Let's talk Jewish cuisine. From famous delis to classic Passover desserts, get inspiration and ideas from Chowhounds about what to cook and where to find great Jewish food.

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Jewish style sweet and sour stuffed cabbage

by Alexandra 15 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for Jewish style sweet and sour stuffed cabbage. Epicurious cites one called sweet and sour...


moresusan commented 14 days ago

Irish vs. Jewish Corned Beef

by mr mouther 11 years ago

Anyone know the particular differences between Irish and Jewish corned beef? I've been thinking about this subject f...


mcel215 commented 18 days ago

Yonah Schimmel is a disgrace

by Fred 13 years ago

Okay, okay -- there are enough knish postings, especially on tired old Yonah Schimmel. There's no need for another. ...


food_maven commented 23 days ago

Our Fathers Restaurant & Bar and Takeout Shop (Allston, MA)

by BostonBestEats 1 month ago

[NOTE: There are actually 2 ***separate*** restaurants here: The takeout sandwich shop, Our Fathers TAKEOUT SHOP; and...


BostonBestEats commented 1 month ago

Jewish Penicillin: How do you cook the onions in your chicken soup?

by teezeetoo 5 years ago

My husband and I have different childhood chicken soup experiences: my mom always left the skin on the onions and co...


msorgen3 commented 2 months ago

Which Bay Area fish to make gefilte fish

by dpifko 3 months ago

I'm making gefilte fish at home, from scratch, for Passover this year. I'd like to use fish varieties that are relat...


dpifko commented 3 months ago

Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream?

by jennbook 2 years ago

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. My mom eats it; my grandmother ate it. My husband ...


zigzag17 commented 4 months ago

Kosher Internet

by StevietheFish 5 months ago

I'm looking for a compendious, complete, and preferably explanatory website to tell me what is and is not kosher and ...


zsero commented 5 months ago

Jewish corned beef, deli style

by msmouser 6 years ago

Does anyone have a really good recipe for Jewish style corned beef? I mean the kind you get in a great NY delicatesse...


bagadonuts commented 6 months ago

Authentic Jewish Deli in Bay Area?

by Kim 16 years ago

I am craving a hot dog with sauerkraut and deli mustard, a square potato knish, macaroni or potato salad with some ha...


adrexel commented 6 months ago

Babka in Boston?

by 99Jason 3 years ago

Evidently, pretty much all the Babka you buy in NYC (Russ and Daughters, Katz's deli, Kossar's) comes from Greens in ...


shadygarden commented 6 months ago

Yeast and Cream Cheese Rugelach Dough

by jerseydiner 6 months ago

My grandmother passed away about 7 years ago, and with her went her cold yeast and cream cheese rugelach dough. Nothi...


acgold7 commented 6 months ago

Help with classic Jewish brisket sous vide

by Brsboarder 6 years ago

So, I want to cook a brisket for the upcoming jewish holidays but want to do it souse vide. I am thinking about doin...


acgold7 commented 7 months ago

Jewish Chinese food

by Hanna 16 years ago

For my mater's thesis, I'm exploring the long and intimate relationship between Jews and Chinese food. While I'd appr...


ZephyrDragon commented 9 months ago

Any Ashkenasi Jewish chowhounds make farfel the way my family does?

by Lady_Tenar 5 years ago

Farfel (or the way my grandmother said it, "farfele") is a major staple in my mother's extended family. But, when I l...


CatherineN_Greek_Hungarian commented 9 months ago

Affordable kosher meat in south Etobicoke

by newtotoronto 10 months ago

I recently moved here from Boston where kosher meat was relatively easy too get. I would simply go to Shaws or Whole ...


Tatai commented 10 months ago

"Centre Street Deli" - A long overdue re-visit for some of GTA's best Corn Beef!

by Charles Yu 10 months ago

This iconic and authentic Jewish Deli has been in this Thornhill location almost since the beginning of time! :D At ...


magic commented 10 months ago

If you had to pick just one Jewish cookbook to use forever...

by elustaz 5 years ago

...What would it be? I'd like to get a good one to supplement the small stock of recipes I got from my family. We'r...


RainyRamone commented 11 months ago

Roll Beef- a jewish deli lunch meat that I can't find anywhere, anymore

by paulispumonti 10 years ago

Does this still exist?...it came in 4th place behind corned beef, pastrami, and tongue but it was always my favorite...


wherecarol commented 11 months ago

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