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Mint Julep time

by Dapuma 5 years ago

It is almost time for the Derby, which means it's Mint Julep time What are a couple good Boubon's to start with fo...

c oliver commented 4 years ago

Mint Julep in DC ?

by Lewes 4 years ago

With the Derby this weekend, any suggestions as to which restaurant bar has a decent Mint Julep ?


Elyssa commented 4 years ago

Crushed Ice for Mint Juleps?

by verykari 5 years ago

Where in Seattle can I buy pre-crushed ice for mint juleps this weekend?


bourbongal commented 5 years ago

Mint Julep in Downton Fort Worth

by cgkohler 5 years ago

Staying in downton Fort Worth this Saturday. I need to know where to go to get a proper mint julep and where to eat ...

LewisvilleHounder commented 5 years ago

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Mint Juleps

by mgebs 5 years ago

Going through Louisville tomorrow 3/22 for dinner somewhere. We want to have a julep! Where do we dine, not too fancy...

ISO mint julep mix

by chicmate 6 years ago

Just got back from New Orleans and looking to make a nice cold Mint Julep. Can anyone tell me where to buy Dr. Jack's...

SourberryLily commented 6 years ago

Need Easy-to-Make Cocktail w/Mint Simple Syrup (not a Mint Julep)

by litchick 6 years ago

Hi all, I'm having people over tomorrow night, and want to provide one show-offy cocktail along with the wine and ...


lowereastrittenhouse commented 6 years ago

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Reporting back on Mint Juleps

by Mariana in Baja 6 years ago

Great party - thanks everyone. I find it easier to have a party with a theme and this worked despite the fact that ...

Need help with mint juleps

by Mariana in Baja 6 years ago

I need to make mint juleps for about thirty people and can only find recipes for one at a time. Should I make a larg...


jvanderh commented 6 years ago

Where can I buy julep cups for mint juleps (not online)?

by t.susannah.chen 7 years ago

I'm not particularly picky, just looking for something that's not exorbitantly priced. Anyone seen them anywhere? Tha...

t.susannah.chen commented 7 years ago

Mint Juleps

by hotel 8 years ago

In honor of the derby - Where can one find the best mint julep? Location is not important. Being able to pack a few p...


Stuartmc910 commented 8 years ago

Non Alcoholic Mint Julep?

by krisrishere 9 years ago

I'm in need of a good non alcohlic mint julep recipe for a reception I'm hosting next week. I've found a few recipes...

krisrishere commented 8 years ago

Looking for a quality julep strainer...

by davis_sq_pro 9 years ago

Heavy-gauge, preferably a single piece of steel rather than two welded together... Any suggestions? The ones I've ac...


Scortch commented 9 years ago

Where's the best place to sip great mint juleps & watch the KY Derby

by toohungry 9 years ago

In New Orleans and a way from home that is. Please send me your suggetions. But hurry! Post time is 5:04PM CDT

uptownlibrarian commented 9 years ago

how about a quick mint julep recipe

by oystersallday 9 years ago

and does anyone know the start time of the race? i'm searching and searching...


oystersallday commented 9 years ago

Need crushed ice for my Kentucky Derby party's mint juleps

by rybotron 9 years ago

Yes I've seen the tutorial on crushed ice, but it will take all week to crush the amount of ice I need for my delicio...


gordon wing commented 9 years ago

Derby Day+Mint Julep in OC?

by OCBites 9 years ago

Seeking leads on where one might find a proper mint julep in OC. In honor of Derby Day, of course.

CynD commented 9 years ago

Looking for a mint julep in Tampa

by strangerthanfiction 9 years ago

Where in Tampa/Pinellas can I get a good meal and an accompanying? That isn't The Cheesecake Factory? (Also...less th...


uptonight commented 9 years ago