Recommendation for Lakewood, NJ?

by dklein 3 years ago

I'll be near Lakewood for a few days and would love some recommendations for restaurants. It probably can't be too extravagant (my company would notice), and I'm traveling with a non-Jewish colleag...

prime 95/entree/estrai - lakewood

by Emb23 6 years ago

Has anyone been to any of these restaurants and would recommend one? Based on their menus, they all look pretty similar - american steakhouse menu's

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Gourmet Glatt Opening in Lakewood (NJ)

by moonlightgraham 6 years ago

The Shoprite in Lakewood is closing after 40 years and is relocating to Howell, NJ. Gourmet Glatt of Five Towns & Brooklyn fame will probably be the new tenant in this location. http://www.thelake...

Pagoda Tea House Lakewood NJ Rt 70 CLOSED

by Tapas52 7 years ago

Been passing it for the last two months all dark no lights, we used to eat there all the time .....after 20+ years closed for good? anyone hear anything?

Fast Food in Lakewood, NJ

by seikoloco 7 years ago

Are there any good hamburger or sub places in Lakewood NJ? Looking for a relatively less expensive meat restaurant, or a good pizza place for that matter. Any in Lakewood NJ or around there?

BBQ in Lakewood

by craigcep 7 years ago

I drove by the bbq place in Lakewood, NJ today on my way from Atlantic City to home. Either I wasn't looking in the right place or it has closed. I didn't have a cell phone with me, so I couldn't...

Nice restaurant in Lakewood

by eastern8581 7 years ago

What are the options these days in Lakewood for a nice restaurant (sit down waiter service, wine menu, perhaps on par with or slightly below with Abigael's, Mike's etc.). I know about 656/Stingers ...

Korean BBQ Rt 9 Lakewood

by Tapas52 7 years ago

While riding along Rt 9.....Across the street from the old Regency Diner & in the old space of The Old Sizzler Steak House is a Farmers market now with a Big Sign Korean BBQ attached.?..........thi...

Uncle Mike's Kosher steakhouse and deli, Lakewood

by big1515 7 years ago

This place has just opened up and has very odd hours it is open Sunday through Wednesday noon to 10 PM closed Friday and Saturday. I don't know if this is a steakhouse or a deli the one thing th...

Asian/latin/Speciality Markets near Lakewood

by ChefWoog 8 years ago

I am looking for markets sell specialty ethnic ingredients like epazote, culantro, avocado leaves, curry leaves, dried chiles, etc. Basically I need a good local connection for mole and curry ingre...

Just moved to Lakewood NJ. Dining recommendations please!

by cruiseenthuse 8 years ago

My husband and I just moved to a 55+ community in Lakewood NJ off rt 70 close to Brick and Toms River. Does any one have any good recommendations in the area? I enjoy all cuisines but I'm not a big...

Restaurants with a Sukkah in Lakewood

by janetldd 8 years ago

I am looking for any restaurants in or around Lakewood that will have a sukkah this year.

Philly, Cherry Hill, Deal, or Lakewood

by njkosher 8 years ago

Coming back from Atlantic City on Sunday back to NJ. I know I will hit traffic, and that Philly is a bit out of the way, but advice on a meat restaurant for dinner. No fast food, please.

Yussie's Grill in Lakewood, NJ

by cappucino 8 years ago

Every once in a while, we make the trip down to Lakewood to visit relatives (loong trip down, really fast return ride--just kidding). To minimize logistical and political family issues, we went ou...

Korean BBQ in Howell/Lakewood

by wench31 8 years ago

I was driving by the old Sizzlers location which is now a Farmer's Market. There's a sign outside that say Korean BBQ coming soon. Wonder what it's going to be like?

Pizza or similar in Lakewood

by emacat 9 years ago

I will be in Lakewood tomorrow. Where's a good place to stop for a quick lunch--pizza or something similar? Thank you!

Charlie Browns Lakewood remodeled ,improved ??

by big1515 9 years ago

The charlie Browns has been remodeled ,But the same old NY people are stealing the bread ect from the salad bar ..The manager is somewhat of a clown and not a people person ,he should address this ...

Jerusalem Glatt to open Lakewood Chiante Italian Restaurant pace

by Tapas52 9 years ago

On rt 9 across from Kimbal hospital.....

Butcher / Bar b que supplies in Lakewood

by singingfoodie 9 years ago

Anywhere I Lakewood I can get pre marinated chicken/ shish kabobs/ meat? Thanks!