The 2020 Bonne Maman Jam & Jelly Advent Calendar Is Out—But Not for Long

The limited-release Bonne Maman jelly and jam advent calendar is now on sale at World Market but you'll have to act fast because it's definitely going to sell out. And soon. Arguably the hottest items...

Pepper Jelly

by JeannieB50 4 months ago

All recipes for pepper jelly say pretty much the same thing. However, my jars of jelly are so liquid. Why isn't anyone else's? Should I dry out the finely chopped peppers before adding them to the...

Changing tastes, COVID, and jelly

tim irvine
by tim irvine 7 months ago

I have read threads reminiscing about cereals and cookies that have disappeared. Things are similar in the condiment world. Although there are things I love that I discovered after my childhood (...

Can I keep the stems in my crabapple jelly?

by freshnwild 1 year ago

I've injured my dominant hand just as the crabapple tree ripened! All the recipes say to remove stems and blossom ends before making my annual jelly--has anyone *not* done this? I can't use a knif...

ATK's homemade strawberry jam, how long does this last?

by mushroomaffairs 1 year ago

I just happened to have bought the three ingredients for this ATK's recipe, however I only have fresh lemons and not the bottled lemon juice. If I had bottled lemon juice, how long will jam li...

Lieber's Pomegranate Jelly?

by MikeG 3 years ago

Has anyone tried it? At least around here (Brooklyn), it seems to only be available around Passover, and last year I dithered until it was gone... But it's very well priced compared to most other b...

Lieber's Pomegranate Jelly?

by MikeG 3 years ago

Has anyone tried it? At least around here (Brooklyn), it seems to only be available around Passover, and last year I dithered until it was gone... But it's very well priced compared to most other b...

Mint Jelly!!

by treb 4 years ago

I was out the other day and ordered a lamb slider, it came with a side of mint jelly. Oh, those were the old days..... mint jelly! Memories came rolling back to me, when I grew up my parents w...

Rex's Jelly

by Riley 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find Rex's Jelly?

Pepper jelly

by JeannieB50 5 years ago

Sometimes my pepper jelly is too thin. Could it be from chopping peppers in FP? Or could it be from not boinging long enough?

Jar and lid options for canning jams & jellies

by raccoonmario 5 years ago

Are there any other good jar and lid options for canning jams and jellies? I've been using the 8oz Ball & Kerr jars with 2-piece lids for a few years and am looking for something more plain, possib...

Jam or jelly - no added sugar?

by abbefaith 14 years ago

i only buy jelly every few months or so, so maybe the product is discontinued... but i was at the store looking for simply fruit jam/jelly. i remember it said no added sugar on the jar. i couldn't ...

Jams and Jellies in Fridge --- Or Not?

by BerkshireTsarina 9 years ago

I blow hot and cold on this. Too many jars of jams and jellies "jam" up my small refrigerator. Seems to me friends in Europe don't keep these things in the fridge at all. Some say Refrigerate after...

Jam or jelly that crystalizes soon after opening jar

by Jpan99 9 years ago

I buy jam and make jam. I've never had a jar of Smuckers or other store brand crystallize on me but I have had homemade jam crystallize in the fridge after a couple of months. I buy two jelly pr...

What can I do with pepper jelly?

by CherryTwinkie 5 years ago

My aunt made delicious red and green jalapeño jelly. I have no idea what to do with it. I'd love some ideas.

My jelly did not gel

by Siegal 6 years ago

I attempted to make jelly for the first time. I followed the recipe in Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking for Pepper Jelly to a T except I did half coconut sugar and half granulated. I checked I...

Help with Splenda sweetened Jelly that didn't set!

by kalaghan 6 years ago

I made cranberry jalapeno jelly with splenda but made the mistake of using regular liquid pectin. I now know I needed to use no sugar pectin. My question is how can I save this jelly? Does anyone k...

Jelly came out like syrup?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I have never made jelly before or been shown how to ect... I mad grape jelly exactly according to instructions in the "Ball Blue Book". The seals on the cans all worked, but after letting sit overn...

Smucker's - Bonne Maman

by jounipesonen 6 years ago

How can it be that a company such as Smucker's - 1,000 years old and 'local' and NEVER shy about prices - cannot compete with the taste of a foreign, 'smallish' brand like Bonne Maman in the world...

Help! My jelly isn't setting up...?

by gentry 14 years ago

I made some prickly pear and muscat jelly as gifts for christmas...I'm no jelly expert...and unfortunately the jellies are not setting. I'm wondering what I can do to fix it at this point. Can I ...

Best Tangy Red Pepper Jelly

by itryalot 14 years ago

A friend who was visiting brought me the most delicious jar of Tangy Red Pepper Jelly from a city in SWOntario called Guelph. It was deep orange in colour with the most perfect jellylike consisten...