Late-Night Dining

Things heat up after 10 p.m. Share your suggestions for the best places to find late-night meals, whether it's pizza or cheese fries or great local restaurants that stay open till the early morning, and get ideas for where to eat late in any city.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Dining at CES 2020

Gambling, smoking, and drinking? Rebellious Sin City acts, for sure, but mere peanuts next to housing 3,000+ calories during a single meal. It's no secret that Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the...

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Late Night Food, Empanadas, and Haute Cuisine

by travis 18 years ago

Good Morning Unfortunately, not all three subjects at the same time; I had three things to say, and decided to say them at once. 1. Aside from Canter's and the multitude of bizarre eateries i...

Late night in Santa Clara?

by Melanie Wong 18 years ago

Any suggestions for a place to grab a bite after 10pm in the vicinity of the Embassy Suites in Santa Clara?

Late Night Eats in Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Cary

by Miki 18 years ago

Is there any good Non-Diner eateries in this area that is open until 11pm or so?? Let me know! Thanks! -Miki

Late late night snacks in d.c

by Ahmed 18 years ago

It's 2:30am and you're oh so hungery. What places can you go at such a late hour to get soom *pretty good* food or good fast food. The only decent place that comes to mind is Quick Pita in Georg...

Orange County & Long Beach, CA, late-night eats

by Jane Tunks 21 years ago

I will be trapped behind the Orange Curtain this weekend. Does anyone know where to get good grub at 3 a.m.? Anywhere in Orange County or Long Beach.

Chinatown: Late Night, Big Tables, Reliable Quality

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Wow, I am embarrasssed and humbled at having to post this query...but for the first time in well over a decade, I have no standard fall-back late night Chinatown place with big tables and reliable ...

Late night dining

by cherish 19 years ago

We are scheduled to arrive from San Francisco at 10:30 PM on a Friday night. Any suggestions for late night dining? We're willing to go anywhere though we will be staying at the W Hotel (Midtown)...

Late night

by Todd 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend a great restaurant that is open after midnight anywhere in Boston?

late night

by Deborah 19 years ago

Any suggestions for late night (11,12,1) dining downtown, weeknights included (other than Globe)?

late night food in SGV

by hjb 19 years ago

oops, i forgot to eat again. now it's well past 11pm and i don't think i'm going to be finding any pan fried noodles any time soon. there has got to be some chowy type place to eat late night. b...

Late night find in San Mateo

by grow power 19 years ago

Last Friday night, my husband and I went to this Japanese bar we've been meaning check out and was pleasantly surprised. The place is called Den, and is on B Street, around the corner from the ne...

Late night chow in Philly ?

by Tom G 19 years ago

I am taking my fiancee to Philly for the weekend and we won't arrive in town until late Friday. Any GOOD restaurants that serve until midnight?????

Late night dinner - where to go??

by Susan O'Grady 19 years ago

Me and the Mr are spending a weekend in NYC in a few weeks. I got him tickets to the Music Man for that Saturday night for Christmas, and now we need a place to eat after the show. I'm asking bec...

Late Night Eats in Midtown

by Ora 19 years ago

A friend is landing at LaGuardia at midnight on Friday. Any suggestions for good late night eats in a cool atmosphere? He knows good food--so I need to make it good.

Late Night Cool

by Ora 19 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for a late night place to hit Friday night. I have a friend flying in from Miami and he wants to go to some cool late night place for a good snack & cool atmospher...

Sherman Oaks late night eats

by john k 20 years ago

I'm working really late these days. (I'm writing this from work....) It seems to come with the dot-com territory. I need someplace to eat late at night that's not a total lardfest. The office i...

Good and Nice Late Night in SF

by Michael S 20 years ago

I am going to be in SF on a Thursday night and we don't land until 9. Any recommendations for a nice good any price place to eat at around 10:30 on a Thursday??

Suggestions for late night (11:30) Theater area dinner.

by David Martin 21 years ago

Next Saturday we'll be going to see 'Death of a Salesman'. It lets out at 11:15. I know Orso seats that late , but anyother suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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