The History of the Mint Julep

Think you know the history of the mint julep? Pour yourself a glass and read all about the surprising origins of the official Kentucky Derby drink. While you may associate the mint julep with spring...

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Seattle: Great Mint Julep?

by fromagefraulein 14 years ago

Murry at Il Bistro used to make a phenomenal mint julep: perfectly muddled mint/sugar, perfect ice, bourbon, refreshing as hell. Where is the best mint julep nowadays?

Mint Juleps Anyone?

by angelo04 14 years ago

Time for my annual Mint Julep with the derby this weekend. Instead of having it at a Bar. I am making it myself. Any tips or advice?

Mint Juleps and ponies?

by hyacinthgirl 14 years ago

Anyone know any good bars or lounges to watch the Kentucky Derby? Doesn't have to be upscale (pearls and gloves), in fact, a typical sportsbar can be more fun, but they do have to make a good mint...

Help -- Mint Juleps require crushed ice!

by H1113 14 years ago

...and crushed ice to fuel a party for 30 is a pain to create. Any leads on where in Brooklyn you can buy tons of crushed ice by the bag?

Mint Juleps

by Hazel 17 years ago

Anyone know where to get a good Mint Julep in Manhattan (besides the ones in your apartment). Thanks. Hazel

Kentucky Derby and Mint Juleps

by cocoagirl 17 years ago

Does anyone know a cool spot to watch the derby and drink Mint Juleps

Kentucky Derby, Mint Juleps...

by Meils 17 years ago

While I don't really care about horse racing, some friends and I (all northerners) are looking for a place to have our first mint julep's on Saturday. Any suggestions? Being able to be outside woul...

Mint Juleps

by Hazel 17 years ago

For years, my wife and I have thrown a Kentucky Derby party and served mint juleps. We're not having the party this year and wondered if anyone can recommend a place that makes good mint juleps. It...

Mint Juleps

by Hazel 18 years ago

The first Saturday in May is coming soon and I want to make mint juleps for Kentucky Derby Day. I plan to make a simple syrup with 2 parts water to 1 part sugar and a bunch of mint thrown into the ...

A quest for a great Mint Julep

by Tracy 19 years ago

I'm in search of a good Mint Julep in San Francisco. Let me know if you know of a place that makes good ones. I'd also love to find a place that makes good caipirinhas.

Mint Juleps?

by Jeff Shore 19 years ago

I have never had a Mint Julep. Completely influenced by the Kentucky Derby (of which I'm not even a particularly big fan), I would really, really like to have a mint julep. Know anyone who mak...

St. Louis Mint Juleps

by SoulardX 19 years ago

Looking for a good spot in the STL for Mint Juleps. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

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