Kansas City

Food fans, here's your list for Kansas City (yes there is barbecue!). Chowhounds tell us where to eat, and answer your questions about everything from bars to tacos.

World Series of Food: Kansas City vs. San Francisco

Kansas City or San Francisco: Whose regional food sweeps the series? Baseball fans will be spending the better part of this week figuring out which wild card team, the Kansas City Royals or the San...

Jack Stack BBQ - Didn't live up to the hype

by bighound 2 years ago

Dinner at Jack Stack BBQ was a bit of a disappointment given the good reviews. It was more like a steak house restaurant environment (situated in a Spanish-style mall) with the high prices rather t...

Gates and Sons - Brooklyn Ave

by bighound 2 years ago

heard the legend of Gates BBQ for years so was excited to go. an extreme letdown of an experience i must say. this location on the day we were there was awful. The ordering process was very chaotic...

Kansas City, Mo. Old Restaurants

by kevin 13 years ago

I happen to be reading a Calvin Trillin article in the New York Times and then later got sidetracked to a link to an article on Kansas City eats. Anyhow, long story short our these restaurants s...

Woodyard BBQ - Worth the drive

by bighound 2 years ago

Woodyard BBQ was in a light industrial area with the pits figuring prominent at the front of the building. The smell of smoking meat was mouth-watering upon our arrival. We shared a three-meat plat...

Joe's Kansas City BBQ - Just excellent

by bighound 2 years ago

Joe's Kansas City Barbeque is in a gas station with the garage remodeled into a cafeteria style eating establishment. heard the stories and read the reviews but was dubious when there wasn't the sm...

KC BBQ reviews Nov '19

by bighound 2 years ago

first of a group of reviews from first time visit to KC. BBQ all the way. most quite good. Arthur Bryant's barbeque: Old school counter service BBQ not far from the Negro League Baseball Museum. T...

St Louis, Kansas City, Lincoln, and Topeka

by dcbbq 3 years ago

We'll be touring the plains this fall, and looking for good wood-cooked barbecue in each of these cities, and other suggestions. Feel free to point me to barbecue threads to the various cities. (...

Best places to eat in KC?

by oklatoma 2 years ago

Hi! I’m new to the area and I’m looking for some of your favorite places to eat in Kansas City and the dish that you loved the most!! Thanks!!

Quintessential KC eats asides from BBQ

by FoodieHC 4 years ago

Hi there, Angeleno vacationing in KC for a couple of days later this month; have no shortage of BBQ recs (and avoids) from fellow friends, foodies & KC natives/ex-pats, but wondering what other ...

Sushi in Kansas City, MO

by ektravis 4 years ago

I've seen older posts, but wanted to get more up to date info. Any good sushi in KC MO?

Salad Bars in Kansas City?

by 2roadsdiverge 5 years ago

With Sweet Tomatoes closed, it seems like the only places that have actual salad bars are the casino buffets and the Brazilian steakhouses. While they are fine for what they are, there are times wh...

Big T's BBQ (Kansas City)

by Irishbeer4me 15 years ago

Has anyone tried Big T's BBQ across the street from LC's BBQ on Blue Parkway? I also think Big T's has another location out south at 95th and Blue Ridge. Has anyone been to either location? Good? ...

Best coffee and great eats in Kansas City MO

by cocoly 4 years ago

First visit to Kansas City this weekend. Looking for best dining options. Love BBQ. One of travelers is vegetarian, so some options there. Looking for the best of the city without breaking the ...

Lamb Ribs in Kansas City

by curioussheridan 4 years ago

Will be at the Marriott downtown next weekend, and have never had non-Chinese barbequed lamb ribs-- I'm salivating. Does LC's have them? Where are good ones within either walking or easy Uber fro...

Kansas City, MO downtown (near convention center) dining

by aniron 4 years ago

Hello, We are a bunch of professors (not tenured = not very rich) visiting Kansas City, MO for a convention and staying near the Convention center. We want to try out some dining options, whi...

Kansas City Crown Center

by FritzJMcDonald 4 years ago

I'm going to a conference next week at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City. I'd like to find some places near the Sheraton to eat. I'm up for anything, including BBQ, but I especially like far...

Restaurants of the 1950's in Kansas City

Irish Dutchman
by Irish Dutchman 11 years ago

I'm hoping to find someone who can tell me anything about Regan's, once located at 207 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. It was owned and operated by three brothers - Bud, Joe, John. That is all ...

Trip report: 5 days in Kansas City

by Nineteen 5 years ago

My husband and I were in Kansas City a few weeks ago for this year's World Science Fiction Convention. Had a great time and survived the hot weather (or so it seemed to me coming from the Bay Area)...

Kansas City Recommendations

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

Headed to Kansas City for an overnight trip...staying in the Plaza and will have a car. Looking for one lunch in the plaza area, one dinner(anywhere) and one lunch closer to union station. no n...