Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

How Mother's Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is the mother of all holidays in the U.S. But the celebratory occasion is not unique to the U.S. and is celebrated around the world. In many countries, mom’s special day is observed the...

Japanese knives

by hedge_hog 2 years ago

I'm going to Japan soon, and am considering buy a couple of knives. My wife cooks Chinese food at home while I occasionally help with chopping and prepping. We currently have a cheap chef's knife a...

Japan experts, need advice for a Jan trip there.

by Belkisw 8 months ago

Chowhounders who know Japan well, looking for some advice. As the eternal optimists, we want to start planning a January trip to Japan. On our last trip which was in the spring a few years ago, we ...

Sushi Geek Forum

by mikey8811 9 months ago

What happened to the Sushi Geek forum? It made for good instructive and info gathering reading but seems to have bitten the dust. It was pretty popular. Does anyone know what happened?

Narisawa (Tokyo) vs Hajime (Osaka)

by marlinspike 12 months ago

I won't want to go to both (many different types of restaurants on the try list and you can eat only so many extravagant meals on one trip before it stops being fun), and these two seem similar. If...

Best sushi for non-drinker in Tokyo?

by marlinspike 12 months ago

It seems there are some highly recommended sushi restaurants in Tokyo that focus on the sake as well (the sho style ones at least). Cost no concern, recommendations for the best sushi in Tokyo that...

Chow Report for Sapporo, Hakodate and a bit of Tokyo

by curiousgeo 3 years ago

Recently returned from our first trip to Hokkaido, visiting Sapporo and Hakodate. Both were great cities, Sapporo bustling and busy, Hakodate very laid back. We were impressed with the city infrast...

Shinjuku restaurant recommendations

by mlin1 3 years ago

I will be traveling with my husband and 8 yo daughter to Tokyo on mid July. We will be staying for most of the trip at Keio hotel in Shinjuku and would like recommendations for dinners that are con...

Advice for high end sushi in Ginza for first time visitor? (Sawada, Hashimoto, Taichi, Keita, Ishiyama, Ryusuke, Harutaka, Ginza Iwa)?

by bucktown 2 years ago

My wife will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in April (honeymoon!). Our hotel is in the Ginza district, so we would naturally want to visit a Ginza sushi-ya. We speak no Japanese but are well ...

Need some specific guidance on Tokyo (higher end creative, izakya, and uni)

by themiguel 1 year ago

Going to Japan in November for my 40th, been a couple of times but it has been quite a few years. I'm not particularly fussed about Michelin or going to the most popular places, prefer neighbourhoo...

Kid friendly in Osaka

by gemster 1 year ago

I'm bringing my 3 year old and 5 year old kids to Osaka in a month or so - would love suggestions on kid friendly restaurants! The kids are quite good - we had a pretty successful Tokyo trip recen...

Family with tweens and fish allergy visiting Tokyo for the first time

by smiles33 1 year ago

We will be in Tokyo in late September and I'd love feedback on some of my proposed restaurant choices. We are staying in Shinjuku but at an apartment, not a hotel. We need to have access to a full ...

Tokyo and Kyoto with a vegetarian daughter

by Green8270 1 year ago

Any recommendations in Tokyo and Kyoto for lunch and dinner with my vegetarian 11 year old daughter? Thank you!

Eating sushi - rice or fish side down?

by ktchow 1 year ago

I have always been eating fish side down on tongue and that seems the norm at most of the top places I've managed to visit in Tokyo and elsewhere. However, I just landed reservations at Jiro Honten...

Kyoto meal we should not miss?

by Belkisw 3 years ago

Will be in Kyoto in late April and are hoping for dinners at Tempura Matsu, Miyoshi and Giro Giro Hitoshina, and lunch at Gogyo Ramen and Shoraian. We then go to Tokyo to do the sushi greats, etc. ...

Tokyo sushi: Hashimoto dinner vs Umi dinner vs Hakkoku Lunch

by eyesbear 1 year ago

Hey folks I am in a dilemma. Planning to choose one of the 3 for my upcoming trip. For Umi, not sure whether the new chef is still good? I have also heard that the lunch at Hakkoku would be ...

Kushiage in Osaka - does it have to be expensive?

by arturchik 3 years ago

Dear community I read multiple recommendations that in order to try Kushiage, it should be Rokkakutei or Wasabi. However, as I was looking at Tabelog, there appears to be a really significant pr...

Budget Sho-style sushi dinner in Tokyo Japan

by jackson12 1 year ago

Hi! I am visiting with my partner to Tokyo and were looking at cheaper options for Sho style sushi. All of the Sho-style dinners are in the high range 30,000 Yen. For Edomae and Kyubey-style there ...

Seeking Tokyo's better Italian Restaurants - More traditional and rustic than modern approach

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

For my visit in March, I would like to add an ' Japanese/Italian ' meal to my itinerary. With Japan's abundance and varied seafood selection and gorgeous meats and vegetables, I am seeking resta...

Tokyo itinerary - please review

by foodieto123 1 year ago

ello dear fellow foodies, This board has been really helpful in designing my itinerary for Tokyo. I'll be there for 1 week, staying at the Ritz. As a reference point, we really enjoyed Fujiya 1835...