Get to Know Jackfruit, the Meatless Wonder (Plus 15 Ways to Eat It)

What is jackfruit? Is it good for you? And what should you do with it? We have answers to all those questions. One thing's for sure: Jackfruit is here to stay. What started as the latest plant-based...

Ripe jackfruit

by maestra 3 years ago

I brought home a whole, perfectly ripe jackfruit to enjoy on 4th of July. Due to a series of events, we never cut the fruit and shared it with guests. Now I have a whole jackfruit for 3 of us. I co...


by carole6854 4 years ago

Does anyone know what restaurants in Phoenix or surrounding areas serve Jackfruit? I am very interested in trying it.

Jackfruit In Brine - Toronto

by VeroLD 4 years ago

I'm wondering where I can find canned Jackfruit in brine (not the sweet stuff) in stores in Toronto? I saw an older post on here with the some question, but there weren't many answers and the post ...

Looking for canned jackfruit

by WINDELLA 5 years ago

I'm looking for canned jackfruit in the Pasadena area. I've checked Sprouts, Whole Foods ,World Cost. Prefer not to order it online.

Where to find fresh jackfruit in Montreal?

by Luca94 5 years ago

Any ideas where i can find fresh jackfruit on the island of montreal or possibly even outside the island? Thank you

Jackfruit in brine?

by brookedonphonics 5 years ago

Hi Chows, I been on the search for jackfruit in brine--not syrup--for a while now. I'm Cambridge-based and have checked H Mart in Central, my local Whole Foods and Star Market, and Super 88 in A...

Jackfruit in brine?

by DoubleDouble 6 years ago

Where can I find canned jackfruit in brine? I've found it in syrup at T&T Cherry St., but I haven't been able to find the brined version anywhere!


by alc 6 years ago

Has anyone cooked with canned jackfruit in brine? I tried a recipe for bbq jackfruit in the crockpot. The recipe was called "vegan pulled pork." I've never tasted "pulled pork" so I have no clue...


by hungryann 13 years ago

So I am getting my fill of Alfonsos and Kesars and I am already thinking of what to eat next. Have you bought good fresh (not canned) jackfruit in montreal and if so where? Apparently, they can be...

Whole Jackfruit

by gimel 6 years ago

Quick tip - Superking, in the mall at Black Creek & Lawrence, has whole jackfruit for $1.29/lb. They are Mexican, with more orangey flesh than the yellow sectioned fruit I'm accustomed to buying. N...

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