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Knife sharpening rabbit hole: Viking Edge strop upgrade

by drrayeye 25 days ago

My focus has shifted back to issues of kitchen knife sharpness maintenance—and my surprising success in relying on a green loaded strop. It’s really only surprising if you think using wet stones i...

My home knife sharpening rabbit hole: a strop

by drrayeye 1 month ago

Sharpening kitchen knives at home involves choosing a rabbit hole to inhabit. Here are a few: 1. Use it and throw it away 2. Hone it, and hire out annual sharpening 3. Sharpening stones ...

Seeking advice on F. Dick sharpening steels

by damiano 9 months ago

I've been looking into sharpening steels and have now focused on the following two potential buys. 1) F. Dick Multicut - see https://www.chefknivestogo.com/fdicfincutfl.html 2) F. Dick Dickor...

Beginner Whetstone Advice

by berlinrl 11 months ago

I'm a medium skill home cook and I like my kitchen tools to function well. In quarantine boredom, yesterday I had a thought that this would be a good time to learn how to use a whetstone. I have...

Pro knife sharpeners in Santa Monica?

by Blade 18 years ago

Hello The edge on my Wustoff chef knife is Kaput. I read your Message Board Rules and thought this query fit in with restaurant chat. Anybody have a favorite knife sharpening shop that doesn't g...

Rada Knife Sharpener

by JosephInOhio 1 year ago

Picked up one of these handy-dandy doo-dads off eBay for $7.50 free shipping… Well I am waiting for my “real knives” to be shipped back from California to Ohio I have picked up a hodgepodge of t...

3000-6000 grit whetstone

by bloodboy 2 years ago

My niece has the below knives: - Tojiro Shirogami ITK Gyuto 210mm - Miyabi Mizu SG2 kit (3.5‑in Paring Knife & 8‑inch Chef's Knife) She has this 1200 grit whetstone: https://www.amazon.com/...

Starting to sharpen and getting a whetstone. What grits? What brand do you recommend?

by GOJIRA 7 years ago

Knife is getting a little dull (an understatement as it could barely score salmon last night) Do you think I should go the combo route or should I invest in individual stones? I know Chosera is rea...

Does it make sense that my knives are duller with Chef's Choice than my Honing Steel?

by charlesherold 5 years ago

I have a set of knives (Calphalon) that were getting rather dull. I had, based on a youtube video, simply been running them over the honing steel about five times on each side after use. I decided ...

Global knife sharpening method

by chaseg 3 years ago

I recently purchased an 8" Global chef's knife after what seemed like a good bit of research trying to find a decent first chef's knife. I have been planning on learning to sharpen knives using a ...

What knife sharpener do you use?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder what knife sharpener you use. I own the Global 220 and the 440 and also own the Yaxell combo 1000/600 grit stone. My knives get a ride on the Yaxell stones once every 2-3 months time...

What's your favourite knife brands in your home collection ?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder that your favourite knife brands are in your home kitchen collection ? Do you personally feel you get better knife performance and shaprness from the more expensive brands or do you hon...

I need to start getting water stones

by Hiracer 4 years ago

I was given a "Japanese" knife for Xmas. Went out and bought a matching Japanese 3.5" parer to go with it. I have the old fashioned Arkansas whetstones, which may have worked fine with my Frenc...

Wutshof Ptec Electric Knife Sharpener

by ChrisJM 4 years ago

Someone talk me out of this. I've wanted this thing for over two years but always balked at price. Yes, I could spend $3/blade to have a store sharpen my knives but the problem is convenience ...

Stepping Up My Game - Cutlery Advice Appreciated

by ShortOrderDad 4 years ago

Hi all, Looking for advice on knives and sharpening. We've got the typical, nice-looking stuff you get as wedding presents: decent department-store stainless. The problem: I can put an edge on...

Diamond Stones

by MissDior 4 years ago

Does anyone have experience with these? If so, please tell me what it's been like. I have two butcher knives (Chicago, 6") & a Victorinix (about 8" long) plus three new Victorinix paring kniv...

Handheld Knife Sharpening Question

by TastyReuben 4 years ago

Please see the pictures below. I have a Wusthof handheld sharpener, pictured below. My question is pretty simple: to use it, should I drag the knife through held as straight as possible, or sh...

Hey Sharp Knife Nerds--What About Flatware?

by kaleokahu 10 years ago

With all the knife knowledge and esoterica on perpetual parade here at CH, I've never seen a post devoted to the humble table- or butter-knife. Yet, if you think about it, unless you're a butcher ...

Sharpening stones for a newbie

by kgrey 5 years ago

I'm just getting into sharpening my own knives and the world of whetstones seems like a lot of fun but a ton of information to sort through. Can someone recommend me a good set of 2 or 3 stones...

Advice on electric knife sharpener

by Nyleve 5 years ago

Ok so if you just plain hate the things, please stop reading now. I understand that we will never see eye to eye and I'm ok with that. I need advice on buying a new knife sharpening machine - and I...