Help finding "classy" place to take a date

by Moogie007 6 years ago

I need help finding a "classy" place to take my girlfriend for Valentine's day. This is the first time since we started dating several years ago I can afford to take my girlfriend somewhere nice fo...

Home Cook

by jaylyn3907 6 years ago

I am a home cook with a passion for cooking what I don't know. I love experiencing new ingredients and cooking on the fly.

Fine Dining...and casual dining...in Michigan?

by MattHooper 6 years ago

Fellow chowhounder here in a pinch. I'm doing an almost impromptu "vacation" in the Lansing Michigan area (my son is in a golfing tournament there), for around a week. Leaving Wednesday. I usu...

Burmese & Malaysian in Lansing-- Anyone Tried It? (DTW, Lansing)

by ak994 7 years ago

I am mostly wondering if it's worth the drive from metro Detroit to Lansing for Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant. They do have the signature (?) Burmese tea leaf salad and some soupy noodle bowls t...

Grand Rapids to Lansing

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

Flying into Grand Rapids and driving to Lansing and then returning back the next day. Looking for a place to dine near the airport or on the way to Lansing for lunch, looking for a place in Lansin...

Thanksgiving in East Lansing, MI

by corramom 9 years ago

Our family will be visiting our son who is at MSU in East Lansing for Thanksgiving. We are staying in a hotel so we need suggestions for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Altu's Ethiopian (East Lansing, Michigan)

by Torina 7 years ago

Not a huge amount of action on the board for Lansing, so I wanted to give this place a shoutout, based on my one meal there. Altu's is more Americanized than other Ethiopian restaurants I have ...

Lansing Michigan

by Elizabeth Rothman 13 years ago

Hello, I am moving to Lansing Michigan in two months, late June from New York City. I have explored the markets a bit and am actually excited that Lansing has the extent of farmers and ethnic marke...

between Lansing and Interlochen MI

by dhoffy87 7 years ago

My wife and i will be traveling from Lansing to Interlochen and are looking for recommendations for a great breakfast joint. Tired of the local scene so we want to be adventureous and try something...

Fork In The Road Location in Lansing?

by HillsofBeverly 10 years ago

I just saw an alt newspaper review of a new location for Fork in the Road restaurant or diner in Lansing. Anyone tried it? I loved Villegas' PBS show and recipes when he was on a few years ago.

Polish food or market in Lansing?

by starchaser109 9 years ago

Hi I am a new Chowhound who has been living in Lansing/East Lansing for 6 years now. I can't seem to find any good Polish places or markets that might have pierogi, kielbasa, or city chicken to hol...

BBQ in Lansing????

by JanPrimus 9 years ago

Last night mom put me in charge of finding something new to eat. So I hoped on google and looked up Lansing Food Blogs. After finding three or four websites that look like they had not been updated...

Metro Detroit and Lansing areas: are there any South African restaurants that serve nshima type food?

by shadyangel 10 years ago

hey there! I've been trying to scout this one out because we are headed to Zambia June 2012. We really wanted to get a feel for the food. We love Ethiopian, but I haven't seen or heard of any South...

Lansing, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak, & Frankfort area - looking for great chow

by stak 10 years ago

Hound visiting from Montreal in late July...I've tried searching the boards but don't know the area at all so am not finding a whole lot. We'll be staying one night in Lansing so will need dinner &...

Lansing, MI food

by Blake 20 years ago

I got pumped reading all the posts. The Midwest doesn't often compete toe-to-toe with restaurants on either coast, but there's a couple places here in the MSU area that are more than fair: Thai ...

TRAILER PARK'D "SLOW" FAST FOOD - Gourmet Food Trailer!!!! - Lansing, MI

by Jack Freeman 10 years ago

WOW..what an incredible gem I was introduced to today!!!!! The metro Detroit area is woefully behind the times in the food truck department (at least as far as I know).I think there are only a...

Foraging in the Lansing/Mid-Michigan area

by keefgr 10 years ago

I've always enjoyed eating ramps/morels, but I've never made the effort to look for them myself. Can anyone give me some tips on where to look in the Lansing area? Is it still a good time or is i...

Fine Dining in East Lansing?

by lawkitty 10 years ago

I am visiting next week, and would love to find a local dining establishment for a nice dinner. I know its a college area, which may or may not yield any "fine dining" establishments. I love frenc...