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9 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

There’s a reason why over 100 billion servings of instant ramen are consumed worldwide every year. Instant ramen is cheap, easy to make, and tastes delicious. From the grocery stores of Nairobi to the...

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Japanese Restaurants

by Nathaniel Axel 19 years ago

I'm going to be in NY in a couple months (Birthday weekend) and am presently planning the meals. I called up Danube and am having Mr. Bouley make a speacial tasting menu on Fri. Night and am trying...

rad japanese martini

by john k 19 years ago

I was trying to figure out how to take my vodka, and came up with something pretty cool. You need the pickled shisho (beefsteak) leaf used to color umeboshi (salted plums) red. Take a couple leav...

Japanese in Little Tokyo LA

by Jessica Nemeroff Ritz 20 years ago

In reference to Leah Welsh's final sentence in response to my Peruvian posting, AIOI on the main drag has been a funky family favorite since we moved here in '76. I don't go very frequently but...

Authentic Japanese in Brooklyn?

by Ivy 19 years ago

Is there anywhere in Brooklyn to eat reasonably authentic Japanese food and/or sushi in Brooklyn?

Ethiopian / French-Japanese fusion

by julie id 19 years ago

Thread on the general board has piqued my curiosity -- whatever became of the Ethiopian place on Mass Av., near the corner of...Huntington (maybe)? 2d floor of a little street mall, I think; about...

Japanese Ramen

by Michael Yu 19 years ago

A friend in midtown, who is so shy she won't post, is asking for places to go eat Japanese ramen noodles in midtown. Now I know Menchanko tei is one, but there are two places I would like help on....

New NW Japanese

by Anne Kamykowski 19 years ago

Went to Family Sushi, @ Addison & Pulaski for lunch. Has any one else gone there? Thought it was good, a little below Midori & Daruma but certainly OK. price is maybe a little less. Haven't trie...

japanese sweets

by pat hammond 19 years ago

Can anyone come up with the name of the shop in mid-town that specializes in Japanese sweets? Thanks as always (in advance). p.

japanese sixth sense

by kate 20 years ago

I wish I knew more about this, but I hope someone out there will be able to help me. What is the sense that is described in Japanese culture, sort of a sixth sense for the tastebuds, when something...

japanese greens

by pat hammond 20 years ago

I am preparing to search (probably in vain) in St. Louis for a Japanese green veggie called,I believe, shiso. It comes in little bunches and may be eaten cooked or raw. We used to have a nifty li...

Japanese Takeout on UWS

by Chen 20 years ago

Just went to a tiny Japanese takeout shop just off Bway on 109th, called Saji's. It's a colorful little storefront with a cheerful vibe. Ordered seaweed soba that, while it had scant vegetables, ...

chicago - japanese beef negimaki

by stuart thalblum 21 years ago

When I lived in New York, beef negimaki (beef wrapped around scallion and grilled) was a staple at numerous Japanese restaurants from Westchester to Manhattan to Queens to Long Island. Since I'...

Japanese Steakhouse

by Cathy 20 years ago

I'm looking for a good Japanese Steakhouse, (please don't say Benihana is my only choice) hopefully near JFK. My friend and I are trying to plan a dinner for a pre-wedding party in mid June and...

Traditional Setting Japanese Restaurants?

by Grace Toy 20 years ago

Hi!, I am trying to find a cheap to moderately priced Japanese restaurants with a traditional setting (i.e. tatami mats, etc.). I know that Shima USED to have that, but they no longer do, unfor...

Chinese/Japanese combination restaurants

by Josh Mittleman 20 years ago

There's a trend in Westchester for Chinese restaurants to add a sushi bar and Japanese menu. My impression is that the result is usually a restaurant that does two cuisines badly, and I wonder why...

New Argentine and japanese

by R Bergen 21 years ago

A new restaurant has opened on Smith Street called Sur. We had a very good dinner, the mixed grill was more than enough for two, the skirt steak, the blood sausage, and other sausages and ribs ...

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