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6 Amazingly Easy Store-Bought Pizza Dough Dinners...That Aren't Pizza

Looking for a ridiculously easy dinner? These simple store-bought pizza dough recipe hacks will make you look like a genius (and a hero) in the kitchen. You can absolutely make your own pizza dough...

Antojitos cart in Pacific Heights?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 days ago

Thursday afternoon around 4:30pm, I noticed what looked like an antojitos cart attended by a young woman on the SE corner of Jackson Street and Divisadero Street in San Francisco's Pacific Heights ...

Dairy Free School Lunches

by pumpkinspice 5 months ago

My kids (6 y/o) class is dairy free due to any allergy in the class (my own child is allergic to sesame) so I am looking for some tasty / kid friendly lunch ideas that are essentially nut (entire s...

Rob's Zombies now open in Concord

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

If you're an alum of Mount Diablo Unified School District, you know about cheese zombies, the schoolyard snack. And I've reported on Patty's in Concord that makes her own version. https://www.chow...

Dear Prudence: Help! I Can’t Believe My Son’s Friend Fed Him Indian Food Without Calling Me First

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"A: At the risk of taking the bait, you must realize that millions of people (presumably both of Neil’s parents, not to mention Neil himself) regularly eat lentils and vegetables as children in per...

Non-dessert snacks for "rock" party - Advice please

by AJ019 2 years ago

Hello everyone - In the midst of holiday cooking/baking prep, I need some some ideas for non-dessert snacks/finger food for my son's science class party celebrating geology/rocks. I'd like to t...

Interview: Kids Around the World Photographed Surrounded by Their Weekly Diet

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . I focused on kids because eating habits start young and if you don’t get it right when you’re 9 or 10, it’s going to be a lot harder when you’re older! Globalization has had a huge impac...

Boston City Council Passes Groundbreaking Food Justice Ordinance

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"...The Good Food Purchasing Policy is not only expected to redirect millions of dollars to local producers and improve nutrition, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare, but also to crea...

What Asian foodstuffs are difficult to find/in demand in Amsterdam?

by pinkpajamas 3 years ago

I'm considering sending a care package to the Netherlands to a Korean-Japanese-Chinese food enthusiast. Is there anything that's scarce/difficult to find/sought after that would make my gift super ...

Healthy Sack Lunches for 80 Children

by MinecraftMom228 3 years ago

I am responsible for making sack lunches for underprivileged children this summer. I want to offer healthier options without breaking the bank. I will have access to a few grocery stores and a Sam'...

Which dessert/snack do you think is the best?

by bakersgold 4 years ago

I would like to make a new recipe and this is what I have come up with so far. *Chocolate Coconut cookie ( chocolate flavored cookie with shredded coconut) *Double White Chocolate cookies ( whi...

The flavor of potato chips these days!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Another interesting find at T&T: LAY'S Potato Chips - Thai Spicy Chili Crab Flavor! A bit sweet, a bit salty, pretty spicy, next texture... pretty good chips! At $2,99, a bit expensive!

Easy and Healthy Snacks?

by bookconquistador 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows any easy and healthy snacks. Without any hard to get ingredients, quick and easy to make and that can survive in tupperware for up to 8hs. Thank you! ...

Healthy School Snacks for 30 Preschoolers

by Valentine529 8 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I need your help in a major way! My 4 year old daughter starts her firsr day of school tomorrow. I learned tonight at the first parents' meeting that we as parents are responsib...

Cherry Ice Pops Question

by DonnaMarieNJ 4 years ago

I am posting this again, to put it in more locations - couldn't figure out how to change the first post. The recipe called for 1 pound of pitted cherries, 2 T sugar, and the juice of a lemon. Pu...

Does anyone know White Heim (white chocolate hazelnut-filled Korean snack)?

by exex 5 years ago

Trying to recreate White Heim. Hoping someone with a more sensitive palate would be able to identify what it is exactly. I tried a 'wafer roll' recipe but it came out totally different. The roll wa...

Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico food/desserts

by Monica 5 years ago

My kid's school is having an international week focusing on these three places. I want to participate by making something for the food festival. Anything that's easy to make that may please kids ...

Dip Bread Chaat

by Vaibhavverma 6 years ago

Gourmet India A blog for food lovers who wish to try Indian Delicacies and give an Indian touch to their own flavors. Dip Bread Chaat Hello everyone and Welcome to my page.... Let’s coo...

Bread Poha

by Vaibhavverma 6 years ago

Hello and welcome on my Page. Lets cook something simple, healthy and creative today... -------------------------------------------Bread Poha----------------------------------...

2 in 1 Pasta

by Vaibhavverma 6 years ago

Hello, Your love and huge page views of Punjabi Pasta Recipe has made me to write another Pasta Recipe.... We will use less ingredients this time and still cook a delicious pasta.. for your ...

Looking For Healthy Snacks Recipes

by AvanthikaReddy 6 years ago

Hi Friends, My Kids were asking for snacks, after returning from the school. Suggest me some recipes related to Healthy snacks for kids, that can be made with in a short time.