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Find the best spot for a kale smoothie or coconut water with the help of health-conscious 'Hounds. Discuss your favorite juice bars, juice bar foods, and more.

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Juice Bars in the Boston Area?

by nlp2008 10 years ago

Hi all, I've been on a juice kick lately and was wondering if anyone knew of a juice bar in the Boston area? Thanks!

Recommendations for Juice Bars, Frozen Desserts & CDelectable Soup

by filleparfaite1 10 years ago

I am visiting Miami and looking for: (1) The best juice bars, preferably organic and ones that will make me green juice. (2) The best artisanal/homemade and not chain ice cream/gelato/froze...

Brazilian Juice Bar

by anprad 11 years ago

I'm craving some fresh Brazilian fruit juice! Does anyone know where I can get the type of quality and variety of juice you can find in Sao Paolo here in Manhattan? Obrigado!

Juice Bar - The original bubble tea lady is back

by Fukui San 11 years ago

If you remember the old Food Court in Chinatown that was closed when they renovated it into the Avana Lofts condos, you'll remember the Juice Bar stand where they sold bubble tea. That stand now h...

Looking for juice bar near River North/Loop

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 11 years ago

Hi. In order to counteract all the rich food I'll be eating on my trip to Chicago next month (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/611449?tag=boards;topic-611449), I'm looking for some freshly squeezed...

ISO Organic Juice Bar in Vegas

by kelvin8r 12 years ago

Staying at MGM this week and need healthy fresh-squeezed juice to offset all the unhealthy behavior we have scheduled. Anyplace in the area fill the bill?

Juice Bar on 5th Ave. / Park Slope?

by slslaughter 12 years ago

I've been craving fresh juice / smoothies lately and can't think of too many places with a juice bar in Park Slope... Pita Hut on 7th, and I think Back to the Land makes fresh juice. Just to compli...

New Mexican restaurant/juice bar in Key West

by Nick 12 years ago

Bad Boy Burrito on Simonton, operated by the folks from 915. The duck burrito I had was pretty good. The Green Parrot Bar Blog has a far more thorough review with photos: http://greenparrotbar.blog...

Juice bar in nolita?

by margieslocal 12 years ago

I think there is this organic juice bar in nolita that i've been wanting to try but cannot for the life of me remember the name of. Maybe it's got raw food too? Anyone know?

New Ripe Juice Bar on Austin St.

by KiwiGirl625 12 years ago

I picked up lunch from Ripe today and it was pretty good. For starters, the space isn't very huge (just about 5 tables, similar to Crepe 'n' Tearia, though there is outdoor seating) but it is clean...

juice bar

by tracyk 13 years ago

Can anyone recommend a juice bar in orange county - near sna airport, in costa mesa/newport beach area? I don't need anything fancy, but am looking for something with relatively extended hours. No...

? juice bar in Soho?

by foodnfilm 13 years ago

There must be a good place around Soho (or that delivers to Soho) to get fresh juices. Not like Jamba Juice, but real green juices etc. Anyone know a good health food place nearby? Thanks!

Best Juice Bar/Smoothie?

by edo 13 years ago

Its humid out and I'm craving something sweet to drink. After not much luck searching around, where can I find the best juice bar/smoothie in Manhattan?

What happened to Hot Pita Juice Bar?

by annaesm 13 years ago

Alright, I know this is out of left field, but my favorite lunch place closed, and I was just wondering if anybody knew what happened to it? Not that I expect an answer, but... The place in ques...

Juice Bars (GTA)?

by dudebrah 13 years ago

Hey guys .. what an overwhelming response to my last post (First Date Veggie Restos). I was thrilled and while the date was 'meh', the food made up for it! lol Okay .. next mission .. going on a...

Juice Bars in San Antonio

by Mr Zero 14 years ago

Does anyone know of any Juice Bar type places in San Antonio? Similar to Jamba Juice.

Berkeley - Juice Bar Collective Turkey Pie?

by rworange 14 years ago

Was on my way to Saul's and there was a sign in the window of the Juice Bar Collective (JBC) that Turkey Pie was back. Is this any good? I think I asked about JBC a while back and got sort of a ...

juice bars in the city?

by cma212 14 years ago

anyone know of any good juice bars in manhattan? i like lifethyme and basically want to avoid jamba juices. thanks!

Any Raw Food Places Around Here? Real Juice Bars?

by Tomatohead 15 years ago

Ahhhhhhh. I'm not in NY any more. Looking for any places that serve Raw Food. Or real juice bars, pure fruit or veggie juices. No add ons like yogurt and such. Help a girl out.

Tapioca Delight in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

Thursday I had a chance to check out the boba shop in North Salinas that I'd passed by so many times. Stepping inside, the biggest surprise was to find 12 flavors of Santa Cruz's Gelato Mania in t...