Need Sources for Whole Duck & Duck Legs - Philly & Central PA

by Scott O 3 months ago

I have been seriously hankering some duck lately - whole duck for making stock, rendering duck fat and for meat; duck...

Amishchow commented 15 days ago

Lancaster PA City and West Lunch?

by jen kalb 2 years ago

any recommendations for a good sit down lunch option in Lancaster? We typically come through this area on Monday ho...


RaeJ commented 7 months ago

Good Eats close to the PA Turnpike, between Pittsburgh and Lancaster

by Rick 11 years ago

I've traveling this route twice a month for the past two year. For the last six month or so I've been consistently g...


marelwynne1 commented 8 months ago

looking for a store in amish country in PA

by chet 1 year ago

was talking to a friend who was telling me about a big store where they sell everything from shoes to nuts in the ami...


BrianYarvin commented 1 year ago

Ma(i)son in Lancaster

by CindyJ 1 year ago

I used to dine Lancaster quite regularly and Ma(i)son was one of my favorite places. We were considering meeting som...

CindyJ commented 1 year ago

Dutch Wonderland /Lancaster County

by sgny 1 year ago

Going to Dutch Wonderland. Staying in Bird in Hand, PA. We have a free day without the kids. Looking for a lunch/e...


BrianYarvin commented 1 year ago

Lancaster County

by eimac 1 year ago

I will be visiting the Lancaster County area and when I looked on Chowhound, the threads were more than 5 years old. ...


BrianYarvin commented 1 year ago

Philadelphia to Lancaster

by Bacchus101 2 years ago

We have a March 12th engagement in Lancaster along with which we could like to have included dinner. Obviously I sti...

jen kalb commented 2 years ago

Mount Pepper - Real Deal Sichuan in Lancaster PA

by ahab 2 years ago

Lancaster, PA finally has a real Chinese restaurant! The former chef from Ping Pong R&Z in Wayne, PA has relocated t...


BrianYarvin commented 2 years ago

Best buffet near Lancaster PA?

by VikingKvinna 2 years ago

My BF and I will be traveling through PA Amish country in a few weeks, and want to go to a smorgasbord or buffet rest...


BrianYarvin commented 2 years ago

cheerwine lancaster

by drsmoochum23 3 years ago

anyone here know a source where i can find cheerwine i know crackerbarrel and sheetz has it but im wonder if theres a...


JohnnyKBar commented 2 years ago

Lancaster Co. NOW?

by Bacchus101 2 years ago

We have not been in the Lancaster Co. area for a few years. Can anyone mention a few restaurants which we might cons...

CindyJ commented 2 years ago

Carousel Restaurant Gone?

by Lisa 12 years ago

I am trying to get information about a restaurant that I believe may have been called The Carousel in or around Lanca...


MomOfTwo15 commented 2 years ago

Lancaster--any vegan-friendly updates?

by noya 2 years ago

Returning to Lancaster in a few weeks, and looking forward to returning to Rice and Noodles, a wonderful spot suggest...


BrianYarvin commented 2 years ago

Got a source for Magret or Moulard duck near Lancaster?

by sal_acid 3 years ago

I'm tired of the little frozen ducklings I can find around here. Be interested in goose too.


BrianYarvin commented 3 years ago

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Ritter sportbars lancaster

by drsmoochum23 3 years ago

Does anyone here know a good sorce for ritter sport bars i allready know target and that german food stand in central...

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Flora's Lancaster

by centralpadiner 3 years ago

Anyone else been to this new Latin BYO on Mulberry St? The service was so bad that it made it hard to enjoy the food...

kielbasa near Lancaster

by rare83 3 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy kielbasa near Lancaster/Lebanon, PA?


BrianYarvin commented 3 years ago

Dinner options in Lancaster *City*

by Fjordstone 3 years ago

I see a lot of advice about dining in Lancaster County, but I'm looking for some advice for the city itself. My husba...


centralpadiner commented 3 years ago

Lunch/Brunch going NYC to Lancaster

by meinNYC 3 years ago

Planning a trip from NYC to Lancaster,PA going via 276 to 76 etc. Need a midpoint for lunch that is open on a Sunday....

gaffk commented 3 years ago