Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

Advice on choosing a sushi restaurant. Trying to decide between highly recommend and English-speaking chefs

by UmamiBase 4 months ago

Going to Tokyo during the first full week of January and initially arranged with my hotel concierge to reserve Hakkoku for dinner. I ate with Chef Sato when he was at Tokami a couple of years back....

Tokyo sushi recommendations

by robotfood 16 days ago

I'm looking for a high end sushi restaurant for my anniversary. My wife can't eat a lot so I'm looking for one that has nigiri only omakase. We've been to Kyubey Ginza twice so would like to try so...

Advice for high end sushi in Ginza for first time visitor? (Sawada, Hashimoto, Taichi, Keita, Ishiyama, Ryusuke, Harutaka, Ginza Iwa)?

by bucktown 11 days ago

My wife will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in April (honeymoon!). Our hotel is in the Ginza district, so we would naturally want to visit a Ginza sushi-ya. We speak no Japanese but are well ...

Tokyo desserts

by veddeshpande 8 days ago

Please tell me your favorite dessert stores, bakeries, etc etc in Tokyo! What are you favorite items in these stores?

Tokyo Restaurant Advice

by BrianB15 2 months ago

Hi Chowhounders! First post here. Know there are a lot of similar topics, but had a few specific questions about restaurants. We're trying to eat at a variety of restaurants while in Tokyo, and are...

Japan trip report May 2018

by Belkisw 9 months ago

Here are my foodie notes from our three week trip to Japan earlier this month. As you will see, I essentially tried to have us eat one of each time of Japanese cuisine once, and then a few thing mo...

Sushi Ryusuke in Ginza, any feedback please?

by EatJapan 2 years ago

Hi, I am going to Japan in May and would love to hear the feedback of Sushi Ryusuke if anyone has tried. Its pretty high score in Tabelog, but no Michelin starred. https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A13...

Advice for first-time visitors (family of 4), where one has a fish allergy?

by smiles33 2 months ago

My family of four (2 adults and 2 tweens who will be 10 and 13) will be visiting Japan for the first time in Sept. 2019. We are a very food-oriented family and pick our vacation spots based on food...

Kuishinobo Yamanaka steakhouse in Kyoto

by veddeshpande 16 days ago

Has anyone been here? What are your opinions? Comparisons to other beef places you've been to?

Osaka beef recommendations

by veddeshpande 1 month ago

Recommendations for where to eat wagyu beef in Osaka? The top yakiniku restaurants in Tabelog don't seem to have any discussion here on Chowhound.

Recommendations for Shikoku

by ChiVal 4 months ago

Hi all, we're headed to Shikoku for two weeks in the spring and I'm hoping to get some recommendations for places to eat. We're interested in trying the local specialties. We prefer neighborhood re...

Tokyo & Kyoto meals under $50

by BombayClub 1 year ago

Most Tokyo/Kyoto restaurant discussions on CH seem to be about $300+, 'call a hotel concierge' type expensive places. The locals there must be having awesome, affordable, yet authentic meals. There...

Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane vs. Hanare

by kiokujai 29 days ago

Looking to make a reservation at Yakniku Jumbo for my April trip. RC Concierge recommends the Shirokane location as the most popular and it's also the closest location. However, Hanare is the bette...

October Tokyo Trip Report

by od_sf 3 months ago

Ginza Bairin Arrived in Tokyo early afternoon and dinner was not scheduled until 9:30PM, so elected to have a late lunch near my hotel at this famous tonkatsu shop. The restaurant conveniently sta...

Kurogi - Meal at JPY 45,000 excluding drink! Is the food and experience worth it?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

Running into some minor problems regarding some of our reservations, hence seeking contingency - Option B, just in case?! One such scenario is our Kaiseki option 'Ishikawa'. For some reason thei...

Yakiniku in Tokyo

by veddeshpande 1 month ago

For a blowout Yakiniku meal in Tokyo, I was initially considering Nakahara, because of the positive reviews both on CH as well as other websites. However, after glancing through Tabelog, Nakahara i...

Sushi Bonanza 2018

by just_ingest 2 months ago

[Warning - this is a long post and it’s entirely about sushi. If you don’t like sushi, you would do well to skip this!] Given the increased interest in sushi in recent years, and to thank variou...

Japan Trip Advice

by TheDegustationAsian 1 month ago

Hello fellow hounds, hoping to get some advice/feedback for an upcoming two week trip to Japan planned for mid-April. My wife and I visited Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto 10 years ago so while we’ve visite...

American-style steakhouse in Tokyo

by BSR84 1 month ago

Will have two nights with my in laws in Tokyo in May. We'll do an omakase sushi the first night, but I am looking for a good steakhouse to go to on the second night. My FIL is a big fan of the chai...

Pricing at Ishikawa and Masuda

by veddeshpande 2 months ago

Hello, What is the current price of dinner at Ishikawa and Masuda? The reason I ask is because I want to know if TableAll's reservation charge is reasonable (currently asking 40k Yen for Ishikaw...