car and can drive a bit) and am looking for a good cuban and/or latin american restaurant to eat in. I have looked t...

Latin American cuisine -- recommendations

by vanessa 15 years ago

Can anyone please recommend a great, not crazy expensive ($25-30/person) Latin American restaurant between midtown and downtown?

The best Latin American white cheese and food products in NYC

by cyn 15 years ago

I get them at latino deli.com (they only serve the tristate area) I heard they may be selling there product in Gristedes soon. Check them out, real queso paisa and queso guayanes, best arepas, etc.

Latin American Crema styles?

by Ruth Lafler 15 years ago

When I browse in local Latino markets (mostly Mexican but with a smattering of other mostly Central American nationalities), I often see crema identified as "Mexican" or "Salvadoran" -- I think eve...

Mexican/Latin American in Midtown

by lbc23 15 years ago

Looking for a lively and nice spot to take an intern out to lunch. Office is right around Grand Central, but we are willing to travel a bit. Thanks!