Lamb Shoulder

15 Fabulous Braises to Keep You Warm Through Winter

Braising is a cook’s best friend—with a few simple steps, you can make a meal that tastes like it's straight out of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Here’s our basic braising primer, but just remember...

Lamb Experts: in the quest for "melt off the bone" meat -- shanks vs shoulder? Oven vs slow cooker?

by fmogul 3 years ago

Anyone ever make the Zahav lamb shoulder? I love lamb but almost never cook it. My wife's birthday is coming up. She loves lamb shanks, so I was thinking of adapting the recipe (well, dumbing it do...

Where to buy mutton?

by bina 4 years ago

Hi all, Looking for a reasonably priced place/butcher in NYC to buy good mutton (not lamb), particularly shoulder. Any leads would be good, I'm assuming Queens is a good place to start. We are g...

THE best lamb shoulder roast we've ever eaten - BAR NONE!

c oliver
by c oliver 12 years ago

I had a 5-1/2# bone-in lamb shoulder roast and looking for something to do with it. I regularly make Will Owens' (adapted from the LA TImes) pork shoulder roast. It was actually my husband who sa...

"Quick" Lamb Shoulder Roast

by caiatransplant 6 years ago

Hi again, all. I defrosted what I thought was a pkg of lamb shoulder chops, only to find that it's a 1 lb. 10 oz. roast. It seems every recipe I've turned up on the web requires "long, slow cooki...

How long should I cook a shoulder of lamb?

by damiano 5 years ago

I've bought a 1.5kg bone-in shoulder of a young suckling lamb. So for this Easter I'll be making a roast shoulder of lamb for the first time ever! I've recently been impressed by Joel Robuchon'...

Ideas/Recommendations for Lamb Shoulder

almond tree
by almond tree 6 years ago

I bought a 4-lb bone-in lamb shoulder for my son's birthday Tuesday. I'd like to roast it. Should I marinate it first? Serve it with a sauce? My son said he doesn't want it to be too fruity. The p...

How to cook 3 pound boneless lamb shoulder roast (tied)? [pressure cooker or oven]?

by mike2401 7 years ago

I made a spontaneous purchase decision: a 3 pound boneless lamb shoulder roast (tied). It is shaped like a cylinder 7" long, and a diameter of about 5.5 inches. I own a pressure cooker, but I a...

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