Good Eats near Joliet?

by ekarlsso 12 years ago

Hey all, I will be in the Chicago area this weekend and am looking for some good eats in places near Joliet for some good, traditional Chicogo-style food. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'...

Lunch Stop in Joliet Near I-80?

by LondonMike 5 years ago

Hi Folks, Just looking to see if anybody has any recommendations for a place to stop for lunch in the Joliet area, preferably not too far off I-80? We are not picky eaters, but hoping fo...

Post-wedding breakfast/brunch

by HelloBeautiful 6 years ago

Hi all, I am getting married in April at Patrick C Haley Mansion in Joliet. I have many guests traveling from out of town so my family is hoping to host a breakfast or brunch the day after the w...

The other pride of Joliet: Glasscock's sweet corn

by Mugs 17 years ago

Is it because I was raised on the stuff? Are my big-city friends raving about the stuff just 'cause we're friends? You be the judge: Is Glasscock's sweet corn really good? Glasscock's stands are th...

Fresh Beef, chicken, pork or chicken eggs nearest to Joliet?

by gonefishin 14 years ago

Hi all (Happy Easter!) I live in Joliet and I was wondering if there are any places near by (within 20 miles or so) to buy fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken or fresh chicken eggs. I used to be...

Amanecer Tapatio in Joliet

by libgirl2 13 years ago

I keep hearing raves on this place and would like to try it this weekend. Is is still BYOB? Anyone been there lately?

Sat Dinner near Shorewood/Channahon/Minooka/W. Joliet?

by DebbieJ 14 years ago

Looking for a place to go for casual dinner with my sis and brother in law. My son will be at grandma and grandpa's in Channahon so we're looking for something nearby. Searches didn't turn up a...

Tallgrass in Lockport (near Joliet) - SPECTACULAR!

by nsxtasy 14 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, I had dinner at Tallgrass in Lockport, near Joliet. It was FANTASTIC. Here is my report. Before I proceed, I should add that this is the second time I have eaten there. ...

Senor Tequila, Joliet

by Snackish 14 years ago

I was suspicious of Senor Tequila because of the large "World's Biggest Margaritas" banner outside and the "Senor Tequila" name. But the menu is interesting, with lots of variety, and the servi...

Finding Fresh Whiting Filets in Joliet, IL

by Jnicky25 14 years ago

Please help!!! My soon to be fellow mid-westerners. After 30 years of procrastinating I finally have enough courage to leave NYC for the great mid-west (Chicago...Joliet really). There are many thi...

Authentic Deep Dish in Joliet, IL

by Jnicky25 14 years ago

Hey Everyone - This is the whiting filet queen again. I am dying for authentic deep dish pizza in the burbs outside of Chicago proper (i.e. Joliet) - I was shocked and completely scandalized to fin...

Joliet's Amanecer Tapatio open in new spot

by Mugs 15 years ago

700 Ruby, south side of street, one block east of Six Corners (intersection of Plainfield Rd/. Rt/ 30, Raynor Ave., and Ruby St/Black Rd.) I had lunch there today, pollo en crema con champinones...

Italian beef in Joliet?

by Viking Pete 17 years ago

Anybody have any favorites? In response to Mugs and his earlier post, my wife and I went to the Big Chill (Route 30 and Mason) but she said the beef wasn't anything special. So the search contin...

Last Minute New Years Eve in/around Joliet

by DetectDave 15 years ago

I'm a bit behind on making my long distance reservations for New Years Eve and haven't been around Joliet for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for some top chow joints that might still ha...

Amanecer Tapatio moving to Joliet's West Side

by Mugs 15 years ago

July 1 to 700 Ruby St., the SW corner of Ruby and Wilcox, one block east of Six Corners, where Route 30 (known locally as Plainfield Rd.), Raynor Ave., and Ruby meet. Note that Ruby suffers a name ...

Joliet area round-up (long)

by Mugs 15 years ago

The number of contributors to the recent Chowhound threads about Joliet grub and the level of detail accorded to Amanecer Tapatio in an LTHforum thread are both wonderful. Here goes regarding recen...

Joliet area - seeking new delights

by Giovanna 15 years ago

Due to the miracles of the Internet [thanks, Match.com!] I find myself spending a lot of time in Joliet these days. Coming from near O'Hare myself, I don't have a lot of ideas about good places to...

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Joliet

by TheDiner 15 years ago

Where are the kid-friendly restaurants in the Joliet area for a Sunday noon get together with family and friends? (Not just looking for kiddie menues, but a place truly prepared to tolerate, deal ...

Dan's Candy Apples (Joliet)

by HappyFatGuy 16 years ago

I know Mugs has spent many a-posts telling you how great the apples from Dan's are, so I won't bore you with more (deserved) praise for them. Just wanted to let everyone know that Dan's ran a cou...

Greek Islands Lombard; Public Landing Lockport; Cucina Aversa Joliet

by Mugs 19 years ago

Happy New Year, 'hounds. Thanks for the kind words, RST. Welcome back, Harry V. 1. I had an adequate $20 solo supper at Greek Islands in Lombard last evening. The high point was the dessert of ...