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Tokyo Modern Ceramics

by gfmozart 2 months ago

Hi, I have noticed that there are more modern ceramics that fuse modern stylistic influences that are used to serve d...

Kyoto - help with kaiseki meal

by suzette82 3 months ago

Hi everyone! Since I didn't get any responses to my Osaka post asking for ideas, I'm narrowing it down to one kais...

hblnk commented 3 months ago

Meals in Tokyo

by thwysg 7 months ago

Having a trip with the mister from late Jan to mid Feb 2018. We will only be staying in Tokyo for 5 nights before mov...


LeighMB commented 3 months ago

Affordable Tokyo Kaiseki

by ryatho09 4 months ago

I really want to go to Tokyo and try a decent Kaiseki in February. Unfortunately, the friends I'm going with are oppo...


Ninisix commented 4 months ago

69 Leonard St. Open (former Ichimura space)

by sushiman 4 months ago

Same owner, new chef. Kaiseki style, some sushi. New chef from Japan. Derek Wilcox. Worked at fabled Kikun...


sushiman commented 4 months ago

Japan Trip in September - need help on restaurant suggestions please

by pmyok 6 months ago

My husband and I are going to Tokyo, Kruizawa, Kanazawa, Takayama in Mid September. I have been looking at all the r...

tanseaway commented 6 months ago

Hachi ju Hachi -- Amazing Western Japanese food in Saratoga CA

by SoupNoodles 8 months ago

In 2012, another foodie posted something entitled "Hachi ji Hachi - Wow!" Had I not seen that first, I might have ado...

512window commented 8 months ago

Kashiwaya - the latest edition of elite kaiseki restaurant in HK

by Bu Pun Su 9 months ago

This will be the last part of my HK short trip in Nov last year. I had a lunch (by having a dinner set menu) at Kashi...


Bu Pun Su commented 8 months ago

Best value Kyoto kaiseki for lunch

by arturchik 9 months ago

I've read through the board, but having a hard time finding a lot of discussions about kaiseki lunch. I am hoping co...

tanseaway commented 9 months ago

Eigetsu: Kaiseki in Tokyo, Tabelog at 4.50. Any view, please?

by EatJapan 10 months ago

Hi, I am visiting Japan in May and want to try some good Kaiseki (already booked Sushi places). One of the names ...


EatJapan commented 10 months ago

Reasonable kaiseki in Ginza

by suzette82 10 months ago

Hi everyone, We are in Ginza for 2 days and have a couple of meals open. Our favourite sushiya is fully booked so ...

od_sf commented 10 months ago

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Ryokan w/ Great Food near Yudanaka or Shibu

by zgold10 11 months ago

Hello all, I really appreciate everyone's knowledge and insight on this board. My wife and I will be spending about...

Kyoto Kaiseki and sushi - May 2017

by paupau 11 months ago

Hello, We will be spending a few nights in Kyoto at the end of May and would like to experience a typical kaiseki ...


paupau commented 11 months ago

2nd date kaiseki - hakubai v brushstroke

by bzilla 1 year ago

Trying to find a place that has a more formal ambience for a "diplomat" 2nd date dinner. Quiet, not lively...the deco...

sgordon commented 1 year ago

Kaiseki in Kyoto and Nara - budget limited

by Anomay 2 years ago

Hi, we are going to Kyoto and Nara this Spring. Though we will love to try Kaiseki, we don't have the budget for fanc...


Anomay commented 2 years ago

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Kaiseki in Kyoto

by bractune 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Japan in November. I will have two days in Kyoto. Naturally, I would like to h...

Kaiseki in Kyoto

by Dapuma 3 years ago

I had planned on booking Arashiyama, however I am getting a little sticker shy based on it being $600 not counting dr...


DDD commented 2 years ago

Need help selecting Kyoto ryokan by kaiseki dinner

by djonesca 3 years ago

I will be visiting Kyoto in June with my 14 yr old son. It will be his first visit to Kyoto and his first stay in a t...


SoCalSean commented 2 years ago