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JW Blue Label Alternative [insert collective groan here]

by Icantread 1 year ago

Hi All, I know it's an obnoxious request, and I've decided to go ahead with it anyway, so let me begin with a big ...

stevewi commented 1 year ago

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Growing Barley (for making whisky!) In Japan

by DavidT 1 year ago

Interesting article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-19/japanese-whisky-at-920-a-bottle-driving-ric...

Kemuri - RWC - Go while the getting is good

by bbulkow 2 years ago

Holy Nuts, this place is great. It's in a cursed location, it's on the wrong side of town, it probably won't succeed,...

bbulkow commented 2 years ago

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Article on Japanese Whisky

by DavidT 2 years ago

Nice article on Hibiki whisky in last weekend's Wall Street Journal: http://www.wsj.com/articles/irish-author-colu...

Japanese Whisky Update

by DavidT 2 years ago


mrgreenbeenz commented 2 years ago

Suntory to launch whisky into space

by zin1953 2 years ago

"Japanese whisky producer, Suntory will send samples of whisky to the International Space Station to study the effect...

patsully commented 2 years ago

Where to buy Japanese whiskey in Boston?

by BarryP 2 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of a store in the area with a good stock of Japanese whiskeys? I had some Nikka on a rece...


rlee21 commented 2 years ago

Japanese whisky shortage affects Nikka

by zin1953 2 years ago

"Japan’s Nikka Whisky will replace its entire range of single malts with no-age-statement bottlings in the face of a ...

BillB656 commented 2 years ago

ISO Suntory Kakubin

by wanderluster 2 years ago

Looking for a liquor store or sympathetic bar that has Suntory Kakubin whisky to use for highballs. I have been googl...


wanderluster commented 2 years ago

Japanese Whiskey Shops: Tokyo or Kyoto

by Dapuma 2 years ago

I am looking for the best spots to get Suntory 21 year (or 30) and some Nikka year specific bottles (items they don't...

killersmile commented 2 years ago

What to bring back from Japan

by Dapuma 3 years ago

Are there any unique spirits that aren't available in the US that are worth bringing back from Japan


tokyopix commented 3 years ago

Japanese Whiskey

by pgwiz1 3 years ago

This is a bit random, but I saw an article about whiskeys produced in Japan. Does anyone know of restaurants/bars tha...


pgwiz1 commented 3 years ago

In search of... Japanese Whisky for sale in L.A. area

by J.L. 7 years ago

Hi gang, Happy Holiday season/New Year's to all Hounds out there! I need to buy Nikka Whisky for a business gif...


AAQjr commented 3 years ago

Where can I buy Suntory brand Japanese whiskey in Connecticut?

by shoes 4 years ago

Anyone seen Suntory Japanese whiskey for sale in any liquor stores in Connecticut? I'm willing to drive to get it. ...


sakeandgin commented 4 years ago

Who has a good (and extensive) selection of Japanese Whiskeys?

by ipsedixit 4 years ago

Preferably in/around Midtown West. I know that Flatiron is famed for its whiskey and single malt selections, but t...

Phil Ogelos commented 4 years ago

Best mail-order source for Japanese whisky in USA?

by lambretta76 4 years ago

Does anyone know what the best source is for Japanese whisky in the US? There's a lot I'd like to get from the Whisky...


DavidT commented 4 years ago

Buying Japanese Whiskies (To Take Home) + Visiting Distilleries

by Kavey 5 years ago

One more new thread from me today, again I've not had any luck finding anything using the Search, going back 5 years,...

Kavey commented 5 years ago

Japanese whisky question

by tokyopix 5 years ago

I don't know much about whisky/scotch/whiskey. Mostly just what I read. I have only tried maybe half a dozen sips in ...


tokyopix commented 5 years ago

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