Tokyo/Kyoto Casual Dining/Restaurant Attire Tips

by ds_ny 22 days ago

I will be in Japan from May 18-28 in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. In Tokyo I am staying in Ginza and in Kyoto in Gion (Os...


kkbb commented 21 days ago

Kyoto meal we should not miss?

by Belkisw 3 months ago

Will be in Kyoto in late April and are hoping for dinners at Tempura Matsu, Miyoshi and Giro Giro Hitoshina, and lunc...


eatdrinkeatmore commented 1 month ago

Itinerary for 2 weeks in Tokyo/Hiroshima/Osaka/Kyoto

by Heeney 3 months ago

Planning for an extended trip through Japan in April and have been trying to plan dinners. Would love your thoughts a...


tanseaway commented 1 month ago

Tokyo/Kyoto Top Sushi on Short Notice (end of Feb/early Mar)?

by sundropforever 2 months ago

hey CH! i've had flights booked for months and months but haven't nailed down hotels etc. until, well, now. i'll be i...


sundropforever commented 2 months ago

Tokyo & Kyoto meals under $50

by BombayClub 3 months ago

Most Tokyo/Kyoto restaurant discussions on CH seem to be about $300+, 'call a hotel concierge' type expensive places....


BombayClub commented 2 months ago

MyConcierge Ifuki Reservation

by Heeney 3 months ago

I located the website https://kyoto-ifuki.com recently which has helped me secure a table at Ifuki in Kyoto this Apri...


Heeney commented 3 months ago

Vegetarian traveling with omnivores in Tokyo and Kyoto

by kcmorders 4 months ago

I'll be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto this spring with an extended family group. I'm the only vegetarian (ovo/lacto/no das...


teriyakichi commented 3 months ago

Set meal choices at Shigetsu

by kcmorders 4 months ago

I'd love to know the differences between the set meal choices at Shigetsu. One meal has five side dishes, one has six...


kcmorders commented 4 months ago

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Kyoto kaiseki meal

by ruthber1 4 months ago

I am trying to decide between Roan Kikunoi and Jiki Miyazawa. Has anyone dined at either place that can help me mak...

First time to Japan - 9 year old son - 10 days in April Tokyo/Hakone/Kyoto

by Mgnyc 1 year ago

I am hoping those of you that have been there, done that are able to assist. I've been researching restaurants and a...


IanW commented 4 months ago

tokyo and kyoto great food with kids

by super_al 5 months ago

hey all, my wife nqd i are big fans of japan, and are taking our kids (7, 5 and 2) for the first time for 10 days to ...


teriyakichi commented 5 months ago

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto Restaurant Holiday Closures For Year End

by mikey8811 6 months ago

Hi Am planning a trip to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto towards the end of the year ie. from 24 December to 7 January. ...


shakti2 commented 5 months ago

Foodie trip to Japan during cherry blossom season

by nikkiv 7 months ago

Hi all, I am planning a 2.5 week honeymoon trip to Japan next year in March! I have planned the following so ...


tanseaway commented 6 months ago

Suggestions for our Honeymoon (Tokyo/Kyoto)

by therunningman 11 months ago

My fiance and I will be going to Japan in December for our honeymoon. I'm really looking to book a couple of special ...


suzette82 commented 6 months ago

Tokyo and Kyoto restaurants

by JosefK 2 years ago

I will be going to Tokyo for seven nights and Kyoto for three in August with my wife and am interested in getting som...


JosefK commented 9 months ago

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Kyoto Ryokan and Koyasan Temple

by hungrypharmacist 9 months ago

Hi everyone, I've read through many posts regarding Kyoto ryokans and Koya temples and narrowed it down to the fol...

Kyoto in August Itinerary Suggestions

by kewlly 9 months ago

Hi CHers, My wife and I are traveling to Kyoto for the first time in August and are looking for some suggestions t...


tanseaway commented 9 months ago

Kyoto Hotels with Good Concierge?

by hungrypharmacist 9 months ago

Hi everyone, Does anyone have a moderately-priced recommendation for a hotel in Kyoto that has a good reputation f...


od_sf commented 9 months ago

Kyoto Kaiseki Dinner

by luisa dos 10 months ago

Hi fellow food people. I am traveling to Japan for the first time in October - I have spent hours researching wher...


hblnk commented 10 months ago

Lunch Deals: 2017 Edition (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

by JBG89 10 months ago

Hi Folks, I'll be fortunate enough to be taking a short trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and the budget concious tr...


JBG89 commented 10 months ago