Kitchen Remodel

Everyone loves a makeover. Before a kitchen remodel, do your research here by chatting with Chowhounds who've gone through the same process. Learn from their missteps and successes and ask any question you have.

Set for niece in new home

by bloodboy 1 month ago

I am buying a complete cookware set (individual pieces) for my niece and was seeking out suggestions/recommendations ...


bloodboy commented 6 days ago

24-inch fridge dilemma

by Westminstress 13 days ago

Hi - I need to make a decision today about which 24-inch bottom freezer fridge to buy. Would appreciate your input! ...


Ttrockwood commented 13 days ago

Powerful Range Hood Suggestions?

by danbandman 29 days ago

Need a range hood to match my super high BTU Gas range I just got. Everything I’ve seen (whirlpool/Broan) seems prett...


acgold7 commented 28 days ago

Which Vitamix to get?

by servant31 2 months ago

Hey everyone! I’m looking into getting a Vitamix to replace a nutribullet. I love the nutribullet but I think it’s ...


beadaholic commented 1 month ago

Kitchen cabinets-quote that almost gave me a heart attack!

by polish_girl 10 years ago

So I just received a quote for my new kitchen cabinets - $38000!!!!! I had to sit down for this one, just couldn't b...


ifl1 commented 2 months ago

Designing a new kitchen

by beej210 2 months ago

Need some help from my fellow home chefs! We are designing a new kitchen from scratch. For those who have done it, ...

hill food

hill food commented 2 months ago

A bit of copper decoration for the house?

by TJFRANCE 3 months ago

Some copper pots to clean to decorate the house. Are you coming to help me rub? lollllllllllll https://youtu.be/6...


TJFRANCE commented 3 months ago

Breville Smart Oven Air

by bachchick 11 months ago

I just bought this because I loved the Pro so much. Has anyone tried the air fry setting? Found good recipes? Have an...


Shooosh commented 4 months ago

250,000 for a kitchen remodel sound OK ?

by SWISSAIRE 6 years ago

Actually, to be precise it is £ 250,000.00. Here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2206642/The-250-000-k...


Harters commented 4 months ago

Verona Gas Range

by pleeone 5 months ago

Considering purchasing a 36" Verona gas range with double oven....should we steer away? If you have one, have you ne...


pleeone commented 5 months ago

Range Hood Installation in SF Bay Area

by pdemasco 5 months ago

We're looking to replace the range hood in our condo and are trying to find an installer who can also run new ducting...


GH1618 commented 5 months ago

Remodeling: any experience with steam ovens? OR opinions?

by marsiedoats 6 months ago

is your steam oven the ‘best thing ever!!' and used frequently or a complicated, hard-to-maintain appliance...


marsiedoats commented 5 months ago

Home steam (combi) ovens

by sal_acid 2 years ago

Finally there are a few available. But they look small...like you couldn't cook a turkey in one. Any experience?


Kaththee commented 6 months ago

Induction Ranges - Any recommendations?

by Politiceaux 6 months ago

I'm going to soon be replacing the radiant electric range in my new home with induction. Unfortunately gas is not an ...


Politiceaux commented 6 months ago

Range Hood CFM?

by PiperBob 7 months ago

Wife and I are starting planning for a major kitchen renovation. One of the important considerations is cooking with ...


Bloominanglophile commented 7 months ago

Using Ranges with French Top

by PiperBob 7 months ago

I'm curious about ranges with French tops. I've never used one, or even seen one in use. For people who have them,...


damiano commented 7 months ago

36" or 48" Range with French Cook Top? Anyone?

by EatinginAustin 10 months ago

Hello, fellow Chowhounders! We are renovating our kitchen and are in search of a new range to replace our existing 3...


musikal commented 8 months ago

How fragile are granite countertops?

by mucho gordo 6 years ago

Can you put anything hot on them? Do they crack or stain easily?


chip517 commented 8 months ago

Wolf range-- griddle, grill, or none of the above?

by jugo 9 years ago

We're working on a kitchen remodel and are likely going to purchase a Wolf range, probably 48" all gas version, thoug...


dfields822 commented 8 months ago

Le Creuset or Staub?

by JennyJenkins 1 year ago

Just renovated our kitchen as a 30th anniversary present to ourselves and now it's time to say goodbye to the Calphal...


nikkib99 commented 8 months ago