Izakaya Rintaro July Fundraising for Old Skool Cafe - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

"For the month of July we will be donating ALL proceeds from the Chrysanthemum Liberty Duck Salad to @oldskoolcafe. Headquartered in Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Old Skool Cafe is a youth-run, jazz-them...

"AKA-ONI Izakaya and Sake Bar" - 633 Silver Star Blvd, Scarborough

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 months ago

Once again, I have to thank my foodie Nippon-phile friend, ex-hound skylineR33, for introducing this wonderful gem of an Izakaya to me! Tonight, our party of 3 braved pouring rain to pay this '1...

Need some specific guidance on Tokyo (higher end creative, izakya, and uni)

by themiguel 11 months ago

Going to Japan in November for my 40th, been a couple of times but it has been quite a few years. I'm not particularly fussed about Michelin or going to the most popular places, prefer neighbourhoo...

Non-smoking Izakaya in Tokyo?

Sushi Otaku
by Sushi Otaku 5 years ago

I'll be in Tokyo for a week with my family and was wondering if there are any izakaya that entirely non-smoking with decent food? I usually go to izakayas on my own and don't care if there is smok...

Kaiyo Peruvian Nikkei | Cow Hollow - SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Unexpectedly on my own for a night in the City, I took a walk down Union Street and landed at the then three-month old Kaiyo. The specialty here is small plates and sushi drinking food in the style...

Tokyo Izakayas

by NatashaH 1 year ago

I'm going to Japan for the first time in a month (yeah, I know, but you need to start somewhere, right?) I'm looking for a great izakaya for dinner one night. Kotaro was my first choice, but despit...

Izakaya with Sushi?

by waver 2 years ago

Hi Folks, Sudden need to accommodate a group of 8 - some want sushi (basic rolls are fine), some want Izakaya. I checked out Suika (good fun factor too) but they don't have much sushi and a coupl...

Goya Menu @ Habuya Okinawan Dining in Tustin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

In April, a friend and I had a terrific evening at Habuya Okinawan Dining in Tustin. He loves bitter melon (goya) and that's the specialty here.

Proper Yakitori in Boston

by ReganM 2 years ago

Are there any restaurants that serve proper yakitori in Boston (heart, cartilage, etc) or is it just a sea of basic chicken breast and meatballs. The last person who asked this question was 11 year...

Izakaya in Los Angles/OC

by buttdrunk 2 years ago

Would like to get some recommendations for best izakaya in Southern California.

Yuzuki, Izakaya Roku, Goku, Namu [San Francisco]

by twocents 5 years ago

I know they are all different style/level of restaurant, but wanted to get some recent and/or comparative opinions. From what I can gather: Yuzuki is more refined and a higher price point, not p...

Help choosing Tokyo Izakaya specializing in seafood

by arturchik 3 years ago

I understand that different Izakayas specialize in different foods (i.e. seafood, chicken, etc). I think I am more interested in Izakayas that specialize in seafood (not sushi, but just in general...


by foodlovergeneral 7 years ago

I know this may seem old, but things are changing quickly. What is the best Izakayas now? My friends love Izakayas and are visiting New York in March.

2 dinners in Tokyo, please advise

by guzelsu 3 years ago

Hello happy Chowhound community . . looking for 2 recommendations. We are on business travel and have 2 dinners in Tokyo. We are staying at the Hotel Okura so preferably within a 20-30 minute com...

Zakkushi, my Toronto go-to Izakaya for a Yakitori/Yakiniku fix - An Overdue Re-Visit

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

After returning from my recent ‘Food-Crawl’ holiday in Tokyo a couple of months ago. This week, I suddenly underwent a severe bout of ‘Yakitori/Yakiniku’ withdrawal! Taking advantage of yesterd...

Delage in Oakland - new omakase/izakaya

by SeaEagle 4 years ago

I saw the post at East Bay Express, and was very interested to hear if any chow hounds have eaten there; they're still in their "soft-opening" phase, and I can't seem to make a reservation...

Binchoyaki Izakaya in Sacramento

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Anybody tried this new spot yet? I noticed it across the street when I stopped at Osaka-ya this week. It would be great to have Japanese businesses return to the neighborhood. Binchoyaki Izakaya...

Booking at Kotaru Izakaya in Shibuya

by paupau 3 years ago

Hello, We have tried to make a booking through our hotel concierge at Kotaru in Shibuya for 25th May, however we heard back that the restaurant only accepts a reservation made from invited guests....

Best Japanese Izakaya in NJ

by eathru34 3 years ago

What's NJ's best Japanese Izakaya? An Izakaya is a Japanese pub that serve a wide variety of Japanese tapas style food (most likely part of the Portuguese influence on the culture). Any that remind...