Kansas City

Food fans, here's your list for Kansas City (yes there is barbecue!). Chowhounds tell us where to eat, and answer your questions about everything from bars to tacos.

World Series of Food: Kansas City vs. San Francisco

Kansas City or San Francisco: Whose regional food sweeps the series? Baseball fans will be spending the better part of this week figuring out which wild card team, the Kansas City Royals or the San...

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Kansas City Recomendations

by Peznt 18 years ago

Attending a conference in Kansas City. One evening will be dinner "on your own" not part of the conference events. Recommendations appreciated, will likely be going out with a group of folks and wi...

Fried Chicken -- Kansas City and Environs

by John T Edge 18 years ago

I head to KC in a couple or three weeks, in search of fried chicken. I know all about Stroud's, have eaten there many times. I'm in search of a place or places that tell me that KC has great fri...

Great new(ish) Middle East food in Kansas City

by china 18 years ago

i think i posted a few months ago claiming to be a "bottomless pit for baba ganoush". well, i've found a new place to quench my eternal thirst. The Mediterranean Cafe is located on Broadway around ...

Road trip lunch help--Kansas City to Omaha?

by steve drucker 18 years ago

Heading north from Kansas City Airport, continuing through St. Joseph and on to Omaha. Would love to grab a good takeout lunch early in the three hour drive, if possible without back-tracking int...

Kansas City questions

by Aaron D 18 years ago

In two weeks, my wife and I will be embarking on a brief getaway to explore the feasibility of a move to Kansas City. We currently are in Chicago, but with a young son are considering moving close...

Kansas City: International restaurant review in KC Star

by chowfish 18 years ago

Interesting review of international restaurants in Kansas City. A far cry from the restaurant scene when I was growing up on steaks and BBQ in the 50s/60s--there was only one Chinese restaurant in...

Kansas City - Friday Lenten Fish/Shrimp Dinners at Churches

by Jane 18 years ago

I always make it a point to go to the Friday night fish or shrimp dinners hosted by churches during Lent. Guardian Angel Church (Westport Road at Roanoke between Terrace and Mercier) hasn't posted...

Smokebox BBQ Cafe, Kansas City?

by Bob Foster 19 years ago

Any recent comment on this BBQ place near the airport (MCI)?

Murray's Ice Cream - Kansas CIty

by Midtownlumberjack 18 years ago

For those who are interested..Murray's opens today (03/11/03). I think they open at 10:30 a.m. and go through 10 p.m. Happy eating!

Kansas City recommendations

by Laughing Goddess 19 years ago

I just visited a friend in Shawnee, KS, who, to my horror, turned out not to be a chowhound. On the long weekend, she took me to 1) a Cheesecake Factory (I had never heard of it, or I would have p...

Kansas City BBQ and Wichita Stroud's

by jenniferfishwilson 19 years ago

Went to KC last week with Chow reviews from Dave Feldman and Simon Majumdar in hand. (Pretty amusing since I grew up in KC and they are Out Of Towners). Based on Dave's reviews we drove straight fr...

New Restaurant Update Jovito's - Kansas City

by Nick Manning 19 years ago

Fellow Chowhounders, I noticed a new restaurant in the 'hood last week, stopped in and got some carry out for the family.(going out with 4 kids to a new restaurant, not a challenge I want!) Jovi...

best 5 restaurants in Kansas City

by Wanda 19 years ago

Other than barbecue, we already know about those. What are your recommendations? We prefer a price range, not all really expensive; we also prefer a range of cuisines, if available. And does anyone...

Kansas City Closings

by Bob 19 years ago

About 10 years ago I stayed at Crown center for a weekend. In the shops area there was a BBQ place, I can't remember the name, but I just stopped for a quick lunch and had the best BBQ I can rememb...

Kansas City-Arthur Bryant's

by Steve 19 years ago

Just returned from a visit to KC. We were very excited about the opportunity to go to Arthur Bryant's. After all, it's possibly the most famous barbeque place in the country and the best restauran...

Ponak's, Kansas City

by galleygirl 19 years ago

I lived in KC about 15 years ago, and haven't been back for about 10 years. I'm heading back for a three day party over Labor Day weekend...I loved Ponak's, for their cheesy Tex-Mex, the chili rell...

Three big Kansas City Midtown closings...

by jane 19 years ago

I'm a little late posting some of this news, but it's probably worth noting for folks who sometimes visit Kansas City and look forward to visiting some popular restaurants. Just wanted to let peop...

Kansas City -Grand Street Cafe

by JM in Iowa 19 years ago

We will be in Kansas City for three or four days to celebrate our anniversary. A friend has recommended the Grand Street Cafe near the Plaza. Any comments on this restaurant? Other favorites for a...

Where should I have dinner near SE Kansas City?

by abentch 19 years ago

I will be driving through Kansas City, MO and am staying at a B&B in the SE suburbs of town. Where should I go for dinner? Preferably not BBQ or burgers since I'll be eating plenty of heavy fast fo...

New Eats in Kansas City North

by Dana 19 years ago

The Northland has been experiencing a recent boom in good ethnic food, recently Mexican and Asian. Almost all the new Mexican joints are highly authentic and run by people who should know! Some te...

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