Italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and Chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. Get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

Make This Easy Limoncello for a Taste of Italy Wherever You Are

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Monastery in Rome or somewhere else in Europe?

by Hannah 19 years ago

Xmas for 3 years ago I stayed in a monasetry outside Rome. I stayed in a guesthouse, run by the Birgitta nuns. And the food they served was excellent and it was very peaceful and nice. Does anybo...

Rome,Florence,Venice restaurants ---HELP

by Louis Rothschild 19 years ago

Planning to visit in less than 2 weeks and would like any recommendations for good restaurants in Italy. I appreciate all input. thanks Lou

Chowhound favorites in Rome

by Ann McL 19 years ago

Hi! I'm relatively new to the Chowhound boards (about 2 weeks) but I've already found some wonderful restaurants on both the Outer Boroughs and Manhattan boards. Quite a few of the Chowhound favor...

Your best bets for Rome, Florence, Venice & Milan

by Elaine 19 years ago

Yes, I have a trip coming up to Italy. What are your favorites? All price ranges. Thanks!

My favourite restaurant in Rome

by Jasper Joffe 19 years ago

I spent nine months in Rome, and I went to the Ristorante Monserrato (Via Monserrato 96 tel:6873386) probably ten times, I don't think I ever left unhappy with my food, or unstuffed by three or mor...

Honeymoon - Venice, Florence, Rome, Positano ???

by Tom G 19 years ago

Well folks, i've got a little more than a month left until my wedding day...and then we're off to Italy. We will be in Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano. We've got our hotels, we've got our tra...

Restaurants in Rome

by vo 19 years ago

I just found this msg board. You guys obviously know what you are talking about. The best meal of my life was at Guy Savoy in Paris (a la Peter and Gary). Now I am off to Rome in mid-Sep and would ...

Rome suggestions - Vatican/Colliseum - leave Friday

by DonnaBobbi 19 years ago

Our family is going on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise through the Mediterranean. (Mom and Dad LOVE to cruise) We will be spending a day (I know - it is not nearly long enough) in Rome. We hav...

When in Rome...?

by Brad K. 19 years ago

I will be in Rome next week for a few nights (staying at St. R. Grand). Any suggested restaurants? Cost not an issue, but I'm not looking for anything too formal. Great food, a place locals go,...

Southern Umbria restaurants & Rome

by Clovis 20 years ago

We have bombed through Tuscany a couple of times now and have been disheartened by the Tourist onslaught (I wonder how Frances Mayes feels for singlehandedly ruining Coronta -- although La Grotta t...

Restaurants in Florence and Rome

by Susan Blair 19 years ago

Our best meal in Florence was at I Latini. Recommended by some Italian friends and it was delicious. We stumbled on to the Paris Restaurant (in Rome) in Trastevere all by ourselves and we still ...

any last-minute Rome tips?

by magnolia 20 years ago

Dare I say it - I've been having trouble keeping up with the Board! Forgive me if I've missed something...I've done a search for Rome restaurants - and note that many "Ciao-hounds" were en route - ...

Hotel Lunetta / Albergo della Lunetta in Rome???

by unpoet 20 years ago

Hi. I'm going to be in Rome for 2 weeks during the month of March. I'm thinking about staying at the Hotel Lunetta (aka: Albergo della Lunetta). If anyone has stayed there or knows of someone e...

Chowhound resource for Rome, Florence and Venice

by Jim Zurer 20 years ago

If you are planning a visit to Italy, I would like to bring to your attention a newly published guide which will be of great assistance in shaping your eating agenda. "Trattorias of Rome, Florenc...

Sorrento and Rome @ Christmas

by Neil Ellman 20 years ago

Here is a tough one. My family and I will be in Sorrento on Christmas Day when nothing much, if anything, will be open; and we will be in Rome on the following day in the same situation. Any sugg...

Good food in Venice/Rome?

by Eric 20 years ago

I'm heading to Venice this weekend, and Rome later on in August. Naturally, I was wondering where I could find some local flavor in these cities... I'm not opposed to paying for a great meal, al...

venice italy apartments/ restaurants/ hotels

by martin merowitz 21 years ago

Search for net site in italian giving author's opinions on many venetian restaurants.Have lost address. Also, other restau recommendations in addition to those posted here. Also sources for rent o...

Turkey & Rome review

by Janet Traub 22 years ago

I just read a good review on a few Turkey and Rome restaurants. Here's the link to it. It appeared this week in the weekly Arts/Happenings paper here in Atlanta: Creative Loafing. By Cliff Bosto...

more cheapish eats in rome

by helen 23 years ago

I love roman style pizza and am interested in any these and any other good cheap-to- medium little joints that folks could recommend. Besides those mentioned below. We are looking to sit do...

cheap pasta & pizza in rome

by maya rutherford 23 years ago

IVO's in Rome is very quick, good and inexpensive pasta and pizza. The service is rapid and on the verge of being hyper-active--the staff wears soccer jerseys and there are pictures of italian ...

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