ISO-Mikes pizza Garlic Rolls

by rooni 5 years ago

After moving from SFV- looking 4 garlic rolls like Mike's pizza (in pan city or no ho) near Cerritos/Downey/Lakewood..Thx

Heritage Family Pantry, Lakewood CA

by LorenzoB 6 years ago

Heritage House was a good bet, and the fact that it was a stone's throw from my destination was a plus. I opted for one of the chalkboard specials: bacon - swiss - avocado omelette. The bacon wa...

Grocery Outlet coming to Lakewood (any others?)

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

Wow. This format for posting is very cumbersome. Who thought this was a good idea??? Anyway I noticed my neighborhood Fresh & Easy, which (sadly) closed about six months ago, will be a Grocery O...

Boy's Soccer Team Party - Lakewood/Cerritos

by attran99 7 years ago

I'm the team parent for my kid's soccer team. They've amassed quite a sum for their end of season team party, and that money goes toward paying for the boys and the coaches...any extra will go bac...

What's the great places to go now for dinner in Long Beach/Seal Beach/Lakewood area...for really delilcious food...anything!

by Pinkwasabi 9 years ago

Used to live in the Lakewood area and need to take family out for dinner...what's the new hip and delicios places to go to? Is Simmzy's any good? All cuisines welcomed!

Long Beach-Lakewood Brunch Tomorrow

by mc michael 11 years ago

Nothing like late notice, eh? I'm not really a bruncher but I got roped into doing it tomorrow (Saturday) in the Long Beach vicinity. Don't have a clue. All suggestions greatly appreciated. Ord...

Good Thai or Mexican in Lakewood, Bellflower, Long Beach area ?

by Neta 12 years ago

Hi CH's. Looking for a very good Thai or Mexican restaurant inLakewood, Bellflower/Long Beach areas. We've been to Enriques and, well let's just say I'l like somewhere other than. I'm not real...

Help! Need a place for drinks/dinner near the 405 in Signal Hill, Long Beach, Lakewood area

by riverman2166 12 years ago

Hi, I really need some help. I'm looking for a not too expensive place (I've been out of work for a while) to go on a date. She lives in Costa Mesa and I live in Redondo Beach. So we're look...

Restaurants that cater in Lakewood

by lalayummy 13 years ago

I'm throwing a birthday party at a family member's house in Lakewood (near Long Beach) and all I know about the food in Lakewood is it's primarily chain restaurants and fast-food. Anyone know of an...

first time sushi near Lakewood

by ozbuc 14 years ago

Hello to all fellow Chowhounders, heres my story, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have put myself on a low to no carb diet which eliminates most restaurants. The wife suggest sushi, I k...

Lunch in Lakewood??

Kitchen Queen
by Kitchen Queen 13 years ago

Want to meet my BF for lunch. She's in Irvine and I in Santa Clarita. She say's Lakewood is 1/2 way... I don't know anything about the area. What about La Casita in Bell?? Any better suggestions. T...

Seeking DELIVERY Options Lakewood Area

by kittyprrrs 14 years ago

Ok, so i moved to this town (not by choice but by marriage!) called Lakewood, California! Ok...the coolest part is this...kids actually are outside playing until 8 pm! Not only that but...we have S...

Banducci's Famous Chicago Style Pizza in Lakewood

by RSMBob 14 years ago

After hearing about Banducci's here on CH recently, I vowed to make the trek up to Lakewood to check it out, so with my 3-year old daughter Brenna in tow, we did exactly that yesterday, and i have ...

Pinkberry in Lakewood?

by Evan G 14 years ago

The article on Pinkberry "nogurt" in the Times today included this line: "Since then, 17 other stores have opened, and six more are coming in the next few weeks to Little Tokyo, Belmont Shore, Topa...

iso good burger and beer place near Lakewood CA

by ozbuc 14 years ago

Title say it all, since the place on woodruff and south closed I am now back to looking for a place get my meat and barley kick.

LBC Near Lakewood / Cherry?

by Fig Newton 14 years ago

I am a single San Francisco girl who is playing soccer mom to a 12 and 9-year old this week in Long Beach. Anywhere I can grab a coffee / glass of wine / bite to eat while waiting for them to get ...

Bakery in Cerritos/Lakewood area

by BShoemaker 14 years ago

I am in search of a bakery to pickup a variety of yummy items. Really could be anything. Interested in desserts to try out different things from cakes, bars, cookies etc... Anywhere around the C...

Lakewood/Long Beach area

by Alisa 18 years ago

Looking for cheap (under $10 for a meal/combo) but good restaurants/delis in the area. Am near Carson/Paramount but anywhere in Lakewood or the northern area of Long Beach will do. :) Especially...

Barrio Fiesta- Lakewood

by Belafkih 20 years ago

Went to Barrio Fiesta (Filipino) in Lakewood, near the Lakewood Mall. I forgot the street, but its near a Fuddruckers and the Best Buy. Great Filipino food! I think they just opened up a wee...

Good Takeout Chinese & Italian near Cerritos/Lakewood area

by BShoemaker 15 years ago

Hello, looking for some good Chinese & Italian food for takeout near the Cerritos/Lakewood area. Thanks!