The History of the Mint Julep

Think you know the history of the mint julep? Pour yourself a glass and read all about the surprising origins of the official Kentucky Derby drink. While you may associate the mint julep with spring...

Mint Julep time

by Dapuma 9 years ago

It is almost time for the Derby, which means it's Mint Julep time What are a couple good Boubon's to start with for Mint Julep's other than Van Pappy 15 year - would prefer a 40-50ish option or ...

Mint Julep in DC ?

by Lewes 8 years ago

With the Derby this weekend, any suggestions as to which restaurant bar has a decent Mint Julep ?

Crushed Ice for Mint Juleps?

by verykari 9 years ago

Where in Seattle can I buy pre-crushed ice for mint juleps this weekend?

Mint Julep in Downton Fort Worth

by cgkohler 9 years ago

Staying in downton Fort Worth this Saturday. I need to know where to go to get a proper mint julep and where to eat afterward (preferably fish or a good steakhouse with fish).

Mint Juleps

by mgebs 10 years ago

Going through Louisville tomorrow 3/22 for dinner somewhere. We want to have a julep! Where do we dine, not too fancy, but good traditional food?

ISO mint julep mix

by chicmate 10 years ago

Just got back from New Orleans and looking to make a nice cold Mint Julep. Can anyone tell me where to buy Dr. Jack's Old Southern Gentleman's Mint Julep Mix or something similar? It's really just ...

Need Easy-to-Make Cocktail w/Mint Simple Syrup (not a Mint Julep)

by litchick 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm having people over tomorrow night, and want to provide one show-offy cocktail along with the wine and beer. I have a good amount of mint simple syrup leftover from our Derby Party, a...

Reporting back on Mint Juleps

by Mariana in Baja 10 years ago

Great party - thanks everyone. I find it easier to have a party with a theme and this worked despite the fact that I had the actual race off by over an hour - so late lunch was not quite so late ...

Need help with mint juleps

by Mariana in Baja 10 years ago

I need to make mint juleps for about thirty people and can only find recipes for one at a time. Should I make a large quantity of simple syrup and add mint or make an infusion of mint with bourbon...

Where can I buy julep cups for mint juleps (not online)?

by t.susannah.chen 12 years ago

I'm not particularly picky, just looking for something that's not exorbitantly priced. Anyone seen them anywhere? Thanks...

Mint Juleps

by hotel 12 years ago

In honor of the derby - Where can one find the best mint julep? Location is not important. Being able to pack a few people into the bar to watch the race and have a good time is essential. Pewter c...

Non Alcoholic Mint Julep?

by krisrishere 13 years ago

I'm in need of a good non alcohlic mint julep recipe for a reception I'm hosting next week. I've found a few recipes on the internet but they don't look so promising. Any ideas on how to recreate...

Looking for a quality julep strainer...

by davis_sq_pro 13 years ago

Heavy-gauge, preferably a single piece of steel rather than two welded together... Any suggestions? The ones I've acquired to date have been pretty rough, to say the least. Given that the average...

Where's the best place to sip great mint juleps & watch the KY Derby

by toohungry 13 years ago

In New Orleans and a way from home that is. Please send me your suggetions. But hurry! Post time is 5:04PM CDT

how about a quick mint julep recipe

by oystersallday 13 years ago

and does anyone know the start time of the race? i'm searching and searching...

Need crushed ice for my Kentucky Derby party's mint juleps

by rybotron 13 years ago

Yes I've seen the tutorial on crushed ice, but it will take all week to crush the amount of ice I need for my delicious mint juleps! Does anyone know of a place in San Francisco or close by that ...

Derby Day+Mint Julep in OC?

by OCBites 13 years ago

Seeking leads on where one might find a proper mint julep in OC. In honor of Derby Day, of course.

Looking for a mint julep in Tampa

by strangerthanfiction 14 years ago

Where in Tampa/Pinellas can I get a good meal and an accompanying? That isn't The Cheesecake Factory? (Also...less than $35/plate?) Is this possible? Thanks in advance.