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Everyone loves a makeover. Before a kitchen remodel, do your research here by chatting with Chowhounds who've gone through the same process. Learn from their missteps and successes and ask any question you have.

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ProLine Range Hoods

by GroundCharles 1 day ago

We are looking for a wall mounted range hood for our kitchen renovation. The hoods available from ProLine (http://ww...

Kitchens with Butcher Block Counters -- What's Around Your Sink?

by jessinEC 6 years ago

We are redoing our countertops and originally planned on using Carrera marble for most of it -- keeping the main work...

mikie commented 2 days ago

48 in duel fuel brand review?

by jrboston 2 months ago

Looking for reviews of 48in duel fuel ranges; bluestar, capital culinarian, aga, wolf. Any thoughts? I'm more intere...

dcrb commented 1 month ago

Appliance emergency - dual fuel v induction v gas only?

by MrsPatmore 2 months ago

I bought a little vacation house and normally I would have spent months researching every appliance on the market and...


alexrander commented 1 month ago

Best Kitchen Appliances for Resale Value

by SAJ28 2 months ago

I've read a lot of helpful posts re kitchen appliances, but am now really just asking about resale appeal. After cons...


gooster commented 1 month ago

Wolf range-- griddle, grill, or none of the above?

by jugo 8 years ago

We're working on a kitchen remodel and are likely going to purchase a Wolf range, probably 48" all gas version, thoug...

wekick commented 2 months ago

Using Pre-Finished Wood Flooring in a Kitchen

by lattelover 7 years ago

Does anyone have engineered/prefinished wood flooring in their kitchen? How long have you had it and how is it perfor...


ChrisJM commented 2 months ago

Empty Nester Kitchen Remodel #2: Melissa’s Kitchen

by drrayeye 3 months ago

A bit more than 2 years ago, I posted my first empty nester concept remodel. Here was my challenge: How does an e...

drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Spice storage beside the stove?

by CalliopeToronto 3 months ago

It seems a small but "hot" thing in kitchen design these days are thin, pull out racks for food my de...


CalliopeToronto commented 3 months ago

Upgrading to higher-end appliances, want to hear your installation experience

by enickerson 3 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are looking to upgrade from the appliances that came with our house to something more premium. W...


mobiledynamics commented 3 months ago

Cracked Granite. They say normal. I say BS. What do you think??

by duckspanked 5 years ago

Installed by a granite company in Woodinville, Washington. This company also sells very expensive Cad imagin...


kthavens commented 3 months ago

New House New Kitchen

by Candy 3 months ago

We moved to Savannah the first week in June. We looked at "new" houses and were underwhelmed. We bought a house built...


gooster commented 3 months ago

Kitchen renovation

by ElleBeets 3 months ago

I am in a blind panic of making all decisions at once. I am so excited for a new kitchen but a little overwhelmed by...

mcf commented 3 months ago

New kitchen - no range hood?

by dubedo 8 years ago

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. The kitchen leaves much to be desired but we went in e...

DuffyH commented 3 months ago

Dual-Fuel Ranges - Which is better?

by danceforjoy 3 months ago

I saw a 2008 thread similar to this, but things change in 8 or 9 years. I'm building a home, and I'm starting to cons...


danceforjoy commented 3 months ago

Cooktop for Wok

by PiperBob 4 months ago

My wife and I are planning on upgrading our kitchen. Currently I use a 30 BTU burner on the carport for stirfry. ...


PiperBob commented 4 months ago

Compact Over the Counter Freezer

by kenwbrowne 4 months ago

Hi. I am interested in getting an over the counter compact freezer to install above my counter. I am installing a ref...

hill food commented 4 months ago

Anyone love their 30" gas Cooktop

by Cam14 1 year ago

Not considering induction because we lose power occasionally and enjoy the ability to cook during power outages. We ...

Cam14 commented 4 months ago

Wall oven advice (w/gas dual fuel range)

by strawberryfields 5 months ago

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some general thoughts on which way to go from here. We are in the process of renova...


sedimental commented 5 months ago

How To Choose A Range Hood

by ricepad 5 months ago

Mrs. ricepad and I are ditching our over-the-stove microwave as part of a partial kitchen remodel. Eventually, we wil...


mike0989 commented 5 months ago