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Kosher near Westfield

by avitrek 2 months ago

Can anyone suggest a good kosher restaurant near Westfield NJ? Thanks.


ChowJon99x commented 7 days ago

Camp Nee Jee Wah for Shavuot

by SimonF 1 month ago

Hi. I went to Camp Moshava for Shavuot last year and don't want to return, partially because the food was inedible. ...


LittleWave commented 9 days ago

Ahuva's grill In Woodmere

by EvanM 15 days ago

So I was driving down Peninsula towards Woodmere and I saw Ahuva's grill. Looked Very tempting and good reviews on ye...


susiejane commented 13 days ago

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Falafel between Monsey and spring valley

by EvanM 15 days ago

I just found this place on route 59 next to a pharmacy which does eye exams for drivers license. Next door was a plac...

Non-dairy butter substitue

by bxgirl 6 months ago

I plan to make Tyler Florence's Chicken Marsala. The ingredients include butter, which is added to the Marsala wine a...


KahluaBear commented 15 days ago

Is raw chicken liver available?

by helou 1 month ago

I haven't made chopped liver in a while, but when I went shopping today it seems like none of the butchers (or even S...


helou commented 29 days ago

Costco vs BJs cheese cake

by MartyB 1 month ago

I have an account with both Costco and BJs. With Shavuot approaching I was wondering if anyone who has tried both sto...


MartyB commented 1 month ago

Deli Roll Questions

by moonlightgraham 2 years ago

Is serving deli roll as a Shabbos appetizer still in vogue? If the answer is yes, does anyone have a simple good deli...


helou commented 1 month ago

New brand of fresh Kosher beef at Costco -- Tomer, not Glatt

by MisterBill2 8 months ago

I was at Costco in Nanuet, NY this weekend, and noticed that their kosher meat case was almost entirely poultry. The ...

MisterBill2 commented 1 month ago

Quiet kosher restaurant (Long Island or Queens)

by EmpireState 1 year ago

Does such a thing exist? I think that I've been to every kosher restaurant in Cedarhurst or Great Neck but maybe I...


therealdoctorlew commented 1 month ago

Baltimore - Seasons

by SavoryBeatsSweet 4 months ago

Does anyone know what's really going on with the new Seasons store that was supposed to open many months ago? I don'...


MDicecreamguy commented 1 month ago

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Kosher in Switzerland in The Summer

by torchef 1 month ago

We are travelling to Switzerland this summer and will be staying near Davos. Can anyone help us with info on kosher f...

Kosher at Heathrow?

by Miri1 4 years ago

A friend of mine will have a 7 hour layover at Heathrow on his way to Israel next week. He's wondering if there is ko...


CloggieGirl commented 2 months ago

Reviews of Passover Hotel Programs?

by Curious 11 years ago

After reading the review of the Chevra program, below, I'm Looking for reviews and reports about Kosher for Passover...


Elliotu commented 2 months ago

Passover 2017... Missing items

by EvanM 3 months ago

So a store owner told me that Zelda's chocolate frogs for Pesach were a best seller, and this year never made it to m...


zsero commented 2 months ago

Matzah prices

by MartyB 3 months ago

My daughter just informed me that a friend saw that Moishe's, a typically low priced store in Flatbush was selling BR...


MartyB commented 2 months ago

Pesachdik Ice Cream

by SimonF 3 months ago

Is there a such a thing as good Pesachdik ice cream in the US? I know Ben and Jerry's sells some in Israel.


essingepicure commented 3 months ago

Kosher Bakery in/near Boca Raton?

by threeboys 3 months ago

I am invited to a seder at a friend's home- they are religious and strictly kosher. Can someone please suggest a pla...


threeboys commented 3 months ago

Roman Jewish recommendations please

by sidcundiff 3 months ago

My flight was cancelled, yet I have a new schedule (forthcoming). I arrive Wednesday the 12th of April (just in time ...

vinoroma commented 3 months ago