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Searching for kosher foods? Get the best recommendations for restaurants, brands, and shops with kosher offerings. Also share your own favorite recipes and advice for cooking and keeping kosher.

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Flavorless kosher fish?

by luckyfatima 7 days ago

Can you rec a type of fish that is kosher and is extremely mild in fishy flavor?


therealdoctorlew commented 6 days ago

Ginger kosher for passover?

by luckyfatima 9 days ago

Is ginger generally considered kosher for passover by Ashkenazi Jews? I'm seeing conflicting info when I Google. Is t...


zsero commented 9 days ago

Kosher Bar/Bat Mitvah

by doc_k55 18 days ago

Hi - I am searching for additional venue and kosher caterer recommendations for a spring 2019 event. Am perfectly ha...


craigcep commented 15 days ago

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Any feeback on the Passover program by Katz in Huntington

by Elliotu 17 days ago

Any feedback on the passover program by Katz in the huntington Hilton

Passover in Miami Beach

by simoneh73 25 days ago

Coming to miami for Passover, any restaurants that are open kosher for passover?


simoneh73 commented 23 days ago

Lamb Experts: in the quest for "melt off the bone" meat -- shanks vs shoulder? Oven vs slow cooker?

by fmogul 1 month ago

Anyone ever make the Zahav lamb shoulder? I love lamb but almost never cook it. My wife's birthday is coming up. She ...


Kosher Carnivore commented 24 days ago

Kosher honeymoon

by hungryliz 1 month ago

Hello, My fiance and i are planning to go for our honeymoon for 10-14 days sometime end of June/beginning of July...


monchique commented 1 month ago

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Lieber's Pomegranate Jelly?

by MikeG 1 month ago

Has anyone tried it? At least around here (Brooklyn), it seems to only be available around Passover, and last year I ...

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Pesach hotels/ Croatia & Italy

by nicoleelangoldstein 1 month ago

Anyone have experience with pesach programs from Vered Holidays, E&S Tours, King David in Prague, or EJ Kosher Events...

Kosher turducken?

by rikk 5 months ago

Anywhere to order:get kosher turducken for thanksgiving?


ALITIN commented 2 months ago

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Curly vs flat noodles for lokshen kugel

by ESchneider 2 months ago

I have been told that it is preferable to use flat noodles for kugel. Can anyone tell me what difference it makes?

Passover 2015 Hotel Reviews

by 4107md 3 years ago

Im reviewing the Royalty Retreats in Delaware. Plenty of food & tons of sweets. However the organization of this p...


Jakethesnake commented 2 months ago

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Reviews of Kosherica Passover Hotel program?

by Davra 2 months ago

I'm considering going on one of the Kosherica Passover hotel programs specifically the one in Florida (PGA National R...

Deli Roll Questions

by moonlightgraham 2 years ago

Is serving deli roll as a Shabbos appetizer still in vogue? If the answer is yes, does anyone have a simple good deli...


helou commented 2 months ago

Reviews of Passover Hotel Programs?

by Curious 12 years ago

After reading the review of the Chevra program, below, I'm Looking for reviews and reports about Kosher for Passover...


Jakethesnake commented 2 months ago

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Recommendation for Lakewood, NJ?

by dklein 3 months ago

I'll be near Lakewood for a few days and would love some recommendations for restaurants. It probably can't be too ex...

Looking for recipe for "frozen dough" pastry

by tantesheri 2 years ago

Jewish bakeries in Boston made a cinnamon horn breakfast pastry known as "frozen dough". The dough itself was a combi...


sallyt commented 3 months ago

Kosher wine in NYC

by eateat22 3 months ago

folks - what's a good pace to pick up Kosher wine around battery park area or maybe near penn station - thx


dyrewolf commented 3 months ago

Kosher food, Shabbat, in Marrakech, Istanbul

by AdinaA 7 years ago

I find it quite difficult to get Jewish information on cities less frequented by shomer Shabbat tourists. And very...


ronjkatz commented 3 months ago

Cruise to Alaska - bring your own food?

by daphnar 2 years ago

Been on a number of cruises, and while my family loves them, I can't bear eating the Weberman meals (or worse). On o...


queenscook commented 4 months ago

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