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Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

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Golden Gai or Omoide Yokocho? Any stand out eateries in there?

by Charles Yu 1 day ago

For our next month's visit, my wife and I managed to squeeze out a free evening for some neon light watching as well ...

Charles Yu commented 16 hours ago

Help finding an upscale non-sushi restaurant for special occasion

by arturchik 23 hours ago

Hello I was wondering if the community can help me with suggestion for upscale (but ideally below 20,000 per person)...


arturchik commented 17 hours ago

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Recipe Help: Bake Cheese Tart (Sold in Japan)

by ad7yn 1 day ago

Hello, Please help me find a recipe for the bake cheese tart. I tried it at their kiosk in Tokyo. Here's the company...

Tokyo first timer - help with place(s) to try many kinds of sushi

by arturchik 6 days ago

Hello This will be my first time in Tokyo (and Japan). I will try 1-2 higher end sushi places, but I am also trying...


Ninisix commented 3 days ago

If you could choose 2 Tokyo sushi places to recommend...

by alemon 21 days ago

Will be in Tokyo with my wife celebrating an anniversary in april. Only have 4 days and hoping to check out a couple...


alemon commented 3 days ago

First time to Japan - 9 year old son - 10 days in April Tokyo/Hakone/Kyoto

by Mgnyc 6 days ago

I am hoping those of you that have been there, done that are able to assist. I've been researching restaurants and a...


Ninisix commented 3 days ago


by Heeney 7 days ago

Will be visiting Tokyo in late May and would like to try 2 of these 4 places. I have searched through the boards an...

Heeney commented 5 days ago

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Oyakodon in Tokyo

by Steve 6 days ago

Here is a very interesting video going around now about a unique and historic place in Tokyo making oyakodon, chicken...

Kyoto Kaiseki and sushi - May 2017

by paupau 6 days ago

Hello, We will be spending a few nights in Kyoto at the end of May and would like to experience a typical kaiseki ...


paupau commented 6 days ago

Wonderful and Reasonable Sushi in Tokyo

by sockster 3 months ago

This is my fourth time going to Tokyo- This time (three nights) I want to focus on wonderful, yet reasonable priced s...


Ninisix commented 6 days ago

Sushi Take in Ginza

by od_sf 10 days ago

Chef Fumi Takeuchi trained at Shimbashi Shimizu, and I have heard excellent things about her shop from a very reliabl...


Ninisix commented 6 days ago

Tokyo - May 2017 - advice on dinner choices

by paupau 7 days ago

Hello everyone, My husband and I are going to Japan for the first time end May 2017 and have arranged an itinerary...


paupau commented 6 days ago

Roan Kikunoi -- 10,000 yen vs. 7,000 yen lunch?

by JohnSmith2 7 days ago

Trying to decide between the 10,000 yen lunch menu and the 7,000 yen. Thoughts?

Robb S commented 7 days ago

2 weeks in Japan... recommendations please!

by Cornstar 8 days ago

Hello, my girlfriend and I will be going to Japan around mid March for a couple of weeks. We haven't figured out our ...


gordon wing commented 8 days ago

Eating in Tokyo solo? Casual But Good

by CalliopeToronto 11 days ago

I'll be solo in Tokyo for 4.5 days in April (Female, 55 years old), and I love good food... but I don't like eating i...

Robb S commented 9 days ago

How can I get into Saito?

by Heeney 11 days ago

I know. It's basically impossible. But I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. Any suggestions on how I can get a ...


nantokanaru77 commented 11 days ago

Restaurant Advice for Sapporo and Hakodate

by curiousgeo 16 days ago

Will be traveling to Hokkaido in May just after the end of Golden Week. If we're lucky we may catch some late season ...


curiousgeo commented 13 days ago

Photo Etiquette

by rushbikes 4 years ago

I know the Japanese are very particular about etiquette, relatively speaking. What's the general feeling in Japan tow...

Phyltre commented 13 days ago

Japan Trip March/April

by aaronjmajors 14 days ago

We'll be in Japan for a little more than a week in late March/early April, and I'm piecing together our meal itinerar...

Robb S commented 14 days ago

Advice on high end Tokyo hotel location

by alemon 23 days ago

Hi All, I've been researching an upcoming trip to Japan extensively on this site and I am very thankful for all of...

hblnk commented 14 days ago