Kidney Beans

The Best Ways to Use All the Beans in Your Pantry, Including for Dessert

Wondering how to use beans when faced with a surplus in the pantry? From black beans to chickpeas and canned beans to dried, here are the best ways to use beans (without ever getting bored). It’s likely...

Beans for the reception

by jukejointjewel 4 years ago

We have decided to serve beans and cornbread for the reception at our wedding. Goes with our theme, plus we all love them. Here is my question: Can I cook the beans the way I want them, freeze the...

How do you make creamy beans?

by carmonadeanjesse 5 years ago

I want to make creamy beans, as found in Spanish restaurants. You know, those red beans, with that creamy, thick broth, that's served, separate, with white rice. How do you do that? Is there a spec...

Storing cooked beans (kidney in particular)

by NYChristopher 14 years ago

I recently (maybe one week ago) cooked chick peas, kidney beans and cannellini beans. I stuck them in a storage container and covered with water ... that's it. The cannellini beans and chick pe...

Kidney beans safe for consumption

by saritaxox 6 years ago

I left kidney beans soaking for a day and a half and they started sprouting. Is it safe to eat them if i take out the sprouts and cook them for a long time ?

How to cook dried red kidney beans?

by marco 17 years ago

Hello. I have some dried red kidney beans sitting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I lost the instructions of how to prepare them. I think you're supposed to soak and prepare them somehow. I'm thin...

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