Italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and Chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. Get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

Make This Easy Limoncello for a Taste of Italy Wherever You Are

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Gluten-Free in Venice Restaurant Suggestions

by Pamdixon1 1 year ago

Venice with thirteen old celiac Granddaughter in June. She eats sushi but no other fish (yet). Pasta, bread help.

Late November lunch spot in Liguria

by nicwil1120 1 year ago

My husband and I will have have one day of our late November trip to Italy dedicated to driving -- something we have to do to make our itinerary work. We'll wake up in Siena early on Monday 11/25 a...

Palermo report

by Willem 10 years ago

Here a report on last visit to Palermo, between X-mas and NYE. First was some breakfast in a big coffee bar on Via Lincoln near our apartment; coming from the sea the second on the right. Great ...

lucky fifth time in Palermo

by Willem 10 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, and especially Erica and Katie Parla (thank you!), end of the year a new visit to heavenly Palermo will follow - where to go next?! Been visiting happily Sant'Andrea (will go...

Quick Palermo report

by Willem 1 year ago

so... Zia Pina, an old favorite, is already closed for rebuild for more than 1 year, and from what I see happening it does not look promising (heading to become a tourist trap). That New York times...

Restaurants on the Abruzzo Coast

by nmbkiwi149 1 year ago

I am driving up the Abruzzo Coast and want to stop at a trabucco (fishing platform) restaurant for lunch. I have several potential places along the coast north of Vasto up to Francavilla al Mare, ...

FVG short-trip report

by vinoroma 9 years ago

Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of our favorite regions for wine & food, we have been visiting for 12 years now (even before we moved to Italy), we recently (at the end of August) spent 4 days in the ...


by Wankel 7 years ago

I have a buddy whose family is from an area just north of Naples. As a child, he recalls seeing family members eating scattone - a dish made with cooked pasta, a bit of pasta water, and red wine. ...

Venice Food Experiences, bakeries, pasta shops, etc (that are not dinner out)

by ciaodog 1 year ago

I will be spending Christmas week in Venice with extended family ages 2-75. We're all foodies but because of kids and Christmas holidays we're thinking about dinner at home most of the time. I am w...

Armando al Pantheon - how much do you spend?

by kilili 1 year ago

Hi all. I have see conflicting information on this restaurant and would like to see if you can help. I would like to make reservations. I have read reviews, and have seen pictures of menus on we...

Fantastic Rome Restaurants suitable for a 20 month old

by tedurden 7 years ago

Hi, we are soon off to Rome for a few days and I am looking for some great restaurants. The kicker --- my husband and I are traveling with our 20 month old daughter. Therefore I am looking for some...

Rome market question

by jangita 1 year ago

We will be in Rome this week for the last leg of our 2 month adventure. I would like to bring home some dried porcini and small tins of olive oil. Any suggestions on where to buy those things? ...


by jangita 1 year ago

Lunch was…well interesting. I started with this tortino of farro which was out-of-this-world excellent. After some confusion, Ken ordered ravioli with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts and neither ...

Viareggio for Carnevale

by flirtinfilly 1 year ago

Ciao, tutti! I am heading to Pisa/Viareggio in late February for Carnevale. Any suggestions for your favorites (gelato, bar, ristorante) greatly appreciated. Grazie!

Piemonte 2019

by allende 1 year ago

We'll do it differently this year. You can see all the previous year's posts by using the search function

Spoon tapered/slanted ergonomic to the lips

by carcassone 1 year ago

Not sure how to describe this but twice in Italy, I was given a spoon that is slanted/tapered in the mouthpiece such that it's ergonomic to the lips. I never used spoon like this before anywhere e...

Osteria Francescana lunch 11/20

by AshleyM31 1 year ago

Hello all! I was called off the waitlist for lunch (same tasting menu as dinner) for the #1 restaurant in the world!! Looking for someone to join me for lunch if you’re in Modena on Wednesday N...

Piemonte 2019

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 1 year ago

We are back from nine days in Piemonte. For the first time in several years we made our annual pilgrimage in the fall. The weather was beautiful, the white truffles and porcini were abundant and ...

Venice 2019

by jangita 1 year ago

We have been here in Venice in an apartment on Fondamente Nove, for about 5 days now. Paradiso Perduto: Very crowded, (and over hyped IMHO). I foolishly ordered the fritto misto on a Monday ni...

Random eating in southern Italy - Part 2

by Nyleve 1 year ago

Off to Matera. I had a few recommendations for Matera but when I mentioned them to our Air B+B host, he dismissed all of them and told us they were too far away. Turns out he was an idiot. But we m...