Knife Sharpening


Should I restore this cleaver?

by Eiron 2 months ago

I received this cleaver to be sharpened. The owner said that it belongs to her grandmother (90-something years old) and that she uses it for everything from food prep to wood chopping. (!!) She als...

Knife sharpening nightmares -- Knifemares?

by Eiron 3 months ago

One of the local Farmers' Markets recently sent out a community request for a knife sharpener to set up a stall. We have several sharpening businesses in town, but (apparently) none of them want to...

Knifemares #2 - the Rustic Chinese Cleaver!

by Eiron 3 months ago

This was another unbelievable situation. This time, it was damage from misuse rather than damage created by a ham-fisted so-called "sharpening specialist." The owner said her 12 yr old daughter had...

What’s your whetstone setup currently?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

I’ve made some slight changes to my setup. When I sharpen my wife’s kitchen knives, well the ones I’ve given her from my collection, I use two cheapish 1000/3000 combination Wüsthof branded sem...

NOT kitchen knives!

by Eiron 10 months ago

I’ve been working on my free-hand Scandi grinding! Made these two field knives with Rock Maple handles (same piece of wood, but one turned out “clean” and the other turned out “rustic”), and the wi...

Knife Sharpening With a Strop

by obillo 1 year ago

Years ago I tried a hack: sharpen a razor by stroking in backwards on a piece of cloth. It worked. Last year I saw one of those Hollywood Gunga Din movies of the 1930s; in it, there's a shaving sce...

Pro knife sharpeners in Santa Monica?

by Blade 19 years ago

Hello The edge on my Wustoff chef knife is Kaput. I read your Message Board Rules and thought this query fit in with restaurant chat. Anybody have a favorite knife sharpening shop that doesn't g...

Knife sharpening facts vs myth?

by sbbodcderf 1 year ago

I was researching whether knife sharpening steels wear out and was it time to replace it, when I ran across this video. What are your opinions?

Rada Knife Sharpener

by JosephInOhio 2 years ago

Picked up one of these handy-dandy doo-dads off eBay for $7.50 free shipping… Well I am waiting for my “real knives” to be shipped back from California to Ohio I have picked up a hodgepodge of t...

Knife Sharpening Service in Central NJ

by ThanksVille 6 years ago

Just had my battery of go-to cooking knives, (wustof classics, Shun, Global and a homemade butchering blade) given a complete sharpening and some re-profiling by Ziggy of ZB Sharpening. Locat...

Shun knife sharpening - anyone send them to Shun?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 10 years ago

When I purchased my Shun (Edo) knives, I noticed that you can send them into the company to be sharpened. I'm a little leery of doing so, because of a non-responsive gift-with-purchase offer I sub...

Japanese Knife Sharpening in Philadelphia

by EaglesFan1227 6 years ago

Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so I'd like to thank you in advance for all of your help! I had purchased a MAC Pro Chef Knife a few years ago, which was fantastic. I went to Neil's Sharp...

Advice needed - looking for HIGH quality Japan knife-series

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

Hey, I already own a good deal of Global SAI, Ni and Classic knives and 4 Zwilling Twin Cuisine. I almost bought 3 Miyabi 5000MCD 67, but in the last minute regeret it, and then almost bought 3...

Sharpening / Stropping to Make a Chef's Knife Razor Sharp

by hellskitchen6 4 years ago

Happy (almost) New Year, and greetings from a very freezing Midwest. I've been researching and (hope to) get into knife sharpening a bit more that I already have. Just have a 1000 grit stone tha...

What knife sharpener do you use?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder what knife sharpener you use. I own the Global 220 and the 440 and also own the Yaxell combo 1000/600 grit stone. My knives get a ride on the Yaxell stones once every 2-3 months time...

What's your favourite knife brands in your home collection ?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder that your favourite knife brands are in your home kitchen collection ? Do you personally feel you get better knife performance and shaprness from the more expensive brands or do you hon...

Wusthof Classic Knife and Sharpening Stones

by Calfedon 4 years ago

While I've been cooking for many years, I haven't really invested in any good cookware until now. Recently, I purchased the tri-ply Tramontina 8 piece set, which I absolutely love. I already have a...

Knife sharpening near New Haven, CT?

by gothamdarkknight 11 years ago

Hey everybody. Anyone know where I can get knives occasionally sharpened in the New Haven area? Ideally, I'd like a place where I can just drop in, get them sharpened, and walk out with sharp kni...

Knife sharpening in Baltimore

by greglor 14 years ago

Anyone know a decent place to have my chef's knives sharpened in Baltimore? Thanks in advance.

Knife sharpening near Arlington MA?

by JuliusK 5 years ago

Like many of you, I used to go to Stoddard's to get my knives sharpened, however these days we are quite busy as a family and the trip is becoming inconvenient, plus the possibility of not being ab...