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Love Latin American cuisine? Discuss where to find authentic bakeries and restaurants, plus share your favorite recipes and cooking tips.

Latinx- and Hispanic-Owned Culinary Businesses to Support Right Now

National Hispanic Heritage Month has just begun, and with it comes the opportunity to support a slew of small, culinary-minded businesses around the country. Below you’ll find some of our favorites...

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Long Beach & Latin American Art Evening

by Jon W 17 years ago

We're going to the "murals under the stars" lecture at the Latin American Museum of Art in Long Beach. Any recommendations in the immediate vacinity would be appreciated. Any cuisine.

looking for Latin American ingredients/markets/sources

by latinlover 17 years ago

I am working on a guide to purchasing Latin American ingredients in all regions of the USA -- local markets, butchers, mail order sources, websites, etc. Do you have a favorite market with a goo...

latin american cafe

by ann marie 17 years ago

My man bosshogg and I have had four or five meals at this cozy little spot on Sackett, between 4th and 5th Avenues. The chef/owner is a charming and gracious host, with a very low-key way of making...

looking for Latin American ingredients/markets/sources

by latinlover 17 years ago

I am working on a guide to purchasing Latin American ingredients in all regions of the USA -- local markets, butchers, mail order sources, websites, etc. Do you have a favorite market with a goo...

JP Crawl - Cuban, Dominican & Latin American (very, very long)

by Dax 17 years ago

After writing about my trip to Miami Cafe and love for Cubanos and the ilk in general, Nab, Joanie and I decided to organize a little crawl amongst a few chowhound.com JP noted establishments. F...

Empanadas save the day at Latin American Sandwiches

by Mike G 17 years ago

A new awning makes all the difference sometimes-- on my jaunt to not eat Polish food and instead eat at Pita Town today, I spotted an awning just north of Irving on Elston that announced: LATIN A...

Latin American Jewish dishes???

by AndyK 17 years ago

a wierd question, but wondering if anyone out there knows any latin american jewish dishes, say from the argentinian community. Looking for recipes for passover specifically. Perhaps a good marinad...

Cafe Tin R.I.P. -- Viva Latin American Cafe

by Barry Strugatz 17 years ago

The Argentinian partner of the late delightful Cafe Tin on Union recently opened the Latin American Cafe at 661 Sackett St (cor of 4th) next to the apartment bldg. construction. I ate there yester...

favorite latin american cookbooks

by wendy c 21 years ago

I am in that wonderful position of having some credit to spend at the bookstore, and have been having a good time browsing the cookbooks. I'm looking for either something that covers many diff...

Cuban/ Latin American Restaurants in Philly

by Alli 17 years ago

Are there any besides Alma de Cuba, Pasion and Cuba Libre???? Help me...

Authentic Spanish food (Spain, not Latin America)

by Timowitz 18 years ago

I'm going to be in New York at the end of next week. The excuse for a trip now is to see the show of Spanish art at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. So I decided it would be a good idea to cho...

Two Cubans on north Clark-- Express Cafe, Latin American #1

by Mike G 18 years ago

So devoted followers of my recent posts (I hear crickets chirping) will note that most of them make some reference to the two Cuban places on north Clark near La Unica which I keep trying to eat at...

Latin American food near Needham Heights?

by Dax 18 years ago

the closest place I can find to my work zipcode 02494 is Cafe Sol Azteca in Newton Center. Anyone been there or can someone offer better suggestions? I'm talking within a 2-3 mile radius so I can...

Latin american/middle eastern recs for celebration

by Persynna 18 years ago

Hello Boston hounds, I'm taking my chowhoundish brother out for a celebratory meal in Boston in a couple of weeks, and am looking for recommendations of really good, authentic, delicious central/...

Looking for Latin American Restaurant

by allie 18 years ago

Something authentic, not excessively pricey (but doesn't have to be cheap - we're celebrating a graduation. 30-ish bucks per person (without wine), perhaps?) Nice atmosphere a definite plus. Many t...

Latin American Cafe

by Iron Frank 18 years ago

I never noticed this place on 17th ST.(I think) in the Flatiron district. Looks like they've been around awhile but they were gated up when I walked by. Does anyone know if it's any good? What t...

Spanish Grocery? not latin american/goya, etc, but from Spain?

by Shannon Blaney 18 years ago

Hi- Is there a grocer around that sells Spanish food from Spain? Not Latin American specialties or other Goya-fests- but actual Iberian, European Spanish food. Not that there's anything wrong w/...

Latin American Cafeteria

by iron frank 19 years ago

I'll probably have time to check out one Cuban restaurant while in Miami this weekend. The closer to South Beach the better. Is this place,L.A.C. any good? Thanks again. Frank

Spanish/Latin American Saturday Lunch--NOT brunch

by Lynn 19 years ago

First Question: Where can I find a Spanish/Latin American (or tapas) lunch this Saturday (pleasant ambiance)that is NOT limited to brunch (so many places I called, are.) My visiting West Virginia...

Jackson Heights Latin American

by Scarlett Rembrant 20 years ago

I need some serious help. Tomorrow I'm going to Jackson Heights with some friends, and I'm the planner. I need to know the MOST superb restaurants for any kind of Latin American, preferably Peruv...

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