Lake Tahoe


Sweet Tahoe Time Ice Cream in Kings Beach?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Anyone tried the ice cream here? Sweet Tahoe Time Ice Cream 8636 N Lake Blvd Kings Beach, CA 96143 https://thisisreno.com/2020/07/protest-at-tahoe-ice-cream-shop-after-owner-makes-violent-c...

Hatch Green Chile Roasting - any near Truckee?

by Shibi 4 years ago

It's Hatch green chile time and I've started seeing them at our local Safeway. This year, we've moved from SF and I am missing the Mollie Stone's parking lot roasting that used to supply our annua...

Lake Tahoe with (and without) small children

by dcbbq 2 years ago

We'll be in a condo in Lake Tahoe in August with two young grandchildren. We'll eat in some -- and would like recommendations in the best grocery stores -- but we'd like to eat out some as well, b...

3 Days in South Lake Tahoe - Restaurant recommendations, please

by ninrn 2 years ago

Hi, We’ll be in South Lake Tahoe from Monday evening to Thursday afternoon. Any recommendations for any meals? We like fresh, local food when possible, but would love recommendations for ethnic...

A Survey of Truckee Sandwiches

by Shibi 4 years ago

This is a brief survey of Truckee sandwiches. [I tried to tag this with an appropriate location tag ("Truckee") but there is no "Truckee" tag, so I went with "Lake Tahoe" which, though not entirely...

Trokay - Truckee

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 8 years ago

Ambitious new restaurant opened last month and got its liquor license a little over a week ago. Chef worked at Daniel in NY, his wife-partner was head cheesemonger at Murray's. They were open for a...

Post wedding meal in Tahoe

by lollyk 4 years ago

My son and his fiancé are planning a small destination wedding in Emerald Bay in the fall. We’re looking for recommendations for a restaurant or event place with a private dining room or space tha...

Best of South Lake Tahoe: Food + Drink

by jlovesfood 4 years ago

South Lake Tahoe attracts adventure-seeking visitors from around the globe, 365 days a year. Some argue that South Tahoe is more happening during the winter months when the ski resorts reopened for...

Reno/Tahoe recommendations?

by tre2012 4 years ago

All the threads for this area seem very old, on a quick search. We may be having a houseguest in July/August 2017 and I'm thinking of a quick trip up to the Tahoe area. We are not skiers, hiker...

Ski Eats - South Lake Tahoe and Heavenly

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 5 years ago

Hi Hounds, I'll be skiing at Heavenly and have 2 questions: On the Heavenly Mountain itself, are there any decent food options? Be specific and if you can name the lodge. What's the best...

Tahoe City - trip report dining

by glbtrtr 5 years ago

Tahoe City and environs : 1. Jakes on the Lake - a surprise menu item that was down right fantastic: Kurabata pork, panko crusted with an arugula, asian pear, ginger salad with some sort of yum...

3 days in North Lake Tahoe? Dinners, coffee, bakeries, lunch? Jackrabbit Moon--where else?

by meganinlosfeliz 6 years ago

Hi, we are visiting my brother--in-law in North Lake Tahoe this weekend. He is in Truckee and we will be renting in Carnelian Bay. We would like to do some food research b/c on our next trip lots...

MacDuff’s Pub in South Lake Tahoe

by Amorimoto 5 years ago

Hello, I just came back from visiting some relatives in Reno who took me to South Lake Tahoe. What a gorgeous place that is! Anyways I wanted to report on MacDuff’s Pub were I ordered the steak...

Farmers markets/grocers/bakeries in Tahoe and vicinity

by sordftr 6 years ago

Thanks for your attention and help in advance! We will be up in the Tahoe area by the 17th of August, for the rest of the month, supporting an adventure race. We've seen good info on restaurants...

south lake tahoe?

by readytoslurp 8 years ago

Greetings, I will be south lake tahoe for two nights.. Please chowhounds give me your recommendations for what you consider some great eats,, lowbrow or highbrow,,, but just good eats is what I wa...

Foodies from L.A, need help in Lake Tahoe

by xoxohh 7 years ago

Header says it all, but we 2 foodies will be in Lake Tahoe and need some recommendations for our 4 night stay. Open to anything great, money not an important factor. Thanks in advance.

Lake Tahoe: Best burger in years; other reports

Steve Green
by Steve Green 6 years ago

We spent four days in Tahoe last week, and had a few notable meals. We're not into fancy high-end food -- we just like simple, well-prepared meals. Here's a link to another post we made in an ex...

Awesome breakfasts or brunch in Tahoe (north or south)

by violet42 8 years ago

Anyone have recommendations for amazing breakfasts in Tahoe? Whether it be South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Tahoe City, Incline Village, anything from pastries to diners to brunches, I'm just looking fo...

Lake Tahoe in the summer

by mweng 6 years ago

I'm going with my family to Lake tahoe (Truckee) this summer for the first time (husband and 15 and 12 yr old kids), what's fun to do and good places to go around there? Thanks!

Summer in Lake Tahoe

by mweng 6 years ago

I'm going with my family to Lake tahoe (Truckee) this summer for the first time (husband and 15 and 12 yr old kids), what's fun to do and good places to go around there? Thanks!