Lamb Chop


Lamb Chops

by syrup09 10 months ago

This pandemic year instead of going out to dinner for my birthday my mom is giving me money to buy a nice dinner. Usually I get a Filet Mignon but this year I'm thinking of picking up lamb ch...

Lamb 'o-bone' chops??

by cacao 4 years ago

Where I live in the SW. there is a common grocery chain, "Sprouts". They carry some sort of lamb chop they call 'o bone chops' and I think they made that name up :) I bought some, and I ought to ...

Shoulder chops?

by mspaula80111 2 years ago

I bought the o-bone chops at Sprouts today in Colorado. They are from New Zealand. I'm going to braise them in Guinness. I think you are right; they are shoulder chops.

My Fear of Loin Lamb Chops is Over!

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

A delicate protein that I have often over-cooked, because it doesn’t “sear” like beef. I nailed it tonight and feel like celebrating! So, out comes my best Zinfandel! Life is good!

Wine Pairing - Moroccan lamb chops

by DaviHome 5 years ago

Looking for a wine recommendation for lamb chops marinated in a paste of garlic, cumin, lemon, mint, coriander and turmeric and a sriracha lemon yogurt sauce. Would a white wine work better here? T...

Where to Dine for Great Lambchops???

by FoiGras 11 years ago

Hubby and I love lambchops. More often then not, based on economic reasons, we settle for the "lollipop" lambchops offered at many of the local restaurants. We enjoy those at the Reef Grille in ...

Lamb chops?

by rikk 6 years ago

Daughter has a craving for lamb for tomorrow/Sunday night dinner. Any recommendations for restaurant preferably in midtown? Thanks

What in the world are Barnsley Chops?

by Tout Garni 14 years ago

I know they come from the lamb but what part? Why are they called Barnsley? How should they be served? Do most butchers know about them?

Lollypop Lamb Chops

by Truffolos 6 years ago

I'm preparing about 150 Lamb Chops for a party on Saturday. They will be "Frenched" the day before. What I'm wondering is if I can sear and refrigerate the chops to dress them the next day, before...

That good and that cheap?! Lamb shoulder chops.

by knifesavers 6 years ago

When we moved and I finally had a patio to set up a grill I got sticker shock on steak and other beef costs. Ironically the cheapest red meat I could find after seasoning was lamb loin chops at ...

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