Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme swept the nation with its gooey, sugary donuts. Join the Chowhound discussion about the chain, from favorite flavors to openings and closings and Krispy Kreme in the news.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Get the Pumpkin Spice Treatment, But Not for Long

It's one day after Labor Day and we continue to shudder at the prospect of pumpkin spice-flavored everything. With a high temperature of 85 degrees here in New York City, the last thing we're thinking...

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Krispy Kreme coming to Chapel Hill

by bbqme 9 years ago

In previous threads I had lamented the lack of KK stores in the Triangle and how a KK store near UNC"s campus would have a built in clientele. Well, guess what... http://www.dailytarheel.com/co...

Looks like the last Krispy Kreme in Milford CT is going!

by javaandjazz 10 years ago

For those of you that enjoy this place looks like a Sonic is going to take it over according to an article in the New Haven Register yesterday. What happened to that chain. They came in with a bang...

Scottsdale: Krispy Kreme opening in DC ranch

by Mattoclock 10 years ago

Tonight we ate at the Herb Box, which was really nice and probably way more deserving of a topic than Krispy Kreme. But I was just kind of shocked to see a Krispy Kreme in DC ranch. That place ha...

Krispy Kreme back on LI

by chumly 10 years ago

The donut/coffee wars on Long Island seems to have just heated up again. Just visited a brand new Krispy Kreme store in a strip mall in Farmingdale on Hempstead Turnpike. Different format - No vie...

Krispy Kreme

by FISHINC 10 years ago

Anyone know of any remaining Krispy Kreme doughnut shops within 100 miles or so of Philadelphia? Tired of the very bad Dunkin Donuts

What happened to Krispy Kreme?

by purchaser1 11 years ago

I don't work in Boston anymore, but I'm hearing that the Krispy Kremes have gone away form the area. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have been craving a glazed donut and dunkins isn't doing me r...

Krispy Kreme on Crenshaw or Primo Westdale on Sawtelle

by Tari 11 years ago

Anyone know what time these 2 places open? I wanted to pick up a few boxes to take to work to share with my department.

Free doughnut ... Krispy Kreme

by repete 11 years ago

I'm not a fan and the hokey spelling doesn't do much for me either (despite my handle), but there are free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme Friday http://krispykreme.qm4.net/members/ViewMailing.aspx?Ma...

Krispy Kreme's New Doughnut.

by callitasicit 11 years ago

Has anyone tried the Carribean Creme doughtnut at Krispy Kreme? Just wondering if it is any good.

Krispy Kreme

by gtrekker2003 12 years ago

Did the UES Krispy Kreme (Third Ave and the E. 80's) close or is it still open? I have a craving but don't want to go all the way for nothing!

KRISPY KREME Donuts in Parsippany NJ

by northNJfoodie 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a fairly fresh batch of these? I told my coworkers that I would get some if the Giants won. They used to sell them at Quik Check.

Krispy Kreme (LA)

by debora1234 12 years ago

Does anyone know if the Krispy Kreme stores in L.A. still kosher?

Krispy Kreme in Essex County, NJ?

by DeisCane 12 years ago

I know there are no KK stores here but I'm wondering if there are any markets, stores, etc. that sell KK. TIA.

Krispy Kreme type creme filled donut?

by GinaJ 12 years ago

I used to love the creme-filled doughnuts they sold at Krispy Kreme and now discontined (even though strangely enough still advertised on their site). I would drive 30 miles and up to get them. I...

Krispy Kreme Kashrut

Joe Berger
by Joe Berger 12 years ago

as of 08/20/2007 The Krispy Kreme at Penn Plaza is no longer Star-D certified. In fact presently the Star-D does not certify any Krispy Kreme store or Krispy Kreme products in the NY, NJ, CT ...

Krispy Kreme Donuts - Penn Station

by mggn 12 years ago

According to Kosher-NY, the Penn Station Krispy Kreme, currently located at 2 Penn Plaza near the Amtrak Rotunda, is no longer under Hashgachah. Although still open, this Krispy Kreme location has...

Krispy Kreme flavors you like?

by choctastic 13 years ago

We had an event today where there was an assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts. Normally I only get the glazed or the maple glazed but today I went for something different and got a filled donut that ...

Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich?

by natelyz 12 years ago

Ah, carny food. What will they think of next? I recently attended media night at the San Diego County Fair, where they will pretty much fry anything and serve it to you in a paper basket. Fried C...

Krispy Kreme in Queens?

by Balulu 13 years ago

A visiting relative from out of the country has a thing for soft, fluffy donuts and I wanted to get her a dozen Krispy Kremes before she leaves this weekend. Can someone confirm for me if the Kr...