What Is the Difference Between an Ale & a Lager?

When considering beer—and I'm often considering beer—there are really two overarching styles to consider: ale and lager. While the process for brewing both beers is similar, slight variations in the...

When did Heineken go to 12 oz. bottle? (Bottle size, in general).

by alkapal 6 years ago

Normally I get IPA drafts when I want a brewed beverage at a restaurant, but last night there were only bottles, so I ordered an old stand-by, Heineken. I picked up the noticeably more petite...

Looking for a good, quality beer that has low IBU (low bitterness)

by LeoNYC 11 years ago

I would love to find a regular, good quality beer like Sam Adams Boston Lager, but that one that is not as bitter as Sam Adams (it has IBU of about 30). I am aware of the wheat bears and Belgia...

Best beer for beer can chicken?

by Pwelsh4 8 years ago

I'm planning to make beer can chicken but I want to use a good beer to bring extra flavor. I've normally had beer can chicken with regular Budweiser but I feel there are better choices out there. I...

Help a beer novice out

by Googs 6 years ago

Gigi loves pale lagers (if that's the correct term). What are the best Ontario-made versions?

Busch Signature Copper Lager - Decent for cheap

by smaki 6 years ago

First new Busch beer in 15 years: http://investorplace.com/2014/02/copper-lager-busch-bud-stock/ . Is a American Amber / Red Lager style beer. No it is not a micro-brew the PNW is known for - many ...

Grange Hall in Oakland's Temescal (old Barlata space)

by Mission 6 years ago

$2 Miller and PBR beers...I wonder how long that will last? Grange Hall: 4901 Telegraph Ave., (510) 593-2376, http://grangehalleatery.com/ Has anyone tried the food?

"New" Harp?

by 1stand3rd 12 years ago

What's the deal with Harp? Now comes in green packaging rather than blue, and the label says something about an original Irish recipe. I don't like the sound of this. For those that have tas...

Old Style Beer

by Reality Check 15 years ago

Got some Bleacher Bums coming next weekend and they love their Old Style Beer. Where do they sell Old Style Beer, cans or on tap.

Schlitz goes back to 1960s formula

by monkeyrotica 13 years ago

http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/Business/2008/04/06/schlitz_goes_back_to_original_formula/5865/ Has anyone tried the new bottled Schlitz? How does it compare to other low-end beers? I know the stuf...

A trip through lager land, Bavaria

by ThomasvanDale 7 years ago

As requested, here's a report on a 7 day trip through the beeriest area on earth: die Frankische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland). A bit of history to begin: a few years after the Reinheitsgebot...

Guiness Blonde American Lager

by jonkyo 7 years ago

My claims are the Craft Beer Market in America is based on the false hidden principles of identity with trends based on label appeal, and name appeal...such as "Raod to Ruin" . Such has caused ...

Lots of Lager - good marinade?

by tiffeecanoe 7 years ago

I have 4 bottles of a strawberry lager - I don't really care for it and neither does my husband. I can see how it might make a decent marinade though - a light lager, slight berry taste. Might ...

A trip through lager land

by ThomasvanDale 7 years ago

For about two weeks, I've been travelling through the eastern and central European lager lands - Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. No, not Germany, because I'm going there in thr...

Full Sail Session Black Premium Dark Lager is worth a try...

by deet13 8 years ago

Over the Memorial Day holiday I picked up a couple of 12 packs of the Full Sail Session Black Premium Dark Lager and the Full Sail Session Premium Lager for general consumption. Both beers went...

Spaten Premium Lager. What is it?

by RedTop 9 years ago

Bought this beer to bring to a barbeque today. Hosts suggestion. Looking at the packaging, the brewers call this a Premium Lager. On the bottle label (in seriously small print), are the words Ma...

Best Lager beer in the World!

by Mission 14 years ago

I admit it ,I like Lagers. I don't care for creamy wheats or cranberry ales. I just want ice cold lager. Perhaps its years of playing tennis in the hot sun or surfing in tropical locals. ...

Land Shark Lager?!?

by EvanWilliams 14 years ago

I just got back from the store and noticed a sixer of beer called Land Shark Lager mixed in with the macro-brews. Upon closer inspection, I discovered this beer is made by the Margaritaville Brewi...