Jalapeño Pepper

These Mango Jalapeño BBQ Pork Ribs Are the Best Thing You'll Grill All Summer

Ribs may take more work than hot dogs and hamburgers, but done right, they're definitely worth it. These smoky St. Louis pork ribs with mango jalapeño BBQ sauce may be the best thing you'll grill all...

HELP... fingers are burning from cutting jalapenos. Remedies?

by gtrekker2003 15 years ago

Hi! I just chopped some jalapenos today and now my fingertips are burning quite badly. Anybody know of any remedies? Looked online but found nothing. Maybe I'm not putting in the right searc...

How to cool fingers after slicing peppers?

by GlassOfCab 4 years ago

Hello all! I just made veggie chili today and chopped several types of peppers by hand, including jalapenos. I can eat really hot peppers without breaking a sweat but my fingers aren't quite as ...

jalapenos are never spicy or even close too spicy

by Augie6 11 years ago

I am a novice gardner .. (only 3 gardens so far) .. For the most part and by my standards I ended up with a decent outcome each year. The only thing that is disturbing me, is my jalapeno's are not...

Insanely Hot Jalapenos

by Atomic76 7 years ago

I usually get my Jalapenos at Save-A-Lot because they sell them in foam packs of like 15 or so for around $1.25 - which is a great deal. I love dicing them up and putting them in my scrambled eggs ...

California Sandwiches jalapeno pepper mash

by starvinhungry 5 years ago

Hi, I am in Montreal and really miss California Sandwiches. I have similar buns, provolone and will cook up a thin sauce but am wondering how they get their peppers in a mash. Can anybody help me?

Excess Jalapenos - What To Do?

by princeofpork3 5 years ago

My father just harvested a batch of Jalapenos and I made Chili last night. I have about 10 left. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Jalapeño abundance

by offtoanywhere 5 years ago

So a coworker gave me a large bag of jalapeños. I can make salsa, poppers, mix them with cornbread but looking for something that uses up a lot of peppers at one time and something different. Any t...

What can I do with pepper jelly?

by CherryTwinkie 5 years ago

My aunt made delicious red and green jalapeño jelly. I have no idea what to do with it. I'd love some ideas.

Chipotle as substitute for jalapeno?

by somervilleoldtimer 6 years ago

I don't like the flavor of jalapenos. They have the same unpleasant flavor that I associate with green olives and green peppers, plus I don't enjoy really hot foods. But I do love the flavor of c...

What to do with a can of pickled jalapenos?

by nuttie_cat 13 years ago

I have a can of pickled jalapenos sitting in my kitchen for more than a year now! How can I best use it up fast? Any vegetarian suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Capsaicin test

by JuniorBalloon 6 years ago

Is there such a thing available to a home cook? Kind of like a PH test. Cut open a jalapeno, touch the paper to some juice and the redder it turns the hotter the pepper. Jalapenos can vary and it w...

How hot is too hot? Rogue jalapeño knocked me for a loop!

by kattyeyes 6 years ago

This weekend, I made candied jalapeño rings. Muy bueno. They taste even better in a taco than they do on their own. Someone dear to me grew these peppers and shared. When I gave him one the othe...

Jalapeno peppers - questions from a rookie

by FML 18 years ago

1. If you have a jalapeno and some of the seeds inside are dark (e.g. brown-ish as opposed to white), what does that mean? Is it spoiled or less spicy (or more spicy)? This happened to me the oth...


by Gunny 6 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for refrigerated sliced jalapenos in oil with thinly sliced celery and oregano. I'm not sure what else is in it. The oil semi-jells up in the frig. Everyone loves them on t...

HELP -- My fingers are throbbing from cutting jalapenos!

by LNG212 12 years ago

Okay, so I guess I'm an idiot. I knew I had to chop about a dozen jalapenos and it just never dawned on me to wear gloves. DOH (slaps forehead)! And now I'm paying for it. I've tried cold cream...

Can you share a list of fresh pepper names vs. their dried names?

by CherryTwinkie 6 years ago

I really know nothing about peppers, but I recently learned a pablano is an ancho, and a smoked jalapeno is a chipotle? anywho, is there a list of these or an infographic you can share?

why are chipotles so much hotter than jalepenos?

by missmasala 17 years ago

as i was opening a can of chipotles in adobo this evening i started wondering. i thought chipotles were smoked jalepenos. i never find jalepenos that hot. so how come i find chipotles in adobo so i...