Knife Skills

Try This Easy Trick to Cut a Winter Squash without Risking Your Fingers

Wondering how to cut squash like butternut, acorn, and other hard winter squash varieties (without muttering expletives, making a mess, and possibly slicing off a finger)? Here's an easy way to prepare...

Trying to Find Easy Knife Sharpener That Works 10 to 24 Degrees

by westes 1 month ago

I have been using honing rod steel to keep my edges from rolling over on kitchen knives. I am ready to try my hand at real sharpening, and I wanted to explore whether there were any real knife sha...

Need Advice on Replacement Wusthof Santoku Knife

by westes 1 month ago

I purchased a Wusthof Epicure 7" Santoku knife, and somehow the spine got a crack before I received it. Wusthof gave me a credit for warranty repair, but the catch is they have discontinued Epicu...

Advice needed - looking for HIGH quality Japan knife-series

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

Hey, I already own a good deal of Global SAI, Ni and Classic knives and 4 Zwilling Twin Cuisine. I almost bought 3 Miyabi 5000MCD 67, but in the last minute regeret it, and then almost bought 3...

Developing knife skills

by mrshalf 4 years ago

Edited for clarity...I'd love to share a free knife skills class I found. If you've done something to improve your skills, I'd love to hear what you've done. https://www.craftsy.com/cookin...

'Avocado hand' is sending people to the ER

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Ages ago I recall hearing in epidemiology class about the regular weekend outbreaks of bagel cutting injuries in NYC. From the sound of this, "avocado hand" may be overtaking it. " . . . Doctors...

What's your favourite knife brands in your home collection ?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder that your favourite knife brands are in your home kitchen collection ? Do you personally feel you get better knife performance and shaprness from the more expensive brands or do you hon...

Serrated knife

by walnut 5 years ago

correct me if i am wrong but i thought the cutting motion when using a serrated knife is back and forth sawing, or long pull stroke. i was looking for on line for knife classes and got a glimpse at...

Problem with knife skills: tip of knife drags behind on board

by Dangaard 7 years ago

So I don't think I'm too terrible with a knife, but I'm sure I've gotten into some bad habits. My knife for everything is a crappy Henckels international 6" santoku that I have to constantly resha...

Knife Skills Demo/Class in Providence

by Tartinet 6 years ago

I just took a knife skills class at Stock Culinary Goods on Hope St-- it was a fun evening, and helpful. I think they do it monthly. It's sponsored by Urban Greens Co-op, and run by chefs from My C...

About to pull the trigger on a Shun Nakiri Premier. Why shouldn't I?

by Pheelicks 6 years ago

After doing some self-assessing of my cooking style, I've come to the conclusion that my main action with knives is on vegetables and fruits. I am certainly a carnivore and am mostly happy with my ...

Has this ever happened to you...avocado

by janniecooks 11 years ago

I cut an avocado in half by holding it in the palm of my hand, rotating it to cut pole to pole around the seed so I can twist the halves apart, remove the seed and scoop out the avocado flesh. I a...

Cooking Resolutions

by totallysteaknife 7 years ago

I thought it would be fun to talk Cooking Resolutions for 2015. I want to expand my skills and try as many new recipes as possible. I get in recipe rut quite often. I also want to learn to bake bre...

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