Foodie looking for quality local ingredients in Lakeland/Winter Haven area

by shelleybell 7 years ago

I love to cook and will be spending time in the Lakeland/Winter Haven area in February. I would like to know where I can find the best produce, cheese, meat, bakery, ethnic or other interesting fo...

Lakeland area

by DaleJ 7 years ago

I'm going to be in Lakeland for a few days the end of February to watch the Tigers play. Any class restaurants in the area? Thanks.

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Steamed/broiled Seafood in Tampa/St Pete, Sarasota/Bradenton, or Lakeland/Orlando

by willhud 7 years ago

Looking for the best no frills steamed and/or broiled Seafood. There seems to be lots of great places with fried seafood and lots of trendy fancy seafood places but a sad lacking of places that ju...

Christmas Day Dinner close to Lakeland (not in Tampa)

by shoeshopper 8 years ago

Hi - I'll be visiting my 99 year old great-grandmother Christmas day. She's healthy enough to leave the home she's in, but not up for the long drive to Tampa. I'm struggling to find any restauran...

Favorite places in Plant City and Lakeland

by willhud 10 years ago

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Plant City and Lakeland. Some of my wife's and my favorite places. Mexican - Taco Loco (PC), Tapitoes (LK), Abuelo's (LK), Chicano's (LK) Th...

Where to eat in or near Lakelands, FL

by mrsphud 9 years ago

Visiting Dad in Lakelands in a few weeks. We are foodies. Dad thinks he is adventurous, but not so much. He is also pretty impatient, so won't wait on lines, and service needs to be good regardl...

Best Pizza in Lakeland?

by RibDog 14 years ago

Please tell me your recommendations for the best pizza in Lakeland. Thanks. John

Louie Mack's Steakhouse - Lakeland

by mrsphud 9 years ago

So we are celebrating Dad's 80th birthday. Here is where he wants to go. Is it any good? Anything to watch out for? Your advice is appreciated.

Cake Emergency in Lakeland!

by mrsphud 9 years ago

Our small family (7) will be assembling a week from tomorrow to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. We are going to a restaurant called Louie Mack's. I called to make reservations and ask about a c...

Where to Eat in Lakeland...or Should We Just Drive to Orlando?

by laboheme 9 years ago

Hi there- I'm taking Mom to Lakeland for the MidFlorida Mayfair Art Festival for Mother's Day and would love some suggestions for a great ethnic or just delicious eatery in Lakeland. Or, since it ...

Lakeland Taco Truck!!

by Lefty 11 years ago

We are a couple of chowhounders from Canada visiting the Lakeland area for a couple of weeks and came across a Taco truck that was written up in the local paper. We gave it a try and have been back...

Are there any good bagels around Lakeland?

by RollingDoughnuts 10 years ago

My in-laws are certain they can't find ANY bagels around Lakeland, but I'll bet there are at least one or two places where you can find some. What 2 places would you go to first for bagels around L...

Brunch in Lakeland

by ItalyFan 10 years ago

I'll be in Lakeland this weekend for my Mother's birthday and was wondering if anyone knew of a place for a good brunch on Sunday? Thanks in advance.

Lakeland or Plant City eats

by Miss E 12 years ago

Meeting family for lunch in Lakeland (my preference) or Plant City, and dreading the usual chains. Is there anything notable besides the places at the mall? Family won't stand for anything too dive...

Nice places in Lakeland?

by starbucksbrew 12 years ago

My husband and I are sending the kids to their grandparents' house for a weekend in December, and we're going to stay at the Terrace Hotel in Lakeland. Cafe Roti is definitely on our list of places...

Lakeland/Plant City/Tampa Good Eats -- no chains please!

by jbeaux 12 years ago

My husband is spending the week in Lakeland on business. I told him I'd reach out to my fellow hounds for help finding good eats nearby. Any suggestions for restaurants using local produce/pastured...

Meeting relatives in Lakeland, Florida?

by country mouse 12 years ago

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a place to meet up for an early dinner with an almost 2-year-old? I would take a decent chain if that's all there is - We just need a way to set a m...

Seeking Chow in/near Lakeland

by Imby 13 years ago

Greetings Florida hounds, I'll be working in Lakeland for a little while and would love some suggestions within, say, a 15-minute drive (though if you have a "must-try" closer to Tampa, that's f...

lakeland florida where to eat?

by dee dee 17 years ago

we will be in lakeland, florida two days and one night...where should we eat?...best places...local...seafood...bbq...lunch and dinner...thanks, dee dee