Foodie looking for quality local ingredients in Lakeland/Winter Haven area

by shelleybell 2 years ago

I love to cook and will be spending time in the Lakeland/Winter Haven area in February. I would like to know where I...


shelleybell commented 2 years ago

Lakeland area

by DaleJ 3 years ago

I'm going to be in Lakeland for a few days the end of February to watch the Tigers play. Any class restaurants in th...


Curlyq1307 commented 2 years ago

Steamed/broiled Seafood in Tampa/St Pete, Sarasota/Bradenton, or Lakeland/Orlando

by willhud 3 years ago

Looking for the best no frills steamed and/or broiled Seafood. There seems to be lots of great places with fried sea...


willhud commented 3 years ago

Christmas Day Dinner close to Lakeland (not in Tampa)

by shoeshopper 3 years ago

Hi - I'll be visiting my 99 year old great-grandmother Christmas day. She's healthy enough to leave the home she's i...


sarge commented 3 years ago

Favorite places in Plant City and Lakeland

by willhud 5 years ago

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Plant City and Lakeland. Some of my wife's and my favorite places....

meatn3 commented 4 years ago

Where to eat in or near Lakelands, FL

by mrsphud 5 years ago

Visiting Dad in Lakelands in a few weeks. We are foodies. Dad thinks he is adventurous, but not so much. He is als...


flamale863 commented 4 years ago

Best Pizza in Lakeland?

by RibDog 10 years ago

Please tell me your recommendations for the best pizza in Lakeland. Thanks. John


JillyLeigh commented 4 years ago

Louie Mack's Steakhouse - Lakeland

by mrsphud 5 years ago

So we are celebrating Dad's 80th birthday. Here is where he wants to go. Is it any good? Anything to watch out for...


gypsyrose commented 5 years ago

Cake Emergency in Lakeland!

by mrsphud 5 years ago

Our small family (7) will be assembling a week from tomorrow to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. We are going to a ...


jaydenlennon commented 5 years ago

Where to Eat in Lakeland...or Should We Just Drive to Orlando?

by laboheme 5 years ago

Hi there- I'm taking Mom to Lakeland for the MidFlorida Mayfair Art Festival for Mother's Day and would love some sug...


Miss E commented 5 years ago

Lakeland Taco Truck!!

by Lefty 6 years ago

We are a couple of chowhounders from Canada visiting the Lakeland area for a couple of weeks and came across a Taco t...


jgwebb49 commented 6 years ago

Are there any good bagels around Lakeland?

by RollingDoughnuts 6 years ago

My in-laws are certain they can't find ANY bagels around Lakeland, but I'll bet there are at least one or two places ...


beachmouse commented 6 years ago

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Brunch in Lakeland

by ItalyFan 6 years ago

I'll be in Lakeland this weekend for my Mother's birthday and was wondering if anyone knew of a place for a good brun...

Lakeland or Plant City eats

by Miss E 8 years ago

Meeting family for lunch in Lakeland (my preference) or Plant City, and dreading the usual chains. Is there anything ...


andy huse commented 7 years ago

Nice places in Lakeland?

by starbucksbrew 8 years ago

My husband and I are sending the kids to their grandparents' house for a weekend in December, and we're going to stay...

Ayelene commented 7 years ago

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Lakeland/Plant City/Tampa Good Eats -- no chains please!

by jbeaux 8 years ago

My husband is spending the week in Lakeland on business. I told him I'd reach out to my fellow hounds for help findin...

Meeting relatives in Lakeland, Florida?

by country mouse 8 years ago

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a place to meet up for an early dinner with an almost 2-year-old? I ...


LoN commented 8 years ago

Seeking Chow in/near Lakeland

by Imby 9 years ago

Greetings Florida hounds, I'll be working in Lakeland for a little while and would love some suggestions within, s...

Mild Bill commented 9 years ago

lakeland florida where to eat?

by dee dee 13 years ago

we will be in lakeland, florida two days and one night...where should we eat? places...local...seafood...bbq.....

RUTHfoodandwine commented 9 years ago