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Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

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Sushi Ya

by mikey8811 4 months ago

Hi Has anyone been to Sushi Ya post Takao Ishiyama? Has the quality been maintained? As an aside, where has Ish...


od_sf commented 3 months ago

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Hakone food recommendations

by jessnutella 3 months ago

Hi, I did a search on must eats in Hakone only to find an unanswered post. Does anyone have recommendations? D...

Tokyo/Kyoto Top Sushi on Short Notice (end of Feb/early Mar)?

by sundropforever 8 months ago

hey CH! i've had flights booked for months and months but haven't nailed down hotels etc. until, well, now. i'll be i...


aprmayjun commented 3 months ago

Advice on high end Tokyo hotel location

by alemon 1 year ago

Hi All, I've been researching an upcoming trip to Japan extensively on this site and I am very thankful for all of...


od_sf commented 3 months ago

Vegetarian traveling with omnivores in Tokyo and Kyoto

by kcmorders 9 months ago

I'll be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto this spring with an extended family group. I'm the only vegetarian (ovo/lacto/no das...


kcmorders commented 3 months ago

Matsusaka Side Trip for Beef?

by erica 4 months ago

Planning trip to Japan for late fall this year which (as of now) will include Tokyo, Kyoto, and a hotel on the Ise Sh...


tanseaway commented 3 months ago

Must Eat in Hokkaido?

by astroboychorong 2 years ago

Hi, so now I have finalised my itinerary, just some tweaking at the end. Now I'm reading on what to eat. Please...


astroboychorong commented 3 months ago

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Sushi Arai - 7/15 lunch need one more person

by yana3 3 months ago

Friend can’t make it anymore, prepaid for reservation via Tableall. Lunch at sous chef counter. Anyone want to go? 26...

Looking for partner for Sushi Arai in November

by foodieapprentice68 4 months ago

Hic CHers, My concierge could get me 2 seats at the main counter at Sushi Arai for dinner on Nov 23rd. I'm just wo...


bootzilla commented 4 months ago

A couple of recomendations for Tokyo restaurants

by LauraVG 5 months ago

Hi, we are visiting Tokyo in the beginning of June. Could anyone recommend a sushi restaurant where it is not imposs...


bootzilla commented 4 months ago

Tokyo Sushi Post 4.14 Hashiguchi

by IanW 5 months ago

My first time back in Tokyo since 2000. Back then I was just a 23 year old kid with no idea what to get in Tokyo (I a...


tanseaway commented 4 months ago

Where should I go for my 30th?

by Chadsie 5 months ago

I am down to four experiences and presuming I can get in where should I go for my 30th birthday? The birthday is in J...


Steve commented 4 months ago

Pujol in Tokyo

by fiona1969 4 months ago

I have reservations for two people at the Pujol pop up in Tokyo. This Friday, 6 pm. JPY 30,000 per person + service+ ...


fiona1969 commented 4 months ago

Tokyo/Kyoto Casual Dining/Restaurant Attire Tips

by ds_ny 6 months ago

I will be in Japan from May 18-28 in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. In Tokyo I am staying in Ginza and in Kyoto in Gion (Os...


mikey8811 commented 4 months ago

Itinerary for 2 weeks in Tokyo/Hiroshima/Osaka/Kyoto

by Heeney 9 months ago

Planning for an extended trip through Japan in April and have been trying to plan dinners. Would love your thoughts a...


notti commented 4 months ago

Tokyo Concierge Restaurant Booking

by sleedy9 1 year ago

Hey all, I'm planning a trip to Tokyo in the fall and I've noticed a few places people recommended The Royal Park ...


vicpop commented 5 months ago

Chef Headed to Tokyo

by SPICESupperClub 11 months ago

Ok. First trip to Japan and will be spending 4 days in Tokyo. I'm looking for some guidance on a few specialties I'...


erica commented 5 months ago

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Godan Miyazawa & Muromachi Wakuden in Kyoto

by mikey8811 5 months ago

Hi any recent feedback on these places? There are quite a few write ups on Jiki Miyazawa but Miyazawa san himself ...

Ginza Iwa Report

by IanW 5 months ago

I decided to overload on sushi at the beginning of my Japan trip so Ginza Iwa was my third sushi meal in a little ove...


IanW commented 5 months ago

Tokyo sushi bomb throwing

by bdad1 6 months ago

OK-I know this is probably among the most annoying questions one can post on Chowhound but I am looking for sushi rec...


mikey8811 commented 5 months ago