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Meet Goya: One of America’s Oldest Hispanic-Owned Food Companies

You may be surprised to learn that one of America’s oldest food companies is best known for its canned beans and packaged rice varieties. For more than 80 years, Goya Foods has been one of the leading...

El Salvador

by catface1 5 years ago

While on vacation we ate and loved a corn based pancake that was fried and sweet. I have searched several websites and have not found a recipe if you could help that would be great.

Beach Eats on Grand Cayman

by Girl Friday 4 years ago

Looking for casual beach dive style restaurants on Cayman. We have kids and love the casual feel of beach restaurants we have been to other islands. I gather they are hard to come by in Grand Cayma...

Where do the locals eat in San Juan?

by CindyJ 2 years ago

We'll be spending 2 weeks in Puerto Rico, the majority of our time in San Juan. I'd love to hear about some of the restaurants the locals enjoy. Good food is important; fine dining not so much (we...

Recs in San Juan, St. Maarteen & St. Kitts

by cincodemayo1 5 years ago

The fiancée and I can't take off a lot of time for a big honeymoon so we're doing a 7-day Royal Caribbean cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. We're from South Florida, so no need for recs there, but we'r...

Anything new in Bermuda?

by LulusMom 7 months ago

This is my annual plea for intel on good places to eat in Bermuda. Last year we found Village Pantry, which we liked a lot. We end up eating a lot of meals at Swizzle Inn, as we stay very near it. ...

Grand Cayman

by dcbbq 2 years ago

We're headed to grand Cayman for my first trip, and it looks like Chowhound posts are almost all from 6 or more years ago. We'll be 4 adults (one gluten avoider but not fanatical) and a so-far ver...

Tallow vs Lard

by borisabrams 8 months ago

Hey! So i saw Epic's Grass Fed Tallow in a store and was intrigued by it. Online it seems that neither tallow nor lard have any real taste and can be used interchangeable. Does the same rin...

BVI recs - cheap eats to date night

by georgeanna 11 months ago

Can anyone offer an update on BVI recommendations? We're bare boating for 10 days. Will have two nights aboard in Road Town, where we'll definitely eat out. Beyond that, we're unscheduled and open ...

Help - vegetarian food in Buenos Aires??

by yvettem 4 years ago

Hi there! I'm staying in the Palermo neighbourhood of buenos aires in December. I'm wondering if anyone can provide some advice as to restaurants that would have vegetarian options. I'm vegetarian ...

Bermuda Rent A Chef?

by wmp 9 years ago

We will be going to Bermuda for the first time - 2 families with kids from ages 9 - 19. We would like to hire a chef for an evening to cook for us at the house we have rented - any suggestions? ...

Bermuda: Portuguese food? Good casual food?

by HaveSpoonWillCook 11 months ago

Hi fellow Chowhounders, happy to be visiting Bermuda next week! Does anybody have any recommendations for good Portuguese food? Also good not too greasy casual food or cool food stores? I understan...

Puerto Rico: Santurce market?

by sarosenthall 1 year ago

Years ago, I read a Gourmet article in which the chef Alberto Ayala raved about the pique sauce he buys (in reused rum bottles) from a stand in the Santurce market in San Juan. (Stand is described ...

Who has Recent experience in CUBA?

by ChristianW 1 year ago

Travel in Cuba is now possible, albeit a hurdle or two. There doesn't seem to much recent chatter about anything Cuban here on the Chow. I am reaching out for Chowhound suggestions.

Cartagena Colombia Trip Report Feb 2019

by kroghj1 1 year ago

The postings on Cartagena are a little light so my wife and I figured we would contribute our findings from a recent 5 night trip to Cartagena Colombia. We found it very easy to eat well here wi...

Tucker's Point Bermuda

by udunphy 4 years ago

This question has been asked before, but I would love some updated recommendations. My husband and I live in NYC and are visiting Bermuda and staying at Tucker's Point for 5 nights over Easter (...

Colombia: Bogota, Boyaca, Cartagena

by dostrovs 1 year ago

We just spent 9 productive days in Colombia, visiting the region of Boyaca, Bogota and Cartagena. We have enjoyed our trip immensely. Even considerable effort on the part of Avianca to make our Col...

Curacao dining recommendations

by jacolis 1 year ago

Hi all, Visiting Curacao for a week over Christmas. Trying to identify some good restaurants. Looking at some older threads I picked a few but some of the recommended ones have closed. Does a...

Grand Cayman - Copper Falls

by HaveSpoonWillCook 1 year ago

This used to be our go-to for great steaks, ambiance, consistent quality. Then I went there a month ago with friends, and while my filet mignon was perfect, the striploins were so-so. Our sauces ca...

Five nights in San Juan

by dcbbq 1 year ago

We'll be staying in the Condado, and are looking for post-hurricane updates

Vacation in Barbados

by DatChef 1 year ago

I'm heading to Barbados in December with my family. (Husband and 2 teenage boys.) We're staying in St. James Parish not far from Holetown. We are staying in a house, not a hotel so we'd like to do ...